78th Annual Golden Globe Awards: Television Predictions

Carson Zorn, Writer

On Sunday, February 28th the 78th annual Golden Globes will debut. The Golden Globes will kick off the awards season that will continue with the Screen Actors Guild Awards, and conclude with the Oscars in late April. Last year, I made a Golden Globe predictions article, but only covered the movies. The Golden Globes are both TV and Movie awards, and because of the pandemic, I’ve been able to watch a lot more TV in the last year, so I genuinely have some opinions on the TV awards for once. I will also be releasing a predictions article for the film categories, but for now, here are my predictions of who will win, and who I want to win (Should Win) in the TV categories.


Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series-Musical or Comedy

Don Cheadle- “Black Monday”

Nicholas Hoult- “The Great”

Eugene Levy- “Schitt’s Creek”

Jason Sudekis- “Ted Lasso”

Ramy Youssef- “Ramy”

This is a great category filled with a lot of great actors. I was able to catch every performance in this category except for Don Cheadle, but I’ve seen him in many other films and shows and know how great of an actor he is. For me personally, I want either Levy or Sudekis to come away with the win, and while “Schitt’s Creek” did sweep the Emmys, I don’t think there’ll be a repeat performance here. While I’d say Levy is who I want to win, I think it’s between Hoult and Sudekis for who will win. Sudekis has been gaining a lot of traction as of late, and getting an award for “Ted Lasso” may be one of the only awards Apple TV gets on awards night, so I’m going to pencil Sudekis into my ballot.

Will Win: Jason Sudekis- “Ted Lasso”

Should Win: Eugene Levy- “Schitt’s Creek”


Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series- Musical or Comedy

Lily Collins- “Emily in Paris”

Kaley Cuoco- “The Flight Attendant”

Elle Fanning- “The Great”

Jane Levy- “Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist”

Catherine O’Hara- “Schitt’s Creek”

This one is a no brainer. This is O’Hara’s award to lose. No one else in this category even comes close. While I think Cuoco and Fanning were both fantastic, they just don’t stand a chance against O’Hara. Although I love Lily Collins as an actress, I didn’t watch “Emily in Paris” and after hearing some of the reviews and backlash, I’m pretty glad I didn’t. So Collins winning would be the biggest upset of the century. But in the end, like I said, this award is going to O’Hara, and she totally deserves it.

Will Win: Catherine O’Hara- “Schitt’s Creek”

Should Win: Catherine O’Hara- “Schitt’s Creek”


Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series- Drama

Jason Bateman- “Ozark”

Josh O’Connor- “The Crown”

Bob Odenkirk- “Better Call Saul”

Al Pacino- “Hunters”

Matthew Rhys- “Perry Mason”

It is about time that Jason Bateman wins a Golden Globe for “Ozark.” He is fantastic in the show, and this is his third time being nominated for his performance, but he has never won. All the other actors in this category are great, and I think there’s a strong chance that O’Connor takes home the gold, but I’m going all in on Bateman, and am crossing my fingers that he wins.

Will Win: Jason Bateman- “Ozark”

Should Win: Jason Bateman- “Ozark”


Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Series- Drama

Olivia Colman- “The Crown”

Jodie Comer- “Killing Eve”

Emma Corrin- “The Crown”

Laura Linney- “Ozark”

Sarah Paulson- “Ratched”

This category is more up in the air than almost any other TV category. However, I think both Colman and Linney can be somewhat eliminated from competition. I think it’s most likely to go to Emma Corrin for her portrayal of Princess Diana in “The Crown,” not only because it’s a good performance, but because awards voters love those kinds of roles. I don’t really have a favorite in this category, so I’ll just go ahead and put down Corrin for “should win” as well, because it is a great performance.

Will Win: Emma Corrin- “The Crown”

Should Win: Emma Corrin- “The Crown”


Best Performance by an Actor in a Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television

Bryan Cranston- “Your Honor”

Jeff Daniels- “The Comey Rule”

Hugh Grant- “The Undoing”

Mark Ruffalo- “I Know This Much is True”

Ethan Hawke- “The Good Lord Bird”

Every single person in this category is an accomplished and fantastic actor, and all are deserving of this award. I did not see “Your Honor,” but I’d be willing to bet Cranston knocked it out of the park. Daniels was fantastic as Comey, and I’m so glad he got recognized. Ruffalo and Hawke were also fantastic, but I think there’s almost no way this award doesn’t go to Hugh Grant. His character in “The Undoing” was Hugh Grant like we’ve never seen before. He took a huge risk taking on the role, and totally killed it. He deserves this award, and I think he’ll get it.

Will Win: Hugh Grant- “The Undoing”

Should Win: Hugh Grant- “The Undoing”


Best Performance by an Actress in a Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television

Cate Blanchett- “Mrs. America”

Daisy Edgar-Jones- “Normal People”

Shira Haas- “Unorthodox”

Nicole Kidman- “The Undoing”

Anya Taylor-Joy- “The Queen’s Gambit”

This category is not even close. There’s so many great performances in this category, but Anya Taylor-Joy had a career defining performance in “The Queen’s Gambit.” This series, and Taylor-Joy, took the world by storm, and there’s no scenario in my mind where Taylor-Joy doesn’t win this award.

Will Win: Anya Taylor-Joy- “The Queen’s Gambit”

Should Win: Anya Taylor-Joy- “The Queen’s Gambit”


Best Television Series- Drama

“The Crown”

“Lovecraft Country”
“The Mandalorian”



While it’s awesome to see “The Mandalorian” nominated, I don’t think it really has a shot at winning. The same goes for “Lovecraft” and “Ratched.” So, it’s really a race between “The Crown” and “Ozark” in my eyes, and “The Crown” is the exact type of show that awards voters love. This isn’t a knock on the show at all, because it is a fantastic show with great writing and performances, and deserves to win, I just think a win for “The Mandalorian” would be way more fun. 

Will Win: “The Crown”

Should Win: “The Mandalorian”


Best Television Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television:

“Normal People”

“The Queen’s Gambit”

“Small Axe”

“The Undoing”


Like the actress category, no series here took the world by storm like “The Queen’s Gambit” did, and it will most likely win this award. While I do believe that “Small Axe” is the most likely upset, it just seems unlikely that anything other than “Gambit” takes home the gold, and it totally deserves to.

Will Win: “The Queen’s Gambit”

Should Win: “The Queen’s Gambit”


Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role- All

Gillian Anderson- “The Crown”

Helena Bonham Carter- “The Crown”

Julia Garner- “Ozark”

Annie Murphy- “Schitt’s Creek”

Cynthia Nixon- “Ratched”

I feel bad for everyone in this category not named Gillian Anderson. They all have amazing performances in their respective shows, but no one, and I mean no one, is powerful enough to beat Gillian Anderson as Margaret Thatcher in “The Crown.” She delivered a powerhouse performance, and deserves to get the award, but I do have a soft spot for Murphy in “Schitt’s Creek,” and kind of hope she somehow wins.

Will Win: Gillian Anderson- “The Crown”

Should Win: Annie Murphy- “Schitt’s Creek”


Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role- All

John Boyega- “Small Axe”

Brendan Gleeson- “The Comey Rule”

Daniel Levy- “Schitt’s Creek”

Jim Parsons- “Hollywood”

Donald Sutherland- “The Undoing”

This is an extremely tough category. John Boyega got the career revival he needed with “Small Axe” and is fantastic in the show. He deserves to win the award and I think there’s a strong chance he will. Brendan Gleeson did a phenomenal job portraying one of the toughest real life people to portray, former President Donald Trump. This was the first time I had seen Trump portrayed in a show in a non-satire manner, and Gleeson had all of Trump’s mannerisms down. Although, because Trump is such a controversial figure, I don’t know how great Gleeson’s chances of winning are, even though I think he had the best performance out of this whole group. Daniel Levy not only deserves credit for his amazing performance as David Rose in “Schitt’s Creek,” but also because he is the mastermind behind the show. I think there’s a strong chance that he wins, and would totally deserve it. Jim Parsons’ character in “Hollywood” is one of the worst and most vile characters ever put on screen, and Parsons knocked that role out of the park. And finally, there’s not really that much I need to say about Donald Sutherland because, come on…it’s Donal Sutherland. I honestly almost have no idea who I personally prefer, or who I think will win. This category is a true toss up, and I’d be happy with any outcome, although I’d be happier if it was Levy or Gleeson. I think I’m going to go ahead and give the award to Levy. 

Will Win: Daniel Levy- “Schitt’s Creek”

Should Win: Daniel Levy- “Schitt’s Creek”/Brendan Gleeson- “The Comey Rule”


Best Television Series- Musical or Comedy

“Emily in Paris”

“The Flight Attendant”

“Schitt’s Creek”

“The Great”

“Ted Lasso”

While every show in this category is great (minus “Emily in Paris” because I have not seen it) there is one show that is so clearly better than the others. That show is “Schitt’s Creek,” and I have no doubt that it will totally win this award, and it totally deserves it.

Will Win: “Schitt’s Creek”

Should Win: “Schitt’s Creek”


Those are my TV predictions for this year’s Golden Globes! Be sure to keep an eye out for my Film predictions coming out Saturday, and be sure to tune in to the Golden Globes on Sunday night!