Super Bowl LV Prediction


Carson Zorn, Sports Writer

This is it. The last NFL football game for the next seven months. It all comes down to this: The Super Bowl. Two teams remain. Representing the AFC: The Kansas City Chiefs. Representing the NFC: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Now, enough with all the theatrics, here is my Super Bowl LV prediction:



Divisional Round: 3-1

Conference Championships: 0-2

Playoff Record: 7-5

Total Record: 163-104-1


Super Bowl LV Prediction


The case for the Chiefs:

For the last year and a half, the Chiefs have been quite possibly the best team in football. They have dominated almost every opponent and have looked unstoppable. Sure, there have been a few bumps in the road along the way, but they are still an elite team, especially on offense. QB Patrick Mahomes is already a superstar, and could retire after this game and quite possibly make the Hall of Fame. He has some extremely talented weapons on the offensive side of the ball, such as WR Tyreek Hill and TE Travis Kelce. The Chiefs offense is probably the best in the NFL, but their run game does leave a lot to be desired. Where the Chiefs are more inconsistent is on the defensive side of the ball. They have some superstars on defense like Chris Jones, Frank Clark and Tyron Matheiu, but the secondary play can be very inconsistent. Despite the playmakers, this defense doesn’t feel like one that can stop the Tampa Bay offense. The saving grace is that the Chiefs offense will be able to keep up with any points the Buccaneers put up, but if their defense can’t get stops consistently enough, there’s not much more the offense can do.


The case for the Buccaneers:

Tom Brady. If he wins this game he is the unquestioned G.O.A.T. I don’t even know if Mahomes could surpass him if Brady wins this game. Brady also has all the weapons necessary to win. Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Antonio Brown, Scotty Miller, Rob Gronkowski, Ronald Jones, and Leonard Fourentte on the same offense is a deadly combination. The Buccaneers defense is also better than the Chiefs’, but the Bucs’ defense excels at stopping the run, and the Chiefs usually don’t make an effort to establish the run. The last time these two teams played Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill torched the Bucs’ secondary for almost 200 yards and three touchdowns…in the first quarter. The Buccaneers secondary will have to keep up with the Chiefs offensive weapons, and I don’t love their chances to do that. But again, this offense can go shot-for-shot with the Chiefs’ offense, so it might negate the secondary concerns.


The Prediction:

These teams feel pretty evenly matched. Both have elite offenses, and the defense has elite playmakers, but is not elite across the board. Both of these teams got hot at the right time of the season, it’s just a matter of whose spark is extinguished first. I expect this to be a high scoring game that comes down to which defense can make a big stop, and I trust the Buccaneers defense to do that more than the Chiefs defense. So, I will be predicting a Tampa Bay Buccaneers win. Tom Brady gets his seventh ring and non-bandwagon Buccaneers fans finally get to celebrate a Super Bowl win for the first time in almost 20 years.

Buccaneers Win 34-31