NFL Conference Championship Predictions (2021)

Carson Zorn, Sports Writer

And then there were 4. The NFL Divisional round has come and gone and the Rams, Ravens, Browns and Saints were all sent home. Now only the Bills, Chiefs, Packers and Buccaneers remain, and only two can go to the Super Bowl. Buckle up folks, here are my NFL Conference Championships predictions. 


NFC Conference Championship (Sunday 1/24 at 3:05pm EST):


Buccaneers vs Packers:

It all comes down to this in the NFC. Aaron Rodgers vs Tom Brady. Two of the greatest QBs to ever play face off for a chance to go to the Super Bowl. Rodgers does have a history of losing in championship games, and Brady is pretty much a pro at getting to the Super Bowl at this point, so all signs are pointing to Brady and the Buccaneers winning this game. However, there is a wild card: this game is being played at Lambeau Field, where it is cold and snowy. The Buccaneers players, who for the most part are used to Florida weather, might not know how to play in these conditions. For the most part this year, home field advantage has meant nothing, but there is true home field advantage here. Additionally, while Rodgers does have a history of losing in the conference championship game, he has never been able to play one on his own turf. While the Buccaneers did pillage the Packers in week six, I think the Packers are just purely the better team in this game. It’s never easy to pick the winner of these games, but I do think picking the winner of the NFC game is a little easier than picking the AFC winner. I’ve been predicting a Packers Super Bowl berth for the longest time, and I’m going to stick to that prediction. The Packers are going to win this game, and Aaron Rodgers will advance to his second career Super Bowl.

Packers Win 28-24


AFC Conference Championship Game (Sunday 1/24 at 6:40pm EST):


Bills vs Chiefs:

In the NFC, it’s the veteran QBs facing off. In the AFC, it’s the young, rising star QBs in the NFL. Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen are the best two QBs in the AFC, so it only makes sense that they would meet in this game. The Bills and Chiefs met earlier this year in one of the weirdest circumstances. The game was moved multiple times and the Bills had to gameplan for the Titans and the Chiefs in the span of less than one week. The weather was also terrible, and the two teams with the best two QBs were forced to run the ball, a lot. Weather permitting, this rematch will actually allow Allen and Mahomes to air the ball out, and it wouldn’t surprise me if both went over 400 yards passing. The Chiefs did beat the Bills in that week six matchup, but I think since then the Bills have gotten better and the Chiefs have gotten worse. By saying the Chiefs have gotten worse, I in no way mean they’re bad, they’re still a top-3 team in the NFL. But their win margins in the last couple weeks of the regular season drastically decreased. They may have lost to the Falcons if it wasn’t for a missed field goal by a Pro Bowl Kicker. The Bills, on the other hand, had been blowing opponents out to finish out the regular season. One of the opponents was the Dolphins, who they beat 56-26. The Chiefs were only able to beat the Dolphins 33-27, as Mahomes tossed three interceptions. Now, I could do all the analysis in the world, but because of how incredibly talented these two teams are, flipping a coin would probably be just as accurate of a prediction. But, I’m going to go with the Bills. I think they have a better overall roster, and a slightly better defense, whereas I think the offenses are about equal. Bills fans, your time has come. It’s time to go back to the Super Bowl.

Bills Win 40-38


Those are my conference championship predictions. Agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments below. As always, enjoy some football this weekend!