Liberty’s COVID-19-related absences and OLSD’s reported cases in Dec. explained


The Patriot Press Staff

Today marks the last day of school before winter break and the last day the district updated their case numbers and quarantines on the dashboard for the next two weeks. Here, we will look at Liberty’s COVID-19-related absences in comparison to the reporting’s of the confirmed active cases on the district’s dashboard throughout December, as we previously did in November. 

*For days where there was no attendance list (ie. weekends) we connected the two closest data points.


The blue and yellow lines are the ones to follow once again. When school resumed after Thanksgiving break on Dec. 1 there were expectations of a spike in cases and quarantines as people came home from traveling and spending the holiday with family. The first Friday the district started updating their cases again was Dec. 4 and the combined numbers of active confirmed cases and self quarantines declined along with those same numbers from attendance list. The attendance list shares when the spike started to occur, which was around Dec. 10 because positive cases took time to develop after Thanksgiving. From this date to today, the cases and quarantines continue to rise. And today, the district’s newly updated dashboard shows the spike from Thanksgiving. 


In the poetic words of Nickelback: “look at this (photo)graph.”