NFL Week 15 Predictions (2020-21)

Carson Zorn, Sports Writer

Week 14 was an exciting week of NFL football with some amazing primetime games. We’re getting so close to the playoffs, and multiple teams can clinch this week, so let’s get into the recap and predictions.


Week 14 Takeaways:

-The Patriots dynasty is over.

-The Rams are starting to look like the team no one will want to face in the playoffs.

-Derrick Henry owns the Jaguars.

-The Jaguars will be drafting Justin Fields.

-The Vikings just missed their chance at the playoffs, and it’s all Dan Bailey’s fault.

-The Buccaneers will be beaten in the playoffs.

-Patrick Mahomes just lost a step in the MVP race with a three interception game.

-The Dolphins offense continues to be their weakness.

-Drew Lock is an extremely confusing QB.

-Maybe the Panthers should move on from Teddy Bridgewater.

-DeShaun Watson would be a MVP candidate if he had any help.

-Calm down Bears fans: Mitch Trubisky isn’t good, he just faced one of the worst defenses in the NFL.

-The Cardinals need to win out to make the playoffs, and I don’t think they will.

-Daniel Jones is not the answer for the Giants.

-Andy Dalton had a nice homecoming in Cincinnati.

-The Bengals are the worst team in the NFL without Joe Burrow.

-The Colts will make the playoffs and win at least one game.

-The Raiders always lose at the wrong time.

-I truly don’t understand how Adam Gase still has a job.

-The Seahawks are building momentum at the right time.

-Davante Adams is the best WR in the NFL. Yeah, I said it.

-The Lions should give Matthew Stafford a chance to go to a true contender.

-The Falcons proved that they are the worst fourth quarter team.

-Justin Herbert’s production has declined recently. 

-Washington will win their division.

-The 49ers season was lost the second Nick Bosa tore his ACL.

-The Saints need Drew Brees back, ASAP.

-Jalen Hurts is the future for the Eagles.

-The Steelers are finally being exposed as the frauds they are.

-Josh Allen has solidified himself in the MVP conversation.

-Lamar took the Browns to the Super Bowl, and then beat the Browns.

-The Browns are a good team, just not better than the Ravens.



Last Week: 10-6

Total: 129-78-1


NFL Week 15 Predictions:


Thursday Night Football:


Chargers vs Raiders:

The Raiders need to win this game to keep their playoff hopes alive, and I think they will. While it will likely be a high scoring affair, and I think the Chargers offense is slightly better than the Raiders, Chargers HC Anthony Lynn will find a way to coach this game so poorly that the Chargers lose it. 

Raiders Win 35-30


Saturday Games:


Bills vs Broncos:

The Bills have proved themselves to be one of the best teams in the NFL currently. They’ve looked like a completely different, more angry team after losing to the Cardinals in the most heartbreaking way possible. Their defense has been a lot better recently, and that’s going to be a nightmare for the Broncos offense, more specifically, QB Drew Lock. The Bills offense will have no problem moving the ball on the weak Broncos defense, and the Bills should easily win this game. I say “should” because this is the definition of a trap game, but I think the Bills will win it and lock up a playoff berth.

Bills Win 30-20


Panthers vs Packers:

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers should continue his MVP campaign against this below average Panthers defense, because if Drew Lock was able to torch their defense, Aaron Rodgers certainly will be able to. This game doesn’t really need too much analysis, the Packers are the far better team here, and will win the game.

Packers Win 34-26


Sunday 1:00 Games:


Texans vs Colts:

The last time these two teams faced off, it was a close game that ended in a loss for the Texans on an unfortunate fumbled snap. I expect this game to be close as well, but for it to ultimately have the same result of a Colts win. The Colts offense may not be as good as the Texans’, but their defense is miles above the Texans’, which makes up for the offensive talent difference. The Texans might actually have had a shot in this game, if DeShaun Watson had any weapons to throw to, but unfortunately, he doesn’t.

Colts Win 27-23


Lions vs Titans:

Derrick Henry vs the worst rush defense in the league. That’s all you need to know in order to predict who will win this game. Henry rushed for over 200 yards last week, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he does it again this week. The Lions defense is just not good, and the Titans will be able to exploit that for an easy win.

Titans Win 31-24


Bears vs Vikings:

Kirk Cousins didn’t seem to be able to beat the Bears until earlier this year, but his record against the Bears is still bad. This game is tough to predict, because I don’t feel like either of these teams are particularly good, but the Vikings feel like the better team. But, for some reason, I just can’t predict a Vikings win, mostly because I don’t see Kirk Cousins sweeping the Bears.

Bears Win 23-19


Seahawks vs Football Team:

I think Washington actually has a good shot at winning this game. The Seahawks struggled against the Giants defense, and Washington’s defense is even better. I know the Seahawks are one of the best offensive teams in the NFL, but I just can’t shake the feeling that they’re going to struggle this week. So, I’m going to pick Washington in the upset. 

Washington Football Team Wins 20-12


Patriots vs Dolphins:

Yes, the Dolphins are 100% the better team here. But, they won’t win this game. Why is that? Bill Belichick’s track record against rookie QBs is near perfect. Dolphins rookie QB Tua Tagovailoa has been about average this year, and will likely struggle against Bill Belichick’s defensive schemes. So, I’m taking the Patriots to win this one.

Patriots Win 23-14


Jaguars vs Ravens:

This game doesn’t require too much analysis. The Jaguars are the second worst team in the NFL, and have lost every game since week two. The Ravens are a playoff contender with one of the best rushing attacks in the NFL.

Ravens Win 35-13


Buccaneers vs Falcons:

This is going to be a high scoring affair between two divisional rivals with talented WR cores and aging QBs. It’s going to be a close game, but I’m going to pick the Falcons in an upset. The Buccaneers have looked out-of-sync as of late, and I think the Falcons will capitalize on that.

Falcons Win 33-30


49ers vs Cowboys:

Two extremely injury depleted teams face off in what I like to call the “who cares?” matchup of the week. This game should be somewhat high scoring, so it may provide entertainment value in that sense, but it is definitely not a must-watch matchup. I’m going to take the 49ers to win this one, although it really is a toss up.

49ers Win 28-24


Sunday 4:00 Games:


Eagles vs Cardinals:

The Eagles looked like a completely different team last week with Jalen Hurts in at QB, proving that Carson Wentz was the problem. The Cardinals also got back on the right track last week with a win over the Giants. This is going to be a fun and competitive game that could come down to which team has the ball last. This was the hardest pick I think I’ve ever had to make, but I’m going to take the Eagles to win this one. I think Doug Pederson is a better coach than Kliff Kingsbury, and will manage to limit Kyler Murray enough for the Eagles to win.

Eagles Win 28-27


Jets vs Rams:

This game is not even going to be a contest. The Rams defense is going to shut down the Jets offense, and RB Cam Akers will run all over the Jets defense. It’s going to be a blowout of ugly proportions, so if you’re a Jets fan, don’t watch.

Rams Win 42-0


Chiefs vs Saints:

With or without Drew Brees, I don’t see the Saints winning this game. The Chiefs, despite their struggles with the Dolphins last week, are still the best team in the NFL, and can and will beat any other team. The Saints need Drew Brees back ASAP if they want to continue fighting for the number one seed.

Chiefs Win 30-27


Sunday Night Football:


Browns vs Giants:

Both of these teams are coming off losses, but one team clearly looks better than the other, and that team is the Browns. Baker Mayfield is playing the best football of his career, and HC Kevin Stefanski seems to be the real deal. The Giants are on the right track to being a better team, but it probably won’t all come together until next year. So, I’ll take the Browns to win this primetime route.

Browns Win 24-18


Monday Night Football:


Steelers vs Bengals:

Yikes. How has this game not been flexed out of primetime yet? I mean, this is going to be ugly. The Steelers are going to be angry coming in off of two straight losses, and the Bengals might have to start Ryan Finley at QB. This will be the first Monday Night Football game of the year that I won’t be watching, and I’m a Bengals fan, so that should tell you just how ugly I think it’s going to be.

Steelers Win 35-6


Those are my week 15 predictions, agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments! As always, enjoy some football this weekend.