NFL Week 14 Predictions (2020-21)

Carson Zorn, Sports Writer

To summarize how accurate my predictions were last week, all I have to say is: I picked the wrong upsets. I picked the Falcons to upset the Saints, and that didn’t happen. I missed out on predicting three potential upsets, and it really hurt my record. That being said, week 13 was an amazing week of football, as the last undefeated team fell and multiple teams clinched playoff berths. There were two fantastic Monday night games, plenty of games with crazy endings, and the Jets stayed without a win. Now we move on to week 14, and closer to the playoffs.


Week 13 Takeaways:

-Sean Payton is a fantastic coach that can win with or without Drew Brees.

-Younghoe Koo is the Falcons MVP.

-The Browns actually look dangerous.

-The Titans defense is a real problem, and will cost them a playoff game.

-All the Lions needed was to get rid of Matt Patricia.

-The Bears offense and defense can never be good at the same time.

-Zac Taylor has lost control of the Bengals, and needs to be fired.

-Tua is nothing more than a game manager.

-The Jaguars have plenty of just below average QBs.

-Kirk Cousins actually pulled his own weight in that win.

-The Colts would be the Super Bowl favorites if they had Andrew Luck at QB.

-DeShaun Watson can put up amazing stats with any group of receivers. 

-The Raiders really needed to beat the Jets a little more convincingly for me to consider them a legit playoff team. 

-The Jets kept their tank alive, and it cost their defensive coordinator his job.

-The Giants might actually end up with a winning record…next year.

-The Seahawks continued to play down to inferior opponents, and it finally cost them.

-The Rams are the best team in the NFC West.

-Kyler Murray would be an average QB without his rushing upside. 

-Bill Belichick exposes rookie QBs, and it happened again this week.

-Anthony Lynn should be fired.

-The Eagles should stick with Hurts.

-The Packers will be a top two seed in the NFC.

-The Broncos should give Drew Lock one more year, and if he still doesn’t prove himself, he’s out.

-The Chiefs had some flaws exposed, but still look like the best team in the NFL.

-Washington is now everybody’s favorite team for a week (except for Steelers fans).

-The Steelers flaws that were exposed in the Ravens game were exploited by Washington in this game.

-The Bills have a real shot to go deep into the playoffs.

-The 49ers are hot-and-cold.

-The Cowboys would have a winning record with Dak at QB.

-Lamar Jackson can still expose weaker defenses.



Last Week: 9-6

Total: 119-72-1


Week 14 Games:


Thursday Night Football:


Patriots vs Rams:

A rematch of Super Bowl LIII, the most boring Super Bowl in history. Hopefully this game will have a little more action, and I think it will, because the Rams have improved even more since that Super Bowl, and the Patriots have made some big changes. Both of these teams have had really good weeks this season, and both have had some pretty tough losses. This game should be close, but I like the Rams chances to come out on top. They have more talent on their roster than the Patriots, and while QB Jared Goff will likely turn the ball over a couple of times, it won’t be enough to tank the Rams chances of winning.

Rams Win 23-17


Sunday 1:00 Games:


Titans vs Jaguars:

The Titans will be looking to rebound after an ugly loss to the Browns last week, and the Jaguars are a perfect team to do that against. Titans RB Derrick Henry will come into this game angry after being a total non-factor last week, and run all over this terrible Jaguars defense. The Titans will rebound in a big way on Sunday, and keep themselves a game ahead in the race for the division title.

Titans Win 31-21


Vikings vs Buccaneers:

While the Vikings have looked better as of late, and are still very much so in the playoff hunt, I don’t see them winning this game. While the Buccaneers are not as good as I once considered them to be, I still feel as though they are a better team with better talent than the Vikings. RB Dalvin Cook will likely be able to cause some problems for the Buccaneers defense, but ultimately, the Bucs will come away with a win. 

Buccaneers Win 28-20


Chiefs vs Dolphins:

This could be a statement win for Tua and the Dolphins, that is, if I thought they had any chance at winning it. The Dolphins are by no means a bad team, but they’re nowhere near the talent level of the Chiefs. For the first time in his career, Tua will have to be the one to win the Dolphins the game, not his defense, and I don’t think he’s up to the task. So, I’ll say the Chiefs win.

Chiefs Win 30-23


Broncos vs Panthers:

The Panthers could possibly be missing their top two receivers for this game, and that would greatly change my prediction, but for now, I’m going to assume DJ Moore and Curtis Samuel are healthy for this game. The Panthers are better at almost every position on the field and will easily beat the Broncos. Drew Lock just isn’t that good, and the Panthers defense will pick him apart. 

Panthers Win 23-13


Texans vs Bears:

Since starting 5-1, the Bears have done nothing but lose, and that’s going to continue this week. While the Bears defense is good, their offense is dreadful. The Texans offense will be able to put up enough points on the Bears defense to outlast the Bears offense trying to score to get the win.

Texans Win 20-13


Cardinals vs Giants:

The Giants have actually looked like one of the best teams in the NFL these past couple of weeks, and the Cardinals have been out coached and out played in every game for the past three weeks. Earlier this year, I think everyone would’ve assumed this was an easy win for the Cardinals, but now, I’m not so sure. I’ll actually take the Giants to win this one in an upset, and the Cardinals will be all but eliminated from the playoff race. 

Giants Win 23-17


Cowboys vs Bengals:

Andy Dalton gets a chance to beat the Bengals in Cincinnati in a revenge game that would’ve been way more exciting if Joe Burrow was still healthy. With the Bengals having a worse QB situation that the Bears, I have no doubt that the Cowboys will win this game, and with ease.

Cowboys Win 30-21


Sunday 4:00 Games


Colts vs Raiders:

This is one of the most exciting games this week in terms of playoff implications. Both of these teams are vying hard for a wild card spot, and this could be the game that ultimately decides which team gets in. While I think the Raiders have a better offense, the Colts defense will find a way to slow them down enough to get the win. 

Colts Win 23-21


Jets vs Seahawks:

While the Seahawks have not looked amazing as of late, any team is better than the Jets. So, the Seahawks will exact their revenge on the other New York team this week, after losing to the Giants last week.

Seahawks Win 35-24


Packers vs Lions:

The Lions looked better last week than they have all season, and a big part of that had to do with them firing their Head Coach. But, they’re not better than the Packers. Aaron Rodgers will tear the Lions defense apart as he continues his MVP campaign.

Packers Win 35-28


Falcons vs Chargers:

The battle of the teams that always find a way to lose. Both of these teams always manage to choke away big leads in games, so the question is: which one will have the big lead? I honestly think the Falcons could get the lead early, and the Chargers could come storming back. It’s a tough one to pick, but I’ll take the Chargers to win it.

Chargers Win 31-28


Football Team vs 49ers:

The Football Team had a statement win on Monday, as they handed the Steelers their first loss of the season. They will continue to win this week against an injured 49ers squad, and keep their name in contention for the NFC East title.

Football Team Wins 24-20


Saints vs Eagles:

The Eagles have named Jalen Hurts the startling QB for this game, but it won’t make a huge difference. The Saints are the best team in the NFC, and can win with or without Drew Brees at QB. They will win this game, and the Eagles won’t be able to put up too much of a fight.

Saints Win 30-17


Sunday Night Football:


Steelers vs Bills:

This is the game of the week. These are the second and third best teams in the AFC, and this game will determine who is officially second and who is officially third. This game is almost impossible to predict. The Steelers defense is amazing, the Bills defense is not. The Bills offense is amazing, the Steelers offense is not. So it’s a toss-up. I think Josh Allen has showed he can excel against tough defenses this year, so he will be able to win the game for the Bills. But, this is going to be an extremely close game.

Bills Win 24-20


Monday Night Football:


Ravens vs Browns:

When the Browns played the Ravens earlier this year, it was an absolute slaughter. The Ravens destroyed the Browns in that game. But, since that game, the Browns have gotten better, and the Ravens have gotten worse. So, I think the Browns can actually pull off the win on Monday Night.

Browns Win 22-21


Those are my week 14 predictions. Agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments! As always, enjoy some football this weekend!