NFL Week 13 Predictions (2020-21)


Credit to: The Kansas City Star

Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill backflips into the endzone for his second touchdown of the first quarter.

Carson Zorn, Sports Writer

The playoffs are quickly approaching, and this week of the NFL season could see some teams (such as the Chiefs and Steelers) clinch a playoff berth. Unfortunately, there was no Thursday night football this week, but we get two Monday night games and one Tuesday night game in return,  a fair trade. Here are my week 13 predictions:


Week 12 Takeaways:

-The Texans would be nothing without DeShaun Watson.

-The Lions made the right movie firing Matt Patricia.

-Antonio Gibson (Washington RB) deserves strong consideration for the Offensive Rookie of the Year award.

-The Cowboys obviously can’t handle an above average defense. 

-Anthony Lynn is the most incompetent coach in the NFL.

-The Bills defense is starting to look like a Top-10 unit again, unless there’s a Hail Mary involved.

-Derrick Henry is the best RB in the league, and he hasn’t even reached his ceiling for the season yet.

-The Colts defense is a completely different unit without DeForest Buckner.

-The Panthers really need Christian McCaffrey back.

-The Vikings will be a playoff team…next year.

-The Browns are not as good as their 8-3 record shows.

-James Robinson (Jaguars RB) also deserves strong consideration for the Offensive Rookie of the Year award.

-The Giants will not be able to win a game with Colt McCoy at QB.

-The Bengals have successfully begun their tank for Penei Sewell.

-Kyler Murray isn’t good if he can’t run.

-The Patriots defense bailed Cam Newton out…again.

-The Dolphins should stick with Ryan Fitzpatrick for the rest of the year.

-The Jets are an absolute joke with Sam Darnold at QB.

-Do the Raiders want to make the playoffs? I really can’t tell.

-Where was that all season, Falcons?

-The Saints took advantage of the Broncos situation, but Taysom Hill isn’t a good QB.

-I have a lot of respect for Kendall Hinton, despite his performance.

-Kyle Shannan is a better coach than Sean McVay.

-The Chiefs should’ve won that game by way more than they did.

-Tom Brady does not have another Super Bowl run left.

-The Bears are a joke, and a lot of it is Matt Nagy’s fault.

-The Packers look in position to make a deep playoff run.

-If the Seahawks want to win in the playoffs, they can’t let inferior teams hang around in games.

-Trace McSorley. That’s it. That’s the takeaway.

-Say all you want about their easy schedule, the Steelers are still undefeated, and that means they’re a really, really good team.



Last Week: 11-5

Total: 110-66-1


Week 13 Predictions:

(Teams on bye: Buccaneers, Panthers)


Sunday 1:00 Games:


Saints vs Falcons:

I do not know whether this is a popular or unpopular opinion, but I’ll say it anyway. Taysom Hill is not a good QB. He threw for only 78 yards and a pick against a terrible Broncos defense. Yes, he ran for two, but passing wise, he’s pretty bad. While the Saints did beat the Falcons just two weeks ago, I think this is the week Matt Ryan outduels Taysom Hill. The Falcons looked like a completely different team last week, destroying a playoff-hopeful Raiders team. If the Falcons play like that, there’s no doubt in my mind they’ll beat the Saints. If Jameis Winston steps in at QB for the Saints at any point, all bets are off, but for now, I’ll predict a Falcons upset in the early window on Sunday.

Falcons Win 27-23


Jaguars vs Vikings:

The Jaguars looked more mediocre and less terrible with Mike Glennon at QB last week, but that doesn’t mean they have a chance in this game. Vikings RB Dalvin Cook will run all over this Jaguars defense, and probably carry the Vikings offense on his back. While the Jaguars offense will be able to put up some points against the Vikings subpar defense, it won’t be enough to win.

Vikings Win 30-27


Browns vs Titans:

So, we can all agree that Titans RB Derrick Henry is amazing right? Last week he put up over 140 yards and three touchdowns IN THE FIRST HALF against one of the best defenses in the league. Last year, Henry went off in December, and it felt like he got 200 yards in every game. Well, it’s now December, and I think we can expect more of the same this year. While the Browns have been very good this year, they are not the better team in this matchup, and their defense will not be able to stop Derrick Henry.

Titans Win 35-31


Lions vs Bears:

The Bears will win this game, but only because of their defense. Their offense will likely be incompetent and dormant, but it’s probably safe to assume the same of the Lions offense. The Lions defense is pretty bad, so even Mitch Trubisky might be able to pull off a couple plays against them to give the Bears the win, but I wouldn’t expect too much from either offense in this game.

Bears Win 17-13


Bengals vs Dolphins:

The Bengals can continue their path to the number three pick in the draft, and likely Offensive Tackle Penei Sewell, all they have to do is keep losing. Luckily for them, that became a lot easier once Brandon Allen took over at QB for the injured Joe Burrow. The Dolphins are trying to make a late-season playoff push, and this will be a nice game for them to build some momentum and confidence as they go into the home stretch of games. This game shouldn’t, and won’t be close.

Dolphins Win 28-18


Colts vs Texans:

This week the Texans will get RB David Johnson back, but unfortunately most of their WR core will not be back. Will Fuller has been suspended for the rest of the season, Randall Cobb is on IR, and they cut Kenny Stills. Before all that happened, I honestly thought the Texans had a shot to win this game, but now, not so much. The Colts will be looking to get a win to keep their playoff hopes alive, and they should get it in Houston.

Colts Win 30-23


Raiders vs Jets:

Part of me honestly thinks the Jets will win this game, but I just can’t predict that. The Jets are just so terrible, and will more likely than not go 0-16 this year, but if they can win one game, this would be it. The Raiders got obliterated by the Falcons last week, and will come into this game angry, and it will (hopefully) push them to a win. 

Raiders Win 30-24


Sunday 4:00 Games:


Giants vs Seahawks:

There’s a good chance that the Giants hang around in this game because the Seahawks seem to like letting their opponents do that, but I think there’s no way that the Giants win. The Seahawks are better in every sense of the word, and will easily beat the Giants on Sunday afternoon, especially if Colt McCoy is the Giants QB.

Seahawks Win 34-20


Rams vs Cardinals:

Both of these teams are coming off tough losses (interestingly enough, both by last second field goals). In-division games are always tough to call, and this one is especially hard to call, because I feel like these teams are very similar in terms of talent. Both have QBs who have some glaring flaws in the passing game, a solid group of receivers, and some elite playmakers on their defense. It all comes down to coaching, and I honestly don’t know who the better coach is. So, flipping a coin would be the best way to predict this game. I’ll take the Cardinals to win a close one, maybe only because of home field advantage.

Cardinals Win 27-25


Patriots vs Chargers:

I’ve seen a lot of people predicting a Chargers victory and saying things like “Justin Herbert will continue his amazing season,” and “Cam Newton will get benched again.” What they all seem to forget is two things: 1. Bill Belichick has a fantastic track record against QBs. 2.Anthony Lynn is one of the most incompetent coaches in the NFL, and will cause the Chargers to lose the game based solely on his play calling. It all comes down to coaching in the NFL, and there’s no comparison here, Belichick will coach circles around Lynn and get the Patriots a win.

Patriots Win 23-20


Eagles vs Packers:

This game doesn’t require much thinking or analysis. The Packers are a top-five team in the NFL, and the Eagles might just be a bottom-five team. The Packers will annihilate the Eagles, and Aaron Rodgers will continue his MVP campaign. 

Packers Win 30-20


Sunday Night Football:


Broncos vs Chiefs:

This game is going to be a blowout. Even though divisional games can be unpredictable, the Broncos don’t really have a chance to win this. The Chiefs are the best team in the NFL, and will likely put up at least 35 points against this Broncos defense.

Chiefs Win 42-20


Monday Night Games:


Football Team vs Steelers:

This feels like a trap game for the Steelers, but I’ll take the safe route and predict a Steelers win. This game has all the makings of a low-scoring defensive struggle between the two teams, and the Steelers have the best defense in the NFL, so that should make it pretty apparent as to why they will win.

Steelers Win 17-10


Bills vs 49ers:

The Bills are the better team here, but they have two elements working very hard against them. 1. It’s a Monday night game. The Bills have been terrible when not playing on Sunday this year. 2. Because of California COVID restrictions, the game will be played at the Cardinals stadium, the site of the Bills heartbreaking loss to the Hail Murray. But, the Bills will likely be motivated to put those narratives to rest and get a win on Monday night, and I say they do it. Their defense hasn’t been great this year, but they’ve made stops when they’ve needed to, and that should be easy to do against QB Nick Mullens. Bills QB Josh Allen won’t have too many problems with this 49ers secondary, and should be able to find WR Stefon Diggs down the field early and often, leading to a Bills victory.

Bills Win 30-23


Tuesday Night Game:

Cowboys vs Ravens:

As long as Lamar Jackson is back at QB for the Ravens, they should have no problem winning this game. They have a strong defense, and a good offense, and the Cowboys have neither of those things. So, it should be an easy Ravens win.

Ravens Win 27-17


Well those are my week 13 predictions. Agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments below. As always, enjoy some football this weekend.