Governor Mike DeWine’s Address to Ohio Regarding COVID-19


Abby Turner

  1. After weeks of record-breaking COVID-19 numbers in Ohio, Governor Mike DeWine addressed the state on Wednesday evening in a fireside chat manner. Throughout his talk, DeWine warned citizens of the likely future outcomes if protective measures against the virus are not taken.
    This talk comes just a day after Ohio broke the record for the number of COVID-19 cases in a day: 6,508 cases. As cases and hospitalizations rise, DeWine expects a rise of deaths in the coming weeks.
    In his address, DeWine announced updates to the mask mandate. Masks have been required since July 23, but now businesses face harsher punishments for defying the order. Each business must post signs on the entrances that tell customers that masks are required. In order to ensure that these businesses comply with the new mandate, a retail compliance unit is being established. For the first violation, a business will receive a written warning. With a second violation, a business could face a closure of up to 24 hours.
    DeWine warned that if the trends in cases and hospitalizations continue to increase at the current rate, restaurants, bars, and fitness centers may need to close again. He said that this decision will be looked at next Friday, Nov. 20.
    As for schools, no new changes were implemented. But again, DeWine warned that extensive community spread will enter the schools. He explained that some school districts have been forced to online instruction after teachers contracted COVID-19, leaving the schools short-staffed.
    In his message, DeWine told the people of Ohio that hopefully, these measures will stop the increasing trend of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in the state. And as a result, with the possibility of a vaccine in the coming months, Ohio can get back to normal.