College Football Playoff Predictions


Grant Murphy, Sports Writer

So far, this college football season has been crazy. The BIG Ten and PAC 12 started several weeks later than most of the other conferences. There are a lot of question marks around this season but fans are still hopeful we will see the playoffs. With that being said I am going to give my predictions for which teams will make it into the college football playoffs and a few teams that I think will just miss out.


1.Alabama (11-0)

Even with the loss of WR Jaylen Waddle, Alabama’s offense is still unstoppable. Alabama is averaging 47.1 points per game. Mac Jones is looking unstoppable after taking over for Tua Tagovailoa. The only question is if this Alabama defense can stop some top offenses come playoff time.


2.Ohio State (9-0)

One name you have to mention when talking about Ohio State is Justin Fields. One stat that will give you an idea of how good of a season he is having: 11 passing touchdowns 10 incompletions. We have also seen the emergence of running back Master Teague and receiver Garrett Wilson. Ohio State will be looking for revenge in this year’s playoffs and we will see if they get it.


3.Clemson (11-1)

When Trevor Lawrence is on the field Clemson looks like the most unstoppable team in college football. But the problem is he hasn’t been able to, due to Lawrence getting COVID two weeks ago. The only thing that won’t make them number one is the loss to Notre Dame without Lawrence. 


4.Notre Dame (11-1)

Notre Dame might be the most complete team in college football. Out of all the teams in the playoffs they have the best defense and a solid offense. The one thing holding them back in the playoffs would be their offense not being able to keep up in a shootout with the rest of these teams.


Teams that just miss out:

Cincinnati (11-0)

Florida (9-2)

Oregon (6-1)