NFL Week Nine Predictions (2020-21)

Carson Zorn, Sports Writer

We are now halfway through the NFL season, and we have a good gauge of how teams will perform over the next eight weeks. There were some huge upsets in week eight, so my prediction record wasn’t great, but now we’re on to week nine. Here are my predictions:



Last Week: 8-6

Total Record: 73-45-1

Week Eight Takeaways:

-The Falcons finally figured out how to hold on to a lead.

-The Panthers are one of the most confusing teams in the NFL.

-Dalvin Cook is a top three RB when he’s healthy.

-The Packers need to improve their run defense.

-The Titans definitely underestimated the Bengals.

-The Bengals are on their way to becoming one of the best teams in the AFC.

-The Jets might go 0-16.

-The Chiefs offense will never be the reason they lose.

-The Colts have a shot at winning their division.

-The Lions are the definition of mediocre. 

-The Steelers have the best defense in the NFL.

-Jared Goff is way too hot and cold to be a franchise QB.

-Tua was not the reason the Dolphins won that game.

-The Patriots will have a top-15 pick in this draft.

-The Bills defense finally came through when they needed it to.

-The Raiders won because of their coaching, not because of the offense.

-The Browns get exposed when they play a team with an average (or better) defense.

-The Chargers are the Falcons of the AFC.

-Drew Lock showed off his clutch factor.

-The Saints are not solid Super Bowl contenders.

-The Bears should go back to Mitch Trubisky at QB.

-The 49ers are not going to make the playoffs.

-The Seahawks are going to win the NFC West.

-The Cowboys need to start over.

-The Eagles are going to win the division with a losing record.

-Being bailed out by the refs follows Tom Brady wherever he goes.

-Daniel Jones does not learn from his mistakes.


Week Nine Predictions:

(Teams on bye: Bengals, Browns, Eagles, Rams)


Thursday Night Football:


Packers vs 49ers:

The 49ers absolutely destroyed the Packers in their two matchups last year, but a lot has changed since. Mostly, the fact that not a single offensive starter of the 49ers will be playing in this game. So, the Packers should win this game, and if they don’t, something is seriously wrong.

Packers Win 27-20


Sunday 1:00 Games:


Texans vs Jaguars:

The Jaguars will be without starting QB Gardner Minshew in this game, and he’s one of the only players on their team that has been good. That’s all I need to know to predict a Texans win.

Texans Win 31-17


Giants vs Football Team:

The Giants were the winners of this matchup the last two times these teams met, and I think they’ll win again. Washington’s offense can barely generate anything against anyone except for the Cowboys, while the Giants offense can actually put up points. Their defenses are both better than their offenses, and that could make a difference in this game, but I’m going to give this one to the Giants.

Giants Win 20-9


Ravens vs Colts:

The Ravens have looked beatable this year, especially when their opponent has a strong defense. So, the Colts have a strong chance to win this game, and I say they will. Sure, their offense is average at best, but I think they can do what the Steelers defense did: force Lamar Jackson to throw, and commit turnovers. Turnovers cost the Ravens the game last week, and it will again this week.

Colts Win 23-21


Lions vs Vikings:

With or without Matthew Stafford at QB, the Lions will lose this game. Vikings RB Dalvin Cook is going to run all over the Lions defense, and without WR Kenny Golladay, the Lions offense is going to have trouble keeping up.

Vikings Win 27-24


Bears vs Titans:

The Titans have a much better offense, the Bears have a much better defense, so this game is a toss up. I like the Titans chances to win, because I feel like they have more of a chip on their shoulder than the Bears do. QB Ryan Tannehill will be looking to prove he is still one of the best QBs in the AFC, and lighting up the Bears defense would do so. So, I’ll give this win to the Titans, and they’ll get back on track to win their division.

Titans Win 24-17


Panthers vs Chiefs:

This could be a trap game for the Chiefs, but in all likelihood, they’re going to win pretty convincingly. The Panthers offense has been very hot and cold this year, and while this will likely be one of the games where their offense will be “hot”, the Chiefs offense will be hotter and win the game.

Chiefs Win 35-30


Seahawks vs Bills:

After weeks of negative weather and having to focus on the run, the Bills are finally going to be able to let QB Josh Allen let the ball fly this week. On the other side of the field, Seahawks QB Russell Wilson will be doing the same thing. This game is going to be a shootout of epic proportions, but I think the Seahawks will come away with it due to the fact that they have a better QB and receiving core.

Seahawks Win 30-27


Broncos vs Falcons:

This is maybe the hardest game to predict this week, both teams have been pretty unpredictable this season, but I’m going to go with the Broncos solely because I think the Falcons will blow another lead.

Broncos Win 28-24 


Sunday 4:00 Games:


Raiders vs Chargers:

Both of these teams have offenses that are way better than their defenses, and the Chargers offense is even stronger than the Raiders, so I’ll take the Chargers to win. Although, it’s possible they blow another lead.

Chargers Win 24-20


Dolphins vs Cardinals:

The Dolphins debuted their rookie QB Tua Tagovailoa last week, and he was unable to throw for over 100 yards, but they won the game. He now has a game under his belt and gets an easier defense this week, but I don’t think the Dolphins will pull off the win. In order to win a game you have to have at least an average offense, and right now, with Tua, that’s not where the Dolphins offense is at. So, the Cardinals will take this game, because their offense is just on a roll right now.

Cardinals Win 27-17


Steelers vs Cowboys:

The Steelers are undefeated, the Cowboys will be starting a fourth string QB. That’s all that needs to be said.

Steelers Win 30-6


Sunday Night Football:


Saints vs Buccaneers:

The Saints beat the Buccaneers in week one, but a lot has changed since then. The Buccaneers offense has now clicked, and is firing on all cylinders, and they get WR Antonio Brown this week. This will be the game that shows why the Buccaneers will win this division. It will be close, but I expect the Buccaneers to come away with a win.

Buccaneers Win 27-23


Monday Night Football:

Patriots vs Jets:

While the Patriots have looked bad this year, they’re not Jets-level bad, so they’ll win this game and try to generate some positive momentum going forward.

Patriots Win 27-17


Those are my week nine predictions. Agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments. As always, be sure to enjoy some football this weekend.