Boys varsity soccer vs. Hilliard Darby High School


Ben Burton, Writer, photographer

The boys varsity soccer game battled it out against Hilliard Darby High School at home on Tuesday, Oct. 27. The first half was mainly uneventful, both teams came in with an aggressive start but that began to deteriorate as the half continued on. Though it was uneventful, we do have to take note of both teams attitudes towards difficulties throughout the game. Whenever the Patriots had a tough call or something that didn’t seem to work out, they quickly bounced back and continued on their journey for a goal. However, when the same happened for Hilliard Darby, they would have a very hard time bouncing back, especially in terms of their attitude. A rushed corner kick by Jack Bierne with 12 seconds remaining in the first half made its way over to Jayson Castellanos where the ball was headed into the goal. This is where we saw most of Hilliard Darby Players attitude issues arise.


In the second half, Hilliard Darby managed to stay afloat with their defense but struggled to get the ball away from their side of the field. Just around the five minute mark a scuffle of sorts occurred on the field. While the reason was unknown, a OLHS player seemed to have taken a swing at a Hilliard Darby . This stopped playing time for a little but soon after the game was back up and running. With less than 3 minutes remaining, Hillard Darby seemed to bounce back like never before. They were more aggressive on the field than we had seen them this entire match. They could not manage to get the ball past midfield and onto Liberty’s side, ending the match with a score of 1-0 OLHS.


Go Patriots!