NFL Week Eight Predictions (2020-21)

Carson Zorn, Sports Writer

NFL Week seven delivered us some of the best games of the year. We are now at week eight, almost the halfway point of the regular season. Here are my week eight predictions:


Last Week: 8-6

Total: 65-39-1


Week Seven Takeaways:

-Daniel Jones is a turnover machine.

-The Eagles are bad, but they’re going to win the NFC East.

-The Panthers have an extremely bright future.

-There is still reason for skepticism when it comes to the Saints.

-The Bills defense held the Jets to four total yards in the second half. Is their defense on its way back to elite-levels?
-The Jets are a laughing stock.

-Baker Mayfield balled out, against one of the worst defenses in the league.

-Joe Burrow looks like a future Hall of Fame quarterback, if the Bengals can get him a defense.

-The Cowboys need to start from scratch.

-Congratulations to Washington HC Ron Rivera on finishing his cancer treatment.

-Aaron Rodgers came back to life this week.

-DeShaun Watson deserves better than the Texans.

-The Lions are about as mediocre as it gets, but Matthew Stafford and Kenny Golloday are top-tier talents.

-The Falcons found a new way to lose: by scoring a touchdown.

-The Steelers are still showing signs of weakness, despite being undefeated.

-The Titans could make a Super Bowl run.

-The Buccaneers have the best offense in the NFL, and it just added Antonio Brown.

-The Raiders are starting to fall behind in the playoff race.

-The Chiefs took out all their anger on the Broncos.

-Drew Lock is not looking too great.

-The Jaguars might fight the Jets for the first overall pick.

-Justin Herbert also looks like a future Hall of Fame QB.

-The 49ers look to be back on track.

-Cam Newton is finally revealing his true colors.

-The Seahawks need to figure out how to close games if they want to win the Super Bowl.

-Kyler Murray looks elite.

-The Bears were finally exposed.

-The Rams might be better off without Todd Gurley.


Week Eight Predictions:

(Teams on Bye: Cardinals, Football Team, Jaguars, Texans)


Thursday Night Football:


Falcons vs Panthers:

The Falcons continue to find ways to lose, so there’s no doubt in my mind that the Panthers win this game, with or without RB Christian McCaffrey. QB Teddy Bridgewater has been playing well, and the entire Panthers offense is operating at high-efficiency. So, they will win in Primetime.

Panthers Win 31-24


Sunday 1:00 Games:


Vikings vs Packers:

The Vikings are one of the worst teams in the NFL, the Packers are one of the best. The Packers absolutely destroyed the Vikings in week one, and that was in Minnesota, so they will do the same again in Green Bay.

Packers Win 40-23


Titans vs Bengals:

The Titans came so close to staying undefeated last week, but ultimately lost because Stephen Gostkowski can’t seem to make a kick inside of 40 yards. The Bengals also came close to winning last week, but lost because they have no defense whatsoever. This game could be a trap game for the Titans, but I’m going to go with the easy pick and say the Titans handle the Bengals.

Titans Win 31-24


Jets vs Chiefs:

This one is going to be a slaughter. No other word for it. The Chiefs are the best team in the NFL, and the Jets are the worst, so there’s no competition here. 

Chiefs Win 35-7


Colts vs Lions:

The Lions are coming into this game fresh off a win against the Falcons, and the Colts are coming in well-rested after a bye. No question, the Colts are the better team in this one, but I think the Lions are going to win it. This just seems like the kind of game the Colts would lose, so I’ll take the Lions to win a close one.

Lions Win 21-20


Steelers vs Ravens:

The battle between the two best teams in the AFC North. Despite the fact that both teams have winning records, their weaknesses have been exposed, and I expect both Head Coaches to attack the other team’s extreme weakness. If the Steelers can force Lamar to throw, they have this game in the bag. If the Ravens offensive line can neutralize the Steelers D-Line, they will win easily. I like the chances of the Steelers forcing Lamar to throw and baiting him into some picks, so I’ll take the Steelers to win a close one.

Steelers Win 20-13


Rams vs Dolphins:

Rookie QB Tua Tagovailoa will make his NFL debut this week, and he’s not going to like what he sees in front of him, and that is Aaron Donald. The Rams offense and defense are both firing on all cylinders, while the Dolphins offense is getting a whole new look with Tua stepping in. It’s been almost 20 years since a rookie QB has won his first start, and sorry Tua, that’s not going to change Sunday.

Rams Win 23-14


Patriots vs Bills:

This is the game that will show the changing of the guard in the AFC East. The Patriots have run this division for the entire Brady era, but now it is the Bills’ turn to claim division supremacy for years to come. While the Bills defense and offense have slowed down in the previous weeks, the Patriots offense hasn’t looked good since week three. The Bills are finally going to beat their rivals and move to 6-2 on the season.

Bills Win 24-20


Raiders vs Browns:

This is going to be an offensive shoot out and I like the Raiders chances to come out on top. The Browns just lost star WR OBJ for the season, so their offense is about to take a big step back, despite the Raiders lack of defensive prowess. But, in reality, I will most likely be wrong, and the Browns will win, but you have to pick an upset every now and then, so I’ll take the Raiders to win.

Raiders Win 38-34


Sunday 4:00 Games:


Chargers vs Broncos:

Two young QBs will be going at it this game. Herbert vs Lock. The only thing getting in Justin Herbert’s way this year has been the team surrounding him, while Drew Lock can’t seem to get out of his own way. Neither of these teams have looked incredible so far, but I’ll take the Chargers to win.

Chargers Win 23-17


Saints vs Bears:

The Bears were finally exposed as the frauds they are on Monday night, and it will continue to show this week against the Saints. The Saints have looked a bit lackluster this year, but they are a completely better team than the Bears and will have no problem beating them.

Saints Win 22-10


49ers vs Seahawks:

The Seahawks suffered their first defeat last week, but they won’t lose back-to-back. This game will be very close, and very entertaining to watch, but the Seahawks offense has looked nearly unstoppable this year, so I’m going to take the Seahawks to win it.

Seahawks Win 30-24


Sunday Night Football:


Cowboys vs Eagles:

The Cowboys look downright terrible, and it won’t change this week. The Eagles will beat them on Sunday night, and get on the track to win the division.

Eagles Win 31-3


Monday Night Football:


Buccaneers vs Giants:

Giants QB Daniel Jones is a turnover machine, and the Buccaneers will make him pay for it. The Buccaneers defense is going to minimize the Giants offense, and the offense is going to run and throw all over the Giants defense. It’s not going to be a pretty game to watch if you’re a Giants fan.

Buccaneers Win 35-17


Those are my week eight predictions. Agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments. Be sure to enjoy some football this weekend.