NFL Week Seven Predictions (2020-21)

Carson Zorn, Sports Writer

Another week has come and gone as we move further into the NFL season. We were treated to two Monday night games this week, but unfortunately missed out on a Thursday night game. Hopefully there are no schedule changes this week, and with that, I move on to my week seven predictions.



Last Week: 7-7

Total: 57-33-1


Week Six Takeaways:

-DeShaun Watson is a Top-5 QB in the NFL.

-The Titans might be the best team in the AFC.

-Lamar Jackson hit his ceiling last season.

-The Eagles will win the NFC East.

-The Falcons are a competent team with a good HC.

-Kirk Cousins superpower is making bad NFL defenses look good.

-The Browns are back to looking like pretenders.

-I’m finally ready to admit that the Steelers are legit.

-The Bengals need to fire their entire coaching staff.

-The Colts would be a terrible team without HC Frank Reich.

-The Lions finally didn’t blow a lead.

-The Jaguars have run out of Minshew Magic.

-I’m still not fully sold on the Bears.

-I may have gotten too optimistic about the Panthers.

-Washington should go back to Dwayne Haskins as the starting QB.

-The Giants may need a new QB sooner than later.

-The Broncos may still be able to make a playoff push.

-The Patriots may be worse than we thought.

-The Jets need to fire Adam Gase, and it’s unbelievable that they haven’t yet. 

-The Dolphins made the wrong decision by benching Fitzpatrick.

-The Packers and Aaron Rodgers had a fluke game.

-The Buccaneers are one of the most complete teams in the NFL.

-The Rams are a really confusing team this year.

-The 49ers are a really confusing team this year.

-The Chiefs offense is the best in the NFL, and they just added Le’Veon Bell.

-The Bills are still going to win the division, don’t overreact to them losing to the two teams in the AFC Championship game last year. 

-The Cardinals are a very hot and cold team this year.

-The Cowboys need Dak Prescott to win games.


NFL Week Seven Predictions:

(Teams on Bye: Colts, Dolphins, Ravens, Vikings)


Thursday Night Football:

Giants vs Eagles:

The Giants got their first win last week but they’re not going to beat the Eagles, despite the positive momentum. The Giants just aren’t a good team, and while the Eagles aren’t great either, they are definitely a better team than the Giants. While there’s always a chance for an upset in divisional games, I think this one is pretty straightforward.

Eagles Win 24-20


Sunday 1:00 Games:

Panthers vs Saints:

Honestly, neither of these teams have looked all that great this year, and I think there’s a real chance the Panthers upset the Saints in this game. But I got burned by picking the Panthers last week, so I’m not going to pick them again, so I’ll take the Saints to win this one.

Saints Win 31-27


Bills vs Jets:

The Bills have dropped two straight games after starting the season 4-0, but it was against two of the top three teams in the AFC. They get the perfect rebound game against the worst team in the NFL, the Jets. The Bills will easily win this game, and QB Josh Allen will regain some momentum going in to a tough stretch of games.

Bills Win 31-21


Browns vs Bengals:

The Battle of Ohio Part Two takes place only five weeks after the first game, and I think the outcome will be slightly different. While the Browns are the favorite, I think the Bengals and QB Joe Burrow will come in more prepared to face this Browns team and win in Cincy. The Bengals do not look like a good team, but they haven’t been swept by the Browns in a really long time, and I don’t think that will change this week. It will be close, and more likely than not a shootout, but I think the Bengals will come out on top.

Bengals Win 33-30


Cowboys vs Football Team:

The Cowboys looked atrocious with Andy Dalton in at QB, but they’re not going to lose to Washington. The Football Team is the second worst team in the NFL, and the Cowboys, while bad, won’t lose to the second worst team in the NFL.

Cowboys Win 21-10


Packers vs Texans:

This game will be fun to watch. Neither of these teams have a good defense, and both teams have an exceptional top-five QB. There will be offensive fireworks throughout this game, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the point total is over 60. But, I think the Packers are the better team, with the better HC, so they will win this game.

Packers Win 34-30


Lions vs Falcons:

This game is almost impossible to predict, because these two teams have been all over the place this year. While the Lions are probably the better team, I think the Falcons have a much better offense and will win the game because of it. This game really could go either way, and a coin flip would probably provide an accurate prediction, but I’ll take the Falcons to win in a shootout.

Falcons Win 31-29


Steelers vs Titans:

In my opinion, this is the game to prove who is the best team in the AFC. Both of these teams are undefeated, but that won’t last for long, obviously. While I think the Steelers are the better team, I just can’t pick against the Titans for some reason. Their offense is so extremely potent and I don’t know if the Steelers offense can keep up with that. Where the game could change is if the Steelers defense is able to shut down Titans RB Derrick Henry, the Titans offense will become very one dimensional, and I don’t think QB Ryan Tannehill can win the game on his own. It’s going to be a very close game, but I’m going to take the Titans to win it.

Titans Win 23-17


Sunday 4:00 Games:

Buccaneers vs Raiders:

The Raiders will be riding high coming out of their bye week after beating the Chiefs in week five, but they will be meeting a Buccaneers team fresh off demolishing the (previously) undefeated Packers team in week six. The Buccaneers are one of the more complete teams in the NFL, while the Raiders are incredibly rocky on defense. The Raiders momentum will come to a grinding stop against this Buccaneers defense, and the Buccaneers offense will expose the faults in the Raiders defense for a win.

Buccaneers Win 28-17


Chiefs vs Broncos:

While the Broncos did pull off the surprise upset against the Patriots last week, I don’t think they pull off another upset this week. After losing in week five, the Chiefs are going to get another winning streak going, and it’s going to start this week.

Chiefs Win 24-13


Jaguars vs Chargers:

Chargers rookie QB Justin Herbert has been playing like a front runner for the Offensive Rookie of the Year award, but he still hasn’t been able to win a game. That changes this week, as the Jaguars will once again be defeated by a rookie QB this year (They were beaten by Bengals QB Joe Burrow in week four). The Chargers offense is stacked with weapons, and the defense is near elite status, so they will beat the Jaguars with no problem.

Chargers Win 30-14


49ers vs Patriots:

49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo has the perfect chance for a revenge game against his old team, but I think he misses his shot. The Patriots defense is incredible, and will play on Garoppolo’s weaknesses. The 49ers defense used to be stacked, but not as much now. So, I think the Patriots will get back on the right track after losing last week, and beat the 49ers.

Patriots Win 20-10


Sunday Night Game:

Seahawks vs Cardinals:

The Cardinals have been very hot and cold this year, and the Seahawks have been a dominant force all year. This game is going to be a pass-heavy shootout game, and I would place my bets on Seahawks QB Russell Wilson to win a shootout over QB Kyler Murray, so I’m going to take the Seahawks to win this one.

Seahawks Win 35-31


Monday Night Game:

Bears vs Rams:

These are the two most confusing teams in the entire NFL. They look like a top-five team one week, and then a bottom-ten team the next week. I’m going to take the Rams to win this one, because their defense will prove to be too much for the Bears offense.

Rams Win 17-9


There are my week seven predictions, agree or disagree, let me know down in the comments. Be sure to enjoy some football this weekend!