NFL Week Six Predictions (2020-21)

Carson Zorn, Sports Writer

Another week has come and gone in the NFL as we move close to the Super Bowl. Some schedule changes happened last week, and there might be some this week, but for now I’ll just assume everything stays the same. Here are my week six predictions:


Week Five Takeaways:

-Tom Brady is washed.

-The Bears are still pretenders.

-The Jaguars are a mess of a team.

-The Texans are better off without Bill O’Brien.

-The Bengals O-Line is going to end Burrow’s career before it even begins.

-The Ravens offense does not look as good as last year.

-The Panthers have a real shot to win the NFC South.

-The Falcons made the right move firing Dan Quinn.

-The Raiders might make the playoffs.

-The Chiefs are still the best team in the NFL, despite the loss.

-The Cardinals bounced back, but it was against the Jets.

-The Jets need to fire Adam Gase.

-The Eagles are a mess, but they’ll probably win the division.

-Chase Claypool was a steal for the Steelers.

-The Rams are a solid playoff contender.

-It was amazing to see Alex Smith play again.

-The Dolphins have a bright future.

-The 49ers look bad.

-The Giants still aren’t a competent team.

-Best wishes for Dak on a speedy recovery.

-The Colts offense is dormant.

-The Browns finally are utilizing their talent.

-The Vikings will be competitive as long as Mike Zimmer is their coach.

-The Seahawks are never going to blow out a team.

-Justin Herbert deserves better than the Chargers.

-The Saints still don’t look convincing.

-The Bills were flat out not ready for the Titans.

-Derrick Henry is an absolute beast.



Last Week: 10-4

Total: 50-26-1


Week Six Predictions:

(Teams on bye: Chargers, Raiders, Saints, Seahawks)


Sunday 1:00 Games:


Texans vs Titans:

The Texans got their first win of the season last week after firing HC Bill O’Brien, but their momentum won’t be enough to stop the Titans. The Titans just blew out the Bills and will be looking to prove themselves as Super Bowl contenders. The game being in Tennessee also helps the Titans cause. 

Titans Win 27-20


Ravens vs Eagles:

While the Ravens don’t look as good as they were last year, they are still a better team than the Eagles, and will win this game. I will say, I think this game has the strongest possibility for an upset, but I’m going to pick the Ravens to win it.

Ravens Win 30-21


Falcons vs Vikings:

Neither of these teams have looked particularly inspiring this year, but the Falcons have looked downright awful, and now are going through a coaching change. So, I think the Vikings will win this game, but neither team has a particularly inspiring future.

Vikings Win 27-21


Browns vs Steelers:

This is one of the more interesting games that will take place this week. I think the Browns and Steelers have both looked nearly unstoppable, so this game will be an example of an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object. Honestly, it all comes down to home field advantage in this one, and while I honestly think the Browns are the better team, I’m going to pick the Steelers, because I think their defense is perfectly suited to handle the Browns offense.

Steelers Win 20-17


Bengals vs Colts:

There was some worry that this game wouldn’t be played after positive tests from the Colts, but they turned out to be false positives. The Bengals looked terrible last week. Their O-Line flat out could not handle the Ravens pass rush, and I think it’s going to be more of the same this week. While the Colts don’t have a fantastic secondary, their Defensive front is close to elite. Bengals QB Joe Burrow is going to be under pressure all day, so it’s going to be very hard for him to make throws down the field. The Colts should win pretty easily, despite their sub-par offense.  

Colts Win 20-10


Lions vs Jaguars:

This is another matchup between two pretty bad teams, and while the Lions are favored, I like the Jaguars chances to win it. There’s not a lot of reasoning behind my argument or prediction, I just genuinely feel like the Jags are a better team. I’ll probably end up being wrong, but I’m going to pick the Jaguars.

Jaguars Win 28-24


Bears vs Panthers:

Call me crazy, but I think the Panthers are the better team in this game, and they’re at home, so I have no reason not to pick them in this matchup. Will they lose and I’m wrong? Probably. But what fun are predictions if you don’t go out on a limb every now and then? So, I’m taking the Panthers to win this one and move to 4-2.

Panthers Win 21-13


Football Team vs Giants:

Divisional games are always tough to predict, but as long as Kyle Allen is the starter for Washington, I can’t pick them in confidence. So, I’m going to pick the Giants to get their first win of the season in this one. This is a game no one but Giants and Washington fans will watch.

Giants Win 14-9


Broncos vs Patriots:

This game was supposed to be played last week but got delayed to this week, and it ended up working in both teams’ favor. Both teams got their starting QBs back. The Pats got Cam Newton back from COVID, and the Broncos got Drew Lock back from injury. While I don’t expect this game to be highly competitive it will still be fun to watch. I think the Patriots will win it because of the sheer talent on their defense, and the offense is just the cherry on top.

Patriots Win 28-20


Sunday 4:00 Games:

Jets vs Dolphins:

The Jets are the worst team in the NFL, and Mimai is coming off a big win against the 49ers. It’s also in Miami. So, no question, the Dolphins will win this game.

Dolphins Win 30-10


Packers vs Buccaneers:

The Packers have looked nearly unstoppable this year, and the Buccaneers have been stopped multiple times. At the beginning of the season, this looked like it was going to be one of the closest games of the year, but after what we’ve seen from both teams, I think the Packers should win without too much trouble.

Packers Win 27-20


Sunday Night Game:

Rams vs 49ers:

The Rams have looked pretty solid through the first four weeks, and the 49ers are currently experiencing a QB nightmare. While this game could be closer than I’m predicting, I think the Rams are clearly the better team in this game, and will win in primetime.

Rams Win 31-20


Monday Night Games:

Chiefs vs Bills:

This game is going to be incredibly fun to watch, as two of the league’s best offense butt heads in the ultimate battle of strong arm QBs. If the Bills defense was playing like they were last year, I’d take the Bills to win this game. But they’re not. So, while I think this will be an offensive shootout, and more likely than not the game of the week, the Chiefs will win it. Not having fans in Buffalo hurts, because they have one of the best fanbases in the NFL, and that could’ve seriously altered this game.

Chiefs Win 42-38


Cardinals vs Cowboys:

This game would’ve been way more fun to watch if Dak Prescott was the starting QB for the Cowboys, but unfortunately he got injured last week. Best wishes to Dak for a speedy recovery. Thankfully for the Cowboys, they have the best backup QB in the league, Andy Dalton. Neither of these teams have strong defenses, but both have amazing offenses. This game is a true toss up, but I’m going to pick the Cowboys, because I think their offense is just slightly better than the Cardinals.

Cowboys Win 33-27


Well, those are my week six predictions! Agree or disagree with me, let me know down in the comments. As always, enjoy some football this weekend!