Lakers Win NBA Championship


Grant Murphy, Sports Writer

July 1st 2018, July 17 2019, and January 26th 2020. These are the three most important dates in recent Laker history and what led them to winning the 2020 NBA Finals.


On July 1st, 2018 the Lakers signed Lebron James to a four year contract. This was big news for the Laker team and what could happen in the near future with Lebron in uniform. However the first season didn’t go great as LeBron went down with his worst injury ever, in terms of time it kept him out. The Lakers didn’t even end up making the playoffs leaving Laker fans in shock.


On July 17, 2019 the Lakers made the biggest move of the offseason. They traded Lonzo Ball, Brandom Ingram, Josh Hart, and a bunch of first round picks for Anthony Davis. Davis had a special season where he finished 2nd in DPOY voting.


January 26th, 2020 was a sad day for all basketball fans. Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash with his daughter Gianna Bryant, which stopped the whole basketball world for a day. However the death of Kobe seemed to give the Lakers and LeBron a new motivation to win the title for the city of Los Angeles and Kobe.


Once the NBA started back up in the bubble the Lakers looked bad. They couldn’t make a three pointer and after their 8 regular season games there were some question marks going into the postseason.


The first game in the playoffs they lost to the Blazers with Damian Lillard dancing all over them. The Lakers didn’t seem to take that kindley as they went on to win four straight and win the series in five games. Next was the Rockets, with their new small ball lineup. Once again the Lakers lost game one and Westbrook was pumped. The Lakers seemed to take it personally as they won four straight and beat the Rockets in five. Last stop before the Finals was the Denver Nuggets. The Lakers surprisingly didn’t lose game one of this series but did lose game three. Anthony Davis hit a huge game winner in game two and the Lakers took the series in five games.


What the Lakers had to face in the finals was not what they expected. They had to go up against the young Miami Heat team led by Jimmy Butler. Butler tried his hardest and played an amazing series but ultimately they weren’t enough for this amazing Lakers team. Lebron took home his 4th finals ring and finals MVP.


It was for sure a crazy season and at some point during the season there was even the question if it would be finished. But in the end the best player on the planet LeBron James got the job done in Orlando and won LA the ring he said he would get and I’m sure if Kobe was still here he would be proud.