NFL Week Five Predictions (2020-21)


Credit to: David Kohl-USA Today Sports

Bengals QB Joe Burrow gives a thumbs up to the limited fans at Paul Brown Stadium after his first NFL win.

Carson Zorn, Sports Writer

After over twenty new positive COVID tests, the NFL season now seems to be in jeopardy. So, enjoy the season while you can. Hopefully the full season is able to be played, but that has now become a real question. But, with extreme optimism about the season I’m going to move forward with my predictions for week five.


Last Week: 9-6

Total: 40-22-1


Week Four Takeaways:

-The Broncos offense needs Drew Lock to beat legitimate teams.

-The Jets are officially the worst team in the NFL.

-The Saints desperately need Michael Thomas back.

-The Lions win over the Cardinals was a fluke.

-Justin Herbert is a franchise QB.

-Tom Brady still has the “it” factor.

-The Jaguars fooled us all with their week one win.

-Joe Burrow should be the favorite for Offensive Rookie of the Year.

-The Vikings need a new QB, they can’t be carried by RB Dalvin Cook every game.

-The Texans made the right move by firing Bill O’Brien.

-The Seahawks defense will be their Achilles Heel all season. 

-The Dolphins need to start Tua ASAP.

-The Browns should be playoff favorites.

-New coach, no change for the Cowboys.

-The Cardinals have shown their true colors after their week one win.

-Everyone saying the Panthers should draft a QB to replace Teddy Bridgewater need to stop.

-The Ravens have yet to prove themselves against a real team.

-Washington should keep Dwayne Hasksins at starter, it’s not his fault the team around him is terrible.

-The Giants need Saquon Barkley in order for their offense to operate.

-The Rams are better than most people expected.

-The Bills are officially Super Bowl contenders.

-The Colts defense might be the best in the league.

-The Bears QB nightmare is in full effect.

-Carson Wentz had a nice bounceback game against a solid defense.

-The 49ers need Jimmy Garoppolo back, now.

-The Patriots defense is still top five in the NFL.

-The Chiefs looked unstoppable in the second half. 

-The Falcons need a new HC.

-Aaron Rodgers should be an MVP favorite. 


Week Five Predictions:

Teams on bye: Packers, Lions 

Thursday Night Football:

Buccaneers vs Bears:

We all know what happened the last time Brady met Foles (and if you don’t, Google Super Bowl 53). But the story is different this time. Brady is surrounded by a better team on the Buccaneers then Foles is on the Bears. The only thing that could cost the Buccaneers this game is all the injuries they have on offense. But I still think the Buccaneers will find a way to make it work and win on Thursday Night.

Buccaneers Win 20-13


Sunday 1:00 Games:

Bills vs Titans:

We don’t yet know if this game will be played or not. But if it is, I like the Bills chances to win it. They’ve looked like a better team than the Titans, and the Titans haven’t been able to practice for almost two weeks (except the players that held a secret practice that is now threatening the season, so thanks for that). The one thing that could cost the Bills this game is if they look ahead to their Thursday night matchup against the Chiefs and disregard the Titans. But, as for now, I’m going to predict a Bills victory in this one, if it’s played.

Bills Win 23-18


Jaguars vs Texans:

I think this is the week the Texans will get their first win, and it comes right off the heels of firing HC Bill O’Brien, so it’s perfect timing. I will say, I don’t think Bill O’Brien was a terrible coach, but he was a terrible GM, and his terrible job as a GM greatly affected his ability to coach this year. I no longer view the Texans as a playoff team, although if you look back at my season predictions article I didn’t have them as one, so maybe I was on to something. But that’s beside the point. Point is, even with an interim HC I think the Texans are a better team then the Jaguars, and will beat them on Sunday.

Texans Win 27-21


Bengals vs Ravens:

Bengals QB Joe Burrow will be riding high after his first win of many last week, but that high will quickly come to an end against the Ravens this week. Their defense is one of the best in the NFL, and behind the Bengals terrible O-Line, Burrow is going to have almost no time to throw this week. I still don’t view the Ravens as a legit Super Bowl contender due to their inability to beat winning teams, but they’ll get the job done this week against the Bengals.

Ravens Win 35-23


Panthers vs Falcons:

I’ll probably end up being wrong, but I’m going to take the Panthers to win this game. While I think the Falcons have more offensive firepower than the Panthers, their defense is atrocious, and the team can’t seem to close a game out. The Panthers have definitely outperformed my expectations, and are on a two game win streak, with wins over the Chargers and Cardinals. I say they bring their win total to three this week against the Falcons.

Panthers Win 31-28


Raiders vs Chiefs:

Even though this is a rivalry game, the Chiefs are going to win it easily. While it won’t happen, the Chiefs look like the only team that could go 16-0. They will stay undefeated by beating a struggling Raiders team.

Chiefs Win 34-22


Cardinals vs Jets:

The Cardinals are on a two game losing streak, but get a nice bounceback game against the Jets this week. The Jets are without question the worst team in the NFL, so there is no doubt in my mind that the Cardinals will win this game.

Cardinals Win 30-13


Eagles vs Steelers:

The battle of the two Pennsylvania teams. While the Eagles are coming in off their first win of the season, and the Steelers didn’t play last week, I think the Steelers will win because they, simply put, are a much better team. But the Eagles shouldn’t lose hope. Their division is so bad they still have a chance to win it.

Steelers Win 24-14


Rams vs Football Team:

The Rams were a little too close to losing to the Giants last week, but they will definitely win this week. They would’ve won either way, but their path to victory is now much clearer with Washington starting Kyle Allen at QB. The Rams should win this pretty easily.

Rams Win 23-10


Sunday 4:00 Games:

Dolphins vs 49ers:

As long as Jimmy Garoppolo is the starting QB for the 49ers I think they’ll win this game. If he’s not it definitely raises some questions on whether or not the Dolphins could possibly win. But I’ll take the 49ers to win either way, and the Dolphins will start considering how soon they should put Tua in at QB.

49ers Win 23-9


Giants vs Cowboys:

Both of these teams have atrocious defenses. I would be willing to argue that the Cowboys defense is even worse than the Giants. But the extreme defense is in the offenses. The Giants offense has looked lackluster and uninspiring. Whereas the Cowboys offense is one of the best in the league, despite their record. I like the Cowboys chances to win this one.

Cowboys Win 30-21


Broncos vs Patriots:

No matter who the starting QB is for either team, the Patriots are going to win this game. Their defense is elite and will force Broncos QB Brett Rypien to make a lot of mistakes. If he threw three interceptions against the Jets defense, I hate to think of what the Patriots defense might be able to do. The Patriots need QB Cam Newton back, but they will make it by this week without him.

Patriots Win 20-7


Colts vs Browns:

I don’t know why, but everything is working for the Browns this year. I just can’t pick against them this week. Their offense is the best it’s been in years. The defense leaves a little something to be desired but if the offense can keep up then it doesn’t matter. I think the Browns move to 4-1 by beating the Colts this week.

Browns Win 24-23


Sunday Night Football:

Vikings vs Seahawks:

While it’s a toss up between the Packers and Seahawks, I’m going to say the Seahawks are the best team in the NFC. So I don’t think they will lose to the Vikings this week. While the Vikings got their first win last week, I still don’t think they’re a good team, and it will show against the Seahawks on Sunday night.

Seahawks Win 28-20


Monday Night Football:

Chargers vs Saints:

Will Chargers Rookie QB Justin Herbert get his first win this week? Unfortunately, I’m going to say no, but don’t worry Justin, it’s coming next week (The Chargers play the Jets so…). I think the Saints are a more complete team, especially if they get WR Michael Thomas back this week. So, while Justin Herbert will have to wait one more week for his first NFL win, the future looks bright.

Saints Win 24-17

So those are my week five predictions. Agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @PatPressSports. Make sure to enjoy some football this weekend!