NBA Finals Update: Lakers vs Heat

Ryan Riddle, Sports Writer

The Los Angeles Lakers are out playing the young Miami Heat team, evident by their win on October sixth. The Lakers supporting cast can’t be stopped by the Heat.

After a big win for the Lakers on October sixth, it looks like the Lakers have the series locked up. Lebron and Anthony Davis seem to be an unstoppable duo against the Heat. The supporting cast around Lebron and AD are showing up, such as Caruso, Green, and Pope, which is making it almost impossible for the Heat to win.

During game one, Heat stars Dragic and Adebayo got injured and could very well be the reason the Heat will lose. Dragic and Adebayo have been two of the top four contributors to the team in the playoff series against the Bucks and Celtics. Adebayo not returning until game four will be a big part of the Heat’s defense missing.

The Heat have done the best they can do with a first-year team, but the Lebron´s Lakers are just out of their league. Between injuries on the Heat’s roster and the supporting cast of the Lakers, the Heat have no chance.