Boys varsity soccer vs. Hilliard Darby High School


Ben Burton, Writer, photographer

The Patriots boys varsity soccer team had a close match against the Hilliard Bradley Jaguars, ending in a score of 2-1. The Patriots were able to keep a high energy level during the first half, even though the cold and rainy weather made it hard to play at their best. Though the first half was scoreless, the Patriots kept a high-pressed offense, keeping our offense up against their back line, but couldn’t get a chance to score. During the first half the Patriots also did well switching fields. 


The final score of the first half was 0-0.


The Patriots carried on their same energy from the first half, inching their way closer to a goal. Aade Rajmohan was painfully close to a goal, so close that you could even hear the metal clink of the ball hitting the inside of the goalpost. Soon after, Ryan Bonnano got a hold of the ball in a breakaway and scored, making the score 1-0 Patriots with 28:25 left in the second half. The Patriots collected themselves after their goal and were back on their journey for another goal. Riley Carrier was fouled in the goalie box, bringing up a penalty kick scored by Jack Cruise. Around the 10-minute mark of the second half Hilliard Darby’s Christian Paris managed to score on the Patriots, making the score 2-1 Patriots. The Jaguars gave it their all on offense but couldn’t get past the Patriots defense. The final score of the match was 2-1, OLHS.


Go Patriots!