NFL Week Three Predictions (2020-21)


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The Seahawks stop Patriots QB Cam Newton from scoring the game winning touchdown at the one-yard line. The Seahawks won 35-30.

Carson Zorn, Sports Writer

If I was given one word to summarize week two, it would be “yikes!” The injury bug hit the league hard, and a lot of star players went down with season-ending injuries. If you drafted Christian McCaffrey or Saqoun Barkley in fantasy, I am sorry. But, now we move on to week three, where there will hopefully be way less injuries. 


Last Week: 14-2

Total: 22-10



-If Burrow doesn’t get an O-Line, he’s going to be the next Andrew Luck.

-Slow down on the Baker Mayfield hype, it was the Bengals defense, and he still threw an interception.

-The injury to Barkley is the nail in the coffin for the Giants season, and it’s only week two. 

-Trubisky is still not playing well enough to deserve a new contract.

-The Rams are better than a lot of people were expecting.

-It’s time to lower our expectations for Carson Wentz.

-The Falcons need to fire HC Dan Quinn ASAP.

-Dak Prescott is making a strong case for a new contract.

-The Panthers offense will become a lot more one dimensional with McCaffrey out.

-Brady will struggle with interceptions all season long.

-The 49ers season might be over, too many key injuries.

-The Jets need to fire HC Adam Gase, Trade Darnold and Bell, and tank for Trevor Lawrence.

-The Broncos playoff hopes are gone with Lock and Sutton injured. 

-Gardner Minshew has proven he can be the starter in Jacksonville for a long time.

-Ryan Tannehill looks like he is continuing his roll from last year.

-Matthew Stafford’s talent is wasted in Detroit.

-Drafting Jordan Love was the best thing the Packers could’ve done for Aaron Rodgers.

-Josh Allen is the real deal, and has solidified himself as the Bills franchise QB.

-Kirk Cousins doesn’t deserve to be a starter in the NFL. 

-Rivers is still not great, but the Colts’ run game will bail him out.

-The Football Team’s defense is scary. Their offense not so much.

-Kyler Murray is making a strong bid for MVP Honors.

-The Ravens are going to be nearly unstoppable again this year.

-The Texans need to fire Bill O’Brien and trade for a star WR.

-Mahomes is still the best QB in the NFL.

-The Chargers should stick with Justin Herbert as their QB.

-Cam Newton is officially back.

-Russell Wilson should be the MVP favorite.

-The Saints defense may be worse than initially thought.

-The Raiders might sneak into the playoffs.


Week Three Predictions:


Thursday Night Game:

Dolphins vs Jaguars:

While this game may look terrible at first, keep in mind that sometimes the worst teams have the best games. The Dolphins show some promise, but overall still don’t look like a great team. The Jaguars, while 1-1, have made offensive fireworks in both of their first two games behind QB Gardner Minshew. I think the Jaguars have a strong chance to win this game because of their sheer offensive firepower. Not having WR D.J. Chark on the field will hurt, but the Dolphins don’t have CB Byron Jones, so it cancels out. The Jaguars will win this game, and if they get up big, I wouldn’t be surprised if there is an appearance from rookie QB Tua Tagovailoa on the Dolphins side of the ball.

Jaguars Win 30-20


Sunday 1:00 Games:

49ers vs Giants:

These two teams were hit hardest by the injury bug last week. The 49ers basically lost their entire offense and two defensive studs, and the Giants lost star RB Saquon Barkley. Even though the 49ers are favored in this one, I still really like the Giants chances to win it. I think the Giants offense, even without Barkely, will be able to put up enough points to fend off the 49ers offense made up almost exclusively of second stringers.

Giants Win 23-17


Football Team vs Browns:

Call me crazy, but I’m picking the Washington Football Team to win this one. All honesty, I don’t really have any reasons for my choice, I just have a gut feeling that Washington will win. On paper, the Browns are the better team, but I feel like this is a game that the Browns could lose and no one would be surprised. I think Washington has a much better defense, and if Browns QB Baker Mayfield plays like he did against the Ravens, the Browns are in big trouble.

Football Team Wins 20-13


Bengals vs Eagles:

Neither of these teams have looked great through two weeks. The Bengals have shown a little more promise than the Eagles, but they still have a lot of things to work out. I think the Eagles will get their season back on track in this one, and beat the Bengals, although it will be with some difficulty.

Eagles Win 30-24


Raiders vs Patriots:

The Raiders looked good in their win over the Saints on Monday Night Football and the Patriots looked good in their loss to the Seahawks on Sunday Night Football. While the Raiders have a real shot to win this one I will never doubt Bill Belichick and Cam Newton. That combo could win any game. They obviously won’t win every game, but they will never be blown out. The Patriots will get their second win of the season in this one.

Patriots Win 27-20


Bears vs Falcons:

The Falcons allowed the Cowboys to come back from down 20 points. They totally fell apart as a collective team after the first quarter. I watched the Cowboys-Falcons game. It’s one of the best games I’ve ever seen, but the Falcons looked pathetic in it. Still, despite this, I think they can easily beat the Bears this week. Even in losses, Falcons QB Matt Ryan has been on fire, whereas Bears QB Mitch Trubisky has been playing mediocre at best. Not having WR Julio Jones will hurt the Falcons a lot, but I think they can still pull off the win.

Falcons Win 23-21


Rams vs Bills:

This is the hardest game to predict this week. I would call it the game of the week, but the Monday Night Football matchup is just too good. Both of these teams are 2-0. Both of them have QBs trying to prove themselves. Both of them have stacked receiving cores. Both of them have top ten defenses. It’s almost impossible to pick. I’m going to pick the Bills because I think they have the slightly better defense. It really all comes down to the secondary. Both teams have a top five CB (The Bills have Tre’Davious White and the Rams have Jalen Ramsey). But the Bills have the advantage at the safety position. The duo of Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer might be the best safety combo in the league, so that’s where the Bills have the advantage. Although, if the Bills are without star LBs Matt Milano and Tremaine Edmunds, all bets are off, and the Rams will easily win the game. So, I’m going to pick the Bills, but I will feel a lot less confident about it if those LBs are out.

Bills Win 23-20


Texans vs Steelers:

The Texans have had the hardest schedule out of any NFL team these first three weeks. They opened the season against the Super Bowl Champs, then played the Ravens, who went 14-2 last year, and now they get the Steelers, who have one of the best defenses in the league. It also doesn’t help that QB DeShaun Watson doesn’t have a reliable number one WR anymore, so their offense has struggled. The Steelers didn’t look great against the Broncos, they almost let Jeff Driskel beat them, but I like their chances to win this game in Pittsburgh. 

Steelers Win 21-14


Titans vs Vikings:

The Titans looked pretty good last week. Their defense was pretty weak, but the offense was strong enough to keep them in the game, and ultimately win it. The Vikings looked terrible. Kirk Cousins didn’t throw a touchdown and threw three interceptions. Their defense couldn’t stop anything. The whole Vikings team just looked out of sync. I think the Titans will win this game, and that the Vikings should consider moving on from Kirk Cousins at QB.

Titans Win 30-17


Sunday 4:00 Games:

Panthers vs Chargers:

The Chargers looked so much better with Justin Herbert at QB last week, and he’s starting again this week (although not from a lack of trying by Anthony Lynn). The Panthers lost about 80% of their offensive production last week when RB Christian McCaffrey got injured, so they are going to need to rely on their passing game a lot more this week, and the Chargers secondary is pretty good, so I don’t think it’ll work out great for the Panthers. As long as Justin Herbert’s performance against the Chiefs wasn’t a fluke, the Chargers will win this game.

Chargers Win 35-23

Jets vs Colts:

The Jets look like the worst team in the NFL, plain and simple. The Colts are going to easily win this game. Plain and simple.

Colts Win 30-13


Cowboys vs Seahawks:

This game is going to be an absolute shootout. It will all come down to who has the ball last. Both of these teams looked incredible last week and both of them had impressive wins in their own right. I think the Seahawks are all around the better team, and that they will be able to keep the ball away from the Cowboys for just long enough in the fourth quarter for them to win.

Seahawks Win 42-38


Lions vs Cardinals:

Just like the Jets-Colts game, this one is relatively simple. The Cardinals are a good football team, the Lions are not. The Cardinals have an efficient offense and solid defense. The Lions do not. I honestly don’t know why the Lions haven’t fired Matt Patrcia yet, but they really should.

Cardinals Win 35-21


Buccaneers vs Broncos:

If half the Broncos offense was healthy for this game, I’d say it would be a close one. But their starting QB and WRs are out, so the Buccaneers should win this one easily. If they don’t they really need to re-evaluate themselves as a team. 

Buccaneers Win 24-14


Sunday Night Game:

Packers vs Saints:

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers has played angry this year. The Packers offense is incredible. If WR Davante Adams is out this week, their offense loses a key piece, and I don’t love their chances to win. But I will assume he is playing and that the Packers will keep their hot streak going with a win over the struggling Saints.

Packers Win 31-23


Monday Night Football:

Chiefs vs Ravens: 

This is the game of the week. The two best teams in the AFC going at it. The Chiefs have won the previous two matchups, and I think they’re going to win it again. While I don’t think there is a flaw on either team, I just think Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes is a better passer than Ravens QB Lamar Jackson, and that will lead the Chiefs to a win in this game.

Chiefs Win 42-39


Those are my week three predictions. Agree or disagree? Let me know. As always, enjoy some football this weekend.