How the MLB has Dealt with COVID-19

Grant Murphy, Sports Writer

It’s a totally different situation this year with the MLB. Lots of changes and the MLB is moving at a faster rate than it ever has before.

The MLB was struggling to get their players to commit to starting the season up. The MLB and players finally met an agreement after many players posted on their social media saying “Tell us when and where.” After reaching the agreement to play, the MLB decided that the 2020 season would consist of 60 games over a 70 day stretch, which is the quickest and shortest season of all time.


But just because the season started up didn’t mean that there wouldn’t be struggles within the season.


The Miami Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals were both hit with COVID-19 within the first five games of the season. This didn’t turn out to be a huge deal for the Marlins as they got eight games delayed but later played in double headers later on in the season. However the Cardinals were a whole different story. The Cardinals had the longest lay off in a season of all time. They didn’t play for 17 days and missed 16 games. The whole Cardinals team was locked in their hotel rooms during this time. They have had to play 11 double headers to end their season and are in the mix of the toughest stretches of baseball you will ever see.


The MLB season has been able to continue to go on even with these teams getting COVID-19. But there have been some crazy things happening with players throughout this season.


Cleveland Indians pitcher Mike Clevinger was traded to the San Diego Padres right before the deadline ended due to him not following the COVID-19 protocol that the league was enforcing. This is something that would never happen in a normal season. Also players like Juan Soto and Dexter Fowler have been separated from their teams at some point during the season because they are the only players on their team with COVID at the time.


Probably the most exciting news is the playoffs. With huge changes to the playoff format.


This year instead of the usual five playoff teams from each league there is going to be eight with the top two teams from each division and two wildcard teams making it. There will be three game series played all at the higher seeds stadium.


Obviously the MLB is a little different this season compared to other seasons, but it still is as interesting as ever. But only time will tell if the MLB season will be able to be finished or if it will get suspended.