Celtics Locker Room Gets Heated After Game Two Loss

Ryan Riddle, Sports Writer

The Boston Celtics lost a close game two and Celtics Guard Marcus Smart was not happy about it. After game two of the Eastern finals there were reports of Marcus Smart yelling at teammates. 

In game two of the eastern finals the Celtics lost a close one 106-101. The Celtics locker room became very emotional as there have been many reports of Marcus smart yelling at teammates.

    After Smart yelled at the locker room, he left the building causing his teammates to answer questions from the media for him. The Celtics organization downplayed the whole situation with several teammates saying they know nothing about what just happened.

    It’s tough on players losing two close games in a row, but going into the fourth quarter with a lead and losing just makes the Celtics locker room very emotional.

    After Smart yelled at the whole locker room, is this the reality check that the Celtics need in order to win game 3 and make this series a fight to go to the finals?