NFL Week Two Predictions (2020-21)


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Welcome to the NFL Joe Burrow. Burrow witnesses his kicker miss a chip-shot field goal to lose in the most Bengals way possible.

Carson Zorn, Sports Writer

With week one now in the books, all NFL fans and players now look to week two. Week one had some pretty crazy upsets, and some pretty unfortunate game deciding calls made by refs (yes, I’m talking about the Bengals and Cowboys games). I did alright in my predictions, but some games were impossible to get right, who knew the Jaguars would be so efficient? But as I said, week one is in the books and now we look forward to week two.


Record: 8-8


Total Record: 8-8


Week One Takeaways:

-The Texans should never have traded DeAndre Hopkins, their receiving core is a mess.

-The Chiefs are still a top-two team in the NFL.

-The Jets offense is in big trouble.

-Stefon Diggs was the piece Josh Allen was missing all last year.

-The Packers defense is still potent, even amid WR concerns.

-The Vikings defense is going to be their achilles heel all year.

-Carson Wentz will be injured by week four if his O-Line doesn’t shape up.

-The Washington Football Team might have something with HC Ron Rivera.

-The Browns look like the same old Browns.

-The Ravens offense still looks unstoppable.

-Phillip Rivers may be more washed than we realized.

-The Jaguars might not need Trevor Lawrence, Minshew might be the answer.

-The Raiders offense looks much improved with Henry Ruggs.

-Teddy Bridgewater looked good in his first game for the Panthers.

-Mitch Trubisky may succeed on another team if the Bears let him go.

-The Lions can’t help the fact that they can’t maintain a lead.

-The Seahawks’ offense looks deadly as ever.

-Matt Ryan deserves a Super Bowl ring, and a place in the Hall of Fame.

-The Dolphins need to start Tua ASAP.

-While the passing was inconsistent, the depth Newton’s rushing brings to the Patriots is undeniable.

-The Chargers offense took a big step back with Tyrod Taylor at QB.

-Burrow looked good in his NFL debut, he made some rookie mistakes, but his final drive was veteran-like, it’s a shame Randy Bullock missed that Field Goal.

-The Cardinals may be better than I thought. Also, DeAndre Hopkins is a machine.

-Tom Brady didn’t look like he knew how to utilize his offensive weapons in Tampa Bay.

-The Saints are the team to beat in the NFC.

-The Cowboys first game under McCarthy was a mixed bag, but it could’ve ultimately been a win if the refs didn’t make the wrong call. I’m tired of seeing games be decided by refs.

-The Steelers looked good with Roethlisberger back, they may have a shot at the division.

-Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley are going to struggle behind that Giants O-Line.

-The Titans were lucky to win that game, they played poorly throughout.

-Drew Lock still needs to make a couple more strides before the Broncos can be a playoff team.

Week Two Predictions:


Thursday Night Game:

Bengals vs Browns:

Both of these teams had a rough week one. The Browns couldn’t get any offense going against the Ravens, and the Bengals, as always, found a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory with a missed Field Goal (although that OPI call on the A.J. Green touchdown was somewhat questionable). Honestly, even though they both lost, I feel like the Bengals have more momentum. Bengals QB Joe Burrow looked like a veteran with some of the plays he made on the final drive. Of course, he had his share of rookie mistakes, including a shovel pass that ended up being an interception, but overall he had a pretty good first start. Meanwhile, the Browns offense could do nothing against the Ravens defense, and the Ravens offense ran all over the Browns defense. The Bengals defense also fended off the Chargers offense pretty well, but it looks like a weaker offense with Tyrod Taylor at QB. One way or another, one Ohio team will come away with a win from this game. My gut is telling me to pick the Bengals because of what I saw from Burrow, but I just can’t, their O-Line is terrible and I don’t know how they’ll handle the Browns pass rush. It will be a tightly contested game, but I think the Browns will come away with the win. However, I will be pleasantly surprised if the Bengals win. 

Browns Win 27-23


Sunday 1:00 Games:

Giants vs Bears:

Both the Giants and Bears had flashes of greatness last week, but only the Bears came away with a win. Granted, the Bears were facing a much easier defense, but a win is a win. I really want to pick the Giants, but their O-Line is truly atrocious, and I don’t know how they’re going to handle Khalil Mack. So, I’m going to pick the Bears, although I don’t feel very confident in it.

Bears Win 24-14


Rams vs Eagles:

The Rams looked good in week one, the Eagles did not. The Rams kept pace with the Cowboys all game and ultimately won because of a bad call by the refs, but they were in the game no matter what. The Eagles blew a 17-point lead to a team that doesn’t even have a real name, all the while giving up eight sacks. Rams’ DT Aaron Donald is going to be terrorizing Eagles QB Carson Wentz all game. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Eagles give up ten sacks. If you had asked me before the season started, I would have told you this is an easy win for the Eagles, but after what I saw in week one, I have to take the Rams to win this one.

Rams Win 24-13


Falcons vs Cowboys:

Both of these teams looked pretty good week one, but neither came away with a win. Falcons QB Matt Ryan threw for a whopping 450 yards, with 287 of them going to a combo of WRs Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley. Their defense couldn’t stop anything though, and the run game was a little lackluster, even with Todd Gurley at the helm. But as long as Matt Ryan can find Jones or Ridley on 70% of his throws, the Falcons always have a chance to win. But, I don’t think they’ll beat the Cowboys. Apart from a few questionable choices (going for it on fourth down instead of tying the game with a field goal) and the terrible OPI call in the final seconds of the game, the Cowboys looked good against the Rams. The offense moved the ball well, and the defense made stops when they needed to. The Cowboys did have some injuries to major players, including LB Leighton Vander Esch, but I still think they will be good enough on both sides of the ball to beat the Falcons.

Cowboys Win 30-20


Panthers vs Buccaneers:

Both of these NFC South teams lost their week one matchups, the difference being, the Panthers looked like they had a chance to win against the Raiders, while the Buccaneers struggled early and often against the Saints. However, I still like the Buccaneers to come away with a win this week. I think, despite their vast flaws last week, they are still the better team, and will win this game pretty easily. I think it will be a shootout, given how neither teams’ defenses could really stop anything last week, but I trust Brady to win a shootout more than I do Bridgewater, so I’m taking the Bucs to win this one.

Buccaneers Win 35-29


49ers vs Jets:

While the 49ers crumbled in the second half in their loss to the Cardinals, it was nothing compared to how bad the Jets looked in the entire game against the Bills. Their offense was lethargic, the defense was terrible, and the only reason the game was remotely close was because of one fluke play by the Bills’ defense. Say all the excuses you want, but I don’t think Sam Darnold is a good QB. He lacks weapons, has poor decision making, and can’t read defenses very well. The 49ers, despite their loss last week, are the much better team in this game, and therefore, will win it easily.

49ers Win 23-12


Broncos vs Steelers:

The Broncos looked good until the fourth quarter on Monday night. Then the offense became inefficient, and Vic Fangio forgot how to manage a clock. The Steelers offense got off to a slow start, but then really started to roll in the second half. I think the Steelers will win this game because they are better on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball, but if Drew Lock takes a huge step forward, the Broncos could pull the upset.

Steelers Win 20-14


Jaguars vs Titans:

The Jaguars pulled off a surprising win in week one over the Colts, and the Titans barely squeaked one out against the Broncos. Even though the Jaguars looked incredible, I think there’s a strong possibility it was a fluke. I still like the Titans to win, because I just feel they’re the better team. I wouldn’t be surprised if Titans RB Derrick Henry has a field day on the Jaguars defense.

Titans Win 21-13


Lions vs Packers:

The Lions blew a huge lead in the fourth quarter to Mitch Trubisky and the Bears week one, it was pretty hard to watch. The Packers dominated all four quarters against the Vikings, and their offense looked spectacular. Neither defense looked particularly inspiring, but there is no doubt the Packers offense is better than the Lions. The one reason the Packers would lose this game is if the Lions defense can slow the offense down, I’m not too worried about the Lions offense going off. Both of the matchups between these two teams were close last year, but the Packers won both, so I’ll take the Packers to win again this week.

Packers Win 30-24


Bills vs Dolphins:

The Bills were dominant in week one. The score doesn’t tell the whole story, the Bills were in control for the whole game against the Jets, the Jets put up some garbage time points. In his first game with new WR Stefon Diggs, Bills’ QB Josh Allen threw for over 300 yards for the first time this year. The Bills are going to be dangerous this year. They already have a top-five defense, and if Josh Allen keeps progressing, they could end up with a top-five offense too. The Dolphins looked uninspired against the Patriots and Ryan Fitzpatrick remains the starter at QB, so they will be in rough shape week two against an even better defense. I like the Bills to win this one, as long as they don’t shoot themselves in the foot with turnovers.

Bills Win 34-15


Vikings vs Colts:

Both of these teams severely underperformed in week one, but only one lost to the Jaguars. The Colts looked completely out of sync in their first game with Phillip Rivers at QB, and while it could get better this week against the Vikings barren secondary, I expect more of the same from the Colts offense. The Vikings lacked defensive prowess against the Packers, but their offense was surprisingly efficient in putting up points, even if it was in garbage time. I like the Vikings to win this one, I just think their offense will operate more efficiently than the Colts offense, while I don’t believe either teams’ defense will be able to stop the other.

Vikings Win 28-20


Sunday 4:00 Games:


Football Team vs Cardinals:

Both of these teams pulled off surprising upsets in week one against teams that were heavy favorites. Both of these teams were impressive on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball. So this game isn’t as easy to pick as I thought it was going to be going into the season. I’m going to pick the Cardinals to win because I just trust their offense a little bit more, and especially the Kyler Murray to DeAndre Hopkins connection.

Cardinals Win 20-16


Ravens vs Texans:

The Ravens dominated in week one and looked like a well put together team. The Texans did not. The Texans are in big trouble because QB DeShaun Watson hasn’t found his new number one receiver yet, and he’s going to have a tough time doing it against this Ravens defense. I expect the Ravens offense to both metaphorically and physically run over the Texans defense, and allow for a quick and easy Ravens win. Never count DeShaun Watson out though.

Ravens Win 27-17


Chiefs vs Chargers:

The Chiefs looked like they didn’t miss a beat in the offseason, as they obliterated the Texans on Thursday night. The Chargers offense looked terrible against the Bengals, and it’s clear that this won’t be the same offense with Tyrod Taylor under center. The Chiefs are going to win this game easily, it won’t even be fun to watch, unless you’re a Chiefs fan.

Chiefs Win 30-13


Sunday Night Game:

Patriots vs Seahawks:

The Patriots looked good in their first game with Cam Newton under center. Their offense was efficient, and the defense held strong when they needed to. But both sides of the ball face a much tougher task in week two. The Seahawks defense, while inconsistent with talent, has some genuine superstars, and there’s no stopping the Seahawks offense. Even though I think the Patriots will be good this year, I have to pick the Seahawks because of their sheer offensive firepower. 

Seahawks Win 26-18


Monday Night Game:

Saints vs Raiders:

Both of these teams made a NFC South team into a 0-1 team. The Saints beat the Buccaneers pretty handily, and the Raiders won a shootout against the Panthers. Now the Raiders make their debut in their new stadium in Las Vegas, but unfortunately for the grand opening, without fans. While I do think the Raiders look like a much better team than last year, I don’t think the Saints will have any trouble beating them. But, crazier things have happened.

Saints Win 24-17


Well, those are my week two predictions. Agree or disagree with me? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @PatPressSports. Make sure to enjoy some football this weekend!