NBA Season Suspended Indefinitely amid Coronavirus Concerns

Carson Zorn, Writer

Shortly after the news that all March Madness games would be played without fans in attendance, the basketball fan base received another blow, with the NBA season being suspended indefinitely due to a player receiving a Coronavirus diagnosis. Here is a breakdown of the events:

The Build-Up:

Members of the Utah Jazz and Oklahoma City Thunder arrived at Chesapeake Energy Arena and began preparing for their Wednesday night face off. No one expected that the game would not go forth, or that no more NBA games would be played that night, or for quite a while. The players took the court for warm-ups when one player, Rudy Gobert of the Utah Jazz, was noticeably absent. He was ruled out earlier in the day, and was not at the arena. According to Royce Young, prior to tip-off, Thunder Point Guard Chris Paul ran over to the Utah bench and asked “What’s wrong with Rudy [Gobert]?”, he was then yelled at to ‘get away’ and all players from both teams were rushed to and then quarantined in the locker rooms. The testing for Coronavirus then began. While the players were kept in the locker rooms, many confused fans began to wonder what was going on and if the game was going to be played. Officials placed calls to the NBA and gave them updates on the situation as well as questioning whether or not the game could progress.

The Diagnosis:

The results of the tests from the locker rooms had still not come through, but Gobert’s from earlier in the day did . Rudy Gobert was officially diagnosed with the novel Coronavirus. While no official reports have been made on the reaction of either the Jazz or Thunder’s locker rooms, a collective sense of dread can be assumed. Fans in the stadium knew then that the game would not proceed due to health risks to the players, coaches and fans. Then, in large font across the screen the words “Tonight’s game has been cancelled by order of the NBA”. Fans were then ushered out of the stadium while the players remained in their locker rooms.

The Fallout:

Many wondered what would happen next. As a Basketball player, Gobert comes into contact with many people including players, press and fans. After the cancellation of the Jazz-Thunder game the decision was made to let all games already in progress continue, while all other games yet to be played on the 11th were cancelled. Then the big news hit, the NBA officially suspended its season until further notice. Reactions from players and fans all over the world rolled in via Twitter and other social media platforms. Coming after the March Madness news, and the news that beloved actor Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson were diagnosed in Australia, the NBA season suspension was the cherry on top of a terrible day of news for Americans. March 11th, 2020 will go down as one of the biggest days in the story of Coronavirus in America.