Boys varsity basketball vs. Olentangy High School


Ben Burton, Writer, photographer

The boys varsity basketball team lost to Olentangy High School 55-53 on February 14th. The first quarter started out slow, both teams were evenly matched defensively and offensively. Olentangy’s defense was the key factor keeping Liberty and Olentangy so close in the first quarter. The final score of the second quarter was 9-8 Liberty. In the second quarter, Olentangy began to show more offensive ability, scoring 15 points in the second quarter compared to Liberty’s 11 points. The final score of the second quarter was 23-20 Olentangy.


In the third quarter, Olentangy and Liberty continued to keep fans on the edge of their seats. In the beginning of the third quarter, Olentangy stood out offensively, with their rebound capability being a huge component in keeping their lead. The final score of the third quarter was 39-34. In the fourth quarter, Liberty brought their all, with Cam Barcus scoring two three-pointers and one two-pointer. The last minute of the fourth quarter was a nail-biter. There was no more than a 3-point score difference throughout the entire last minute, as the game was constantly interrupted by timeouts and fouls. Fans were on the edge of their seats for the entirety of the fourth quarter. Liberty scrambled to try to score but couldn’t do it in time, leaving the final score of the game at 55-53. 


Tonight was Senior Night as well. This year, the boys varsity basketball team has 6 Seniors: Colin Brenner, Tyson Chapman, Kalyan Jayaraman, Tyler Nichols, AJ Rausch, and Sylvester Warren. Go Patriots!