Girls varsity basketball vs. Newark High School


Ben Burton, Writer, photographer

The girls varsity basketball team lost to Newark High School on Tuesday, February 4th. In the first quarter, Newark began to dominate the game both offensively and defensively. Throughout all of the first quarter, OLHS was struggling to keep up with Newark. The final score of the first quarter was 13-5 Newark. In the second quarter, Newark began to take complete control of the game. Newark scored 18 points in the second quarter compared to Liberty’s 5 points. In the second quarter, the score was 31-10 Newark. 


At halftime, the basketball team honored their favorite teachers and thanked them for all they do. The following teachers were acknowledged: Sondra Petrelle, Derek Burtch, Cheryl Luxeder, Sarah Saneholtz, John Sansbury, Ashley Wyss, Rebecca Granata, Aaron Nicolosi, Katrina Ellis, Sarah Holcomb, Shannon Mitchell, Corrine Gannon, Allyson Oman, Ryan Shively, Misty Miller,Erin Emery, Alessandra Zahran, Alannah Brown, Tami Kern, Amy Miller, Max Green, Dave Ziel, Sally Shiner, Charles Benesh, and Jodi Sagle.


In the second half, the game was winding down before it even ended. In the third quarter, Newark continued to command the game, scoring 14 points, only allowing Liberty another 5 points. The final score of the third quarter was 45-15 Newark. In the fourth quarter, the final score was 61-19 Newark. The top scorers for Liberty were Trinity Ramos with 7 points and Caitlin Splain with 5 points. Go Patriots!