Rumor Has it: It Was a Hit!

Adrian Aguirre


This past weekend I had the pleasure of being able to experience the senior play Rumor has it.

The play is about a high school reunion 10 years after a group of friends have graduated, however running and intercepting at points the audience gets to view flashbacks of the friends through their time in high school leading up to an unfortunate incident at a party. Throughout the show I was delighted to see good musical scenes and I especially liked the solo Carson Zorn sang “Loser, Geek, Whatever” in a modified but fitting way that brought the audience closer to the character Charlie. I Especially liked the dynamic duo between the actors that played young and current Charlie. Nick Sanchez-Zarkos and Carson Zorn did a phenomenal job portraying Charlie in a way where you can dislike yet feel sympathy for this character. There was a great duet between Cade Miller and Abigail Hatfield playing older Dylan and Piper respectively, as they try to resolve their past issues with their relationships to conclude their character arches. 

The senior directors did a great job with the writing and choreography of the entire show. If I have anything I didn’t particularly like it would be the length towards the end of the show,  as I felt that the resolutions even as they were needed took a little longer to resolve. As I would have liked to have seen a bigger change of heart from Charlie. And I think that the party scene had a little less enthusiasm than I would expect from a high school party. However, as a whole, the play featured good writing, and well rehearsed songs with purpose of moving the story. The actors rocked their parts respectively and gave performances that created well developed characters that people could relate to. I give this show a 9.4 out of 10.


Best Solo: Carson Zorn-younger Charlie

Best Performance:  Nick Sanchez-Zarkos-older Charlie

Best Duet: Abigail Hatfield and Cade Miller-older Piper and older Dylan 

Best Actress: Abbie Ogilbee-Victoria

Best Supporting Actor: Kyle Schwieger-Alex