Boys varsity basketball vs. Westerville South


Ben Burton, Writer, photographer

The boys Varsity basketball team beat the Westerville South Wildcats 67-54. Liberty and Westerville South began the first quarter neck and neck, with Westerville South controlling the game defensively. The final score of the 1st quarter was 17-17. In the third quarter, Liberty was struggling to keep up with Westerville South. The Wildcats began to outweigh the Patriots offensively but Liberty managed to catch up, 30-29 Westerville South. 


Though we saw Liberty lose their spark in the first half, we saw that ember reignite in the second half. Liberty came back in the 3rd quarter, leading the game both defensively and offensively. The final score of the 3rd quarter was 48-40 OLHS. In the fourth quarter, the Patriots brought their all, with Westerville South not showing their outstanding defense they conveyed in the 1st half. The Patriots brought home the win 67-54. Go Patriots!