NFL Conference Championships Predictions (2020)


Credit to: NBC Sports

The final four teams in the NFL Playoffs. Two of these teams will face off in the Super Bowl in February.

Carson Zorn, Writer

We are now two games away from the Super Bowl. This has been a fun NFL season and I can’t wait to see how it ends. Another huge upset happened last week as the six-seed Titans defeated the number one seed Ravens. There was a controversial end to the Packers-Seahawks game, and the Chiefs came back from a 24-point deficit and ended up winning by 20. But now it is time for the Conference Championships. Here are my predictions:


Last Week: 2-2

Playoff Record: 3-5

Total: 152-94


(6) Tennessee Titans vs (2) Kansas City Chiefs:

The Titans have made it further than anyone thought they would. They’ve knocked off both the Patriots and the Ravens. I’ve constantly underestimated them, and my gut is telling me to pick them and move on, but I just can’t make a decision that easily.

Quick Stats:

-The Titans beat the Chiefs earlier this year, but that was in Tennessee.

-The Chiefs run defense is one of the easiest to run on, and Titans RB Derrick Henry has rushed for over 375 yards the last two weeks against two top-ten run defenses.

-Titans QB Ryan Tannehill has not thrown for over 100 yards in either of the Titans’ playoff games.

-Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes threw for over 300 yards and five touchdowns last week against the Texans.

-Chiefs RB Damien Williams only ran for 47 yards last week.

-The Titans defense is ranked above the Chiefs on Pro Football Focus.

Like I said, every instinct is telling me to pick the Titans, but I just can’t. Anything can happen in the playoffs, the last two weeks show that, but I just think  they are the better team and they are red hot after mounting a 24-point comeback last week. If the Chiefs somehow figure out how to stop Derrick Henry, which I don’t think they will, this win will be a lot easier for them. But I see the Chiefs fighting to the very end and pulling off the win to go to the Super Bowl.

Chiefs Win 35-33



(2) Green Bay Packers vs (1) San Francisco 49ers:

The NFC Playoffs have unfolded to contain less upsets than the AFC as the number one and number two seed face off. The 49ers put up a strong showing against the Vikings while the Packers struggled a little bit with the Seahawks. I think this game is pretty easy to predict, even with the top seeding.

Quick Stats:

-The 49ers blew out the Packers earlier this season. 

-The 49ers defense is ranked above the Packers defense.

-The 49ers had three receivers go for over 800 yards this season, while the Packers only had one.

-The Packers have the better running game behind Aaron Jones.

-The Packers are 7-2 in away games and the 49ers are 7-2 at home.

Even though they are both top seeds, I think the 49ers have this game in the bag and will be in the Super Bowl in February.

49ers Win 24-20

Those are my predictions for the Conference Championships. I can’t wait for the Super Bowl and I will be back to predict that as well. Enjoy some football this weekend!