NFL Week Seventeen Predictions


Bill Streicher- USA Today Sports

Eagles TE Dallas Godert makes a leaping catch in the end zone. The Eagles would go on to win this game and claim the top spot in the NFC East.

Carson Zorn, Writer

The final week of the NFL regular season is here. Wow, that went fast. There is still a wild card spot up for grabs in the AFC, and I have a gut feeling that it’s going to the Titans. Even though they’ve had bright spots, I just don’t think the Steelers are a playoff-caliber team. I think it would be a lot more fun to see the red-hot Titans in the playoffs. Other than that Wild Card everything else is almost locked up and plenty of teams are expected to be resting their starters. Even though I didn’t publish an article last week I still made my predictions and I only missed a few. But now it’s the time for my final predictions of the regular season. 

Week 16 Takeaways:

  • The Texans might be the most beatable AFC playoff team
  • The Bills are able to hang with elite opponents, but not beat them
  • The 49ers defense needs to shape up for the playoffs
  • The Jets can be something special, they just need a new coach
  • The Saints are the best team in the NFC
  • The Panthers are really in trouble at QB
  • The Dolphins should keep Fitzpatrick around, even if they draft Tua
  • The Browns need defensive help
  • The Falcons are playing like a playoff team…at the weirdest time
  • The Giants should’ve lost that game, they need Chase Young
  • The Broncos should keep Drew Locke around for another year
  • The Raiders need to move on from Derek Carr
  • The Seahawks are in trouble
  • Jason Garrett needs to go
  • The Chiefs are still a dominant team
  • Kirk Cousins just can’t get it done in Primetime


Last Week: 12-4

Total: 137-85

Sunday 1:00 Games:

Packers vs Lions:

The Packers are still in the running for the #1 seed in the NFC, and I’d say that’s enough to keep the starters on the field for week 17. That said, I think a team of the Packers second-stringers could beat the shambles of this current Lions team. The Lions were just not good to start off the year, and losing Matthew Stafford definitely didn’t help. They have no run game or defense, and the Packers, starters or no starters, will be able to win this game easily.

Jets vs Bills:

The Bills have the #5 seed locked up in the AFC, so it’s possible we don’t see the starters out there for too long. That’s when these games get hard to predict. It’s already been shown that this Bills team can beat the Jets, but can the backups? I really don’t know. I’m going to conservatively go with the Jets, but anything can happen. But if the Bills are smart, which I believe they are, they won’t have a majority of starters on the field after halftime. 

Jets Win 23-17


Dolphins vs Patriots:

This is another game that’s hard to predict because we don’t know what the Patriots are going to do with their starters. I’m going to guess a lot of the Patriots super stars see the field in an attempt to maintain the #2 seed. The Patriots laid a smack-down on the Dolphins earlier in the year and this could be a repeat performance. But, the Dolphins shouldn’t be completely hopeless for next year. 

Patriots Win 30-14


Bears vs Vikings:

It has been reported that the Vikings will be resting a lot of starters this week, so I like the Bears in this one. The Bears haven’t been awful this year, they’ve just had a lot of struggles on offense. The Vikings have had trouble with this defense earlier in the year, with their starters in, and the Vikings had trouble with the Bears both games last year. The Bears should win this game and feel a little better going into next season.

Bears Win 22-14


Chargers vs Chiefs:

The Chiefs are still playing for seeding so their starters will stay in, so they’ll have no problem beating the Chargers. The Chargers will need to hit the reset button after this game, and try to be better next year. But their path to redemption will not start this Sunday. Meanwhile, the Chiefs will be locking up the 3rd seed in the AFC.

Chiefs Win 30-20


Browns vs Bengals:

This is likely Andy Dalton’s last game as a Cincinnati Bengal. That should give the Bengals some extra motivation to get out there and win this game. They’ve already locked up the #1 pick, so there’s no reason to intentionally lose the game, and I’m sure Bengals fans would like a proper sendoff for Dalton. The Browns aren’t great but beat the Bengals pretty handily a couple weeks ago, but I think the Bengals will just end up wanting this one more. So, I’ll give the Bengals a sloppy win in their final week, as they head towards a year of Burrow.

Bengals Win 21-17

Saints vs Panthers:

The Saints are looking like an extremely strong Super Bowl contender and the Panthers are a trainwreck. The Saints should have no trouble wrapping up the season with an easy win in this game. There’s not much else to say here because there’s such a talent differential between the two teams. I really hope the Panthers can get better, so that Christian McCaffery’s talent isn’t wasted.

Saints Win 34-14


Falcons vs Buccaneers:

The battle for second place in the mess of the NFC South. Both of these teams have had bright spots, and the Falcons are definitely trending in the right direction for next year, but they really need help on defense. I like the Falcons in this one because the Buccaneers will be without their best two WRs for another game. Both teams are offensively talented, which could lead to a shootout, but I like the Falcons to come out on top.

Falcons Win 33-28


Sunday 4:00 Games:

Colts vs Jaguars:

Both of these teams were on a downward spiral this year. The Colts had some hope early but it’s been rough for awhile for them. I think the Colts will still win this game because the Jaguars are just truly bad this year. I think the Colts need to find a QB in the offseason though. Maybe they take a shot at Josh Rosen?

Colts Win 24-18

Eagles vs Giants:

The Eagles can lock up their playoff spot with a win this week, they’ll likely be destroyed by whatever team they meet, but they can still make it. The Giants haven’t been too tough of an opponent for anyone this year, so the Eagles should have no problem beating them and clinching a playoff spot.

Eagles Win 27-17


Cardinals vs Rams:

I grossly underestimated the Rams the last time these two teams played and I will not do it again. Even though they only have pride left to play for, the Rams will beat the Cardinals with ease. The Cardinals, despite their awful record, have looked promising at some points this year and I’m excited to see what’s in store for next year.

Rams Win 28-14

Steelers vs Ravens:

The Ravens are resting a lot of their starters due to them locking up first place, but I think the Ravens second-stringers can beat this dysfunctional Steelers team. There was some hope for the Steelers a couple weeks ago, but they’ve been rough transition between two different QBs multiple times within those weeks. The Steelers need this win to get into the playoffs but I don’t think it’ll matter either way (as in, I see the Titans getting in over them). So, I’m going to give this game to the Ravens because I think they’re just the better team. The Steelers can still win it though, it just won’t make a huge difference.

Ravens Win 17-14

Titans vs Texans:

It has been reported that the Texans are playing their starters, but it’s also been reported that DeShaun Watson and DeAndre Hopkins are going to be out because of an illness. That gives the Titans an even greater chance to win. The Titans have been tested by some great teams over the past couple weeks, and they’ve done alright. They haven’t won but they’ve looked impressive in their losses, if that makes sense. I think they will win this week, because they’ll want it more, and the Texans two best players being out wouldn’t hurt their chances either. Even though I’m not a Titans fan, I’m personally excited to (hopefully) see them in the playoffs. I think they’re an exciting team with Tannehill under center, and I think they get this win.

Titans Win 24-20

Raiders vs Broncos:

The Raiders can still make the playoffs, it’s unlikely, but they can. So they’ll be playing like a team trying to clinch the final wild card spot. That’s why I like them to win this game. Not only are they a better team than the Broncos, but they have extra motivation. I don’t think they’ll make it to the playoffs, but they’ll at least be able to finish the season with a win.

Raiders Win 26-21

Redskins vs Cowboys:

The Cowboys will still be playing hard just incase the Eagles lose, so they will win this game, but if my Eagles prediction comes true, it won’t make too much of a difference. The Cowboys have been too hit or miss this season to be trusted on a week to week basis, but I think they should win this one easy, and end the season on a high note.

Cowboys Win 33-21

Sunday Night Game:

49ers vs Seahawks:

This is the game to decide the NFC West. Even though the Seahawks tripped up last week against the Cardinals I think they get back on track with a win to lock up the West. I think both of these teams are great and will go far in the playoffs, but I like the Seahawks more in this game and I can’t wait to see what both teams in the playoffs.

Seahawks Win 24-20


Those are my week 17 predictions. Thanks for sticking around for all the weeks of the regular season and I can’t wait for the playoffs. Enjoy some football this weekend!