NFL Week Fifteen Predictions (2019)


Credit to: Ryan Kang/NFL

49ers TE George Kittle scores a touchdown in Sunday’s shootout with the Saints. The 49ers would end up winning the game on a last second field goal.

Carson Zorn, Writer

Wow, week 15 did not disappoint. The Broncos pulled off a huge upset against the Texans, and the Titans extinguished the Raiders playoff hopes. The Ravens and Chiefs clinched playoff berths and more teams can do that this week. Week 15 should be exciting, and here are my predictions:

Week 14 Takeaways:

  • The Cowboys are not making the playoffs
  • The Colts can’t get it done with Jacoby Brissett
  • The Bills defense figured out how to stop Lamar Jackson’s run game
  • The Vikings needed a more impressive win
  • The Packers look extremely beatable
  • The Texans are not going far in the playoffs (if they even make it)
  • The 49ers have a Super Bowl window
  • Ohio teams need to hit the restart button
  • The Panthers need to feed McCaffery more
  • The AFC East belongs to the Bills and Patriots for years to come
  • Where was that all season Chargers?/ Still think Foles was the problem Jackosnville?
  • The Patriots will still win the AFC East, but maybe not the Super Bowl
  • The Titans can stay a winning team if they sign Ryan Tannehill to a long term contract
  • The Steelers might not get that final playoff spot
  • The Rams could still make a playoff push
  • The NFC East is wide open for the Eagles taking


Last Week: 9-7

Total: 125-81

Thursday Night Game:

Jets vs Ravens:

The Super Bowl favorite Ravens against the lowly Jets? In Baltimore? If you’re a Jets fan, I am sorry for you, because this game is going to be ugly. Lamar Jackson and the Ravens offense is going to run all over the Jets defense, and something tells me that the Jets offense won’t really get anything going. It’s okay to skip this game, unless you’re a Ravens fan, then you’ll love it.

Ravens Win 35-14


Sunday 1:00 Games:

Bears vs Packers:

The Packers have looked extremely beatable over the past couple weeks, but I don’t think the Bears will capitalize on that. Yes,  Mitch Trubisky is playing better, but he’s still not Aaron Rodgers. The Packers already beat the Bears in Chicago, so they will beat them again at Lambeau Field, and continue their playoff push, although the Vikings might play spoiler next week.

Packers Win 24-18


Patriots vs Bengals:

“On to Cincinnati.” Those were the words spoken by Patriots HC Bill Belichick after the Patriots harrowing loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. The Bengals are in big trouble. They couldn’t even beat the Browns (among other teams) and now they have to face the Patriots who are hungry for a win to stay in the lead of the AFC East. Yikes, poor Bengals. This is not even going to be close, but the Bengals get one step closer to the number one draft pick so, it’s not all bad for the Bengals.

Patriots Win 30-17


Seahawks vs Panthers:

The Panthers looked absolutely lost last week and allowed the Falcons to put up 40 points on them, the trend will continue this week when they face the Seahawks. The Seahawks will want a win to stay in the race for their division after a surprising loss to the Rams on Sunday night. The Seahawks should easily win this game and stay in the hunt for a first round bye.

Seahawks Win 28-17


Texans vs Titans:

This is the game where the Titans can prove themselves as legitimate contenders to all the people who weren’t impressed after their defeat of the Chiefs. I think they can do it. I think they’ll beat the Texans and snatch the first place division spot from them. Do I think they’ll keep it rest of season? Probably not, but they need this win to stay ahead of the Steelers for the Wild Card race. The Texans will also want to prove themselves after somehow getting blown out by the Broncos last week, but I think the Titans will want it more and get the win at home.

Titans Win 30-27


Dolphins vs Giants:

The Giants looked like they could’ve beaten the Eagles for about a quarter of the game, but they couldn’t pull through. The Dolphins are still not great but at least their offense can get some things going, so I think the Dolphins will actually win this one. The Giants have looked lackluster all season and I don’t think that will change this week, so the Dolphins get their fourth win of the season.

Dolphins Win 23-14


Eagles vs Redskins:

The Eagles control their own destiny in the NFC East, but every game counts, including this one which seems like an easy win, but the Eagles can honestly lose to anybody at this point now that they have one healthy WR. The Redskins could honestly beat the Eagles, but, in the spirit of the Eagles wanting to win more I’ll still give it to the Eagles.

Eagles Win 23-17


Broncos vs Chiefs:

The Chiefs already beat the Broncos once this year, and that was without Patrick Mahomes for most of the game. Even though Drew Locke is an upgrade from Joe Flacco, the Chiefs will still defeat the Broncos easily. The Chiefs are not the team they were last year, but they’re still better than the Broncos.

Chiefs Win 30-17


Buccaneers vs Lions:

The Lions have looked bad all year, and while Buccaneers QB Jamies Winston loves throwing interceptions, the Buccaneers offense is still pretty good overall, and will be enough for the Buccaneers to win this game. The Buccaneers have shown improvements under Bruce Arians, but Winston needs to stop committing so many turnovers in order for them to have a winning season. Good news for the Buccaneers is that they’ll add another win to their season this week.

Buccaneers Win 28-14


Sunday 4:00 Games:

Browns vs Cardinals:

Neither of these teams have been particularly inspiring, but the Browns have at least shown some ability to win games recently, so I think the Browns win this game with absolutely no playoff implications, and the Cardinals will go back to the drawing board on how to run their offense.

Browns Win 24-21


Jaguars vs Raiders:

Both of these teams are basically out of the playoff hunt at this point, but the Raiders are still the better team with a better offense and will win the game. The Jaguars are definitely going to fire their coach at the end of the season and should just handoff to Leonard Fournette as much as they can from here on out to see if they have a Christian McCaffrey-type on their hands. 

Raiders Win 27-17


Vikings vs Chargers:

The Vikings will look to keep their playoff hopes alive this week against the Chargers, and they should be able to do it with ease. Yes, the Chargers put up 45 points on the Jaguars, but it’s the Jaguars, who haven’t been good all season. The Chargers are still a very beatable team and the Vikings will easily beat them to almost lock up their playoff spot.

Vikings Win 30-21


Rams vs Cowboys:

The Cowboys have been on the decline ever since they lost to the Jets, and now they face the Rams, who upset the Seahawks last week. The Rams have been inconsistent, but they have been able to win some solid games, and I haven’t seen the ability to win a good game in quite some time from the Cowboys. I think the Rams win this one to keep their playoff hopes alive, and send the Cowboys further down the downward spiral.

Rams Win 28-23


Falcons vs 49ers:

The Falcons were not a good football team coming into this game, and now they have lost WR Calvin Ridley. Their offense will look even more lackluster than usual, especially against the stout 49ers defense. The 49ers defense didn’t hold up so well last week, but the offense proved it doesn’t solely need to rely on the defense and won the shootout against the Saints. That’s really good going into the playoffs. The 49ers are way better than the Falcons, and they will add another win to their record this week.

49ers Win 35-24


Sunday Night Game:

Bills vs Steelers:

The Bills actually stopped Lamar Jackson pretty well last week and kept the game close throughout four quarters of football. Granted, they didn’t get the win, but it was a very impressive loss that convinced me they are a worthy playoff team. The Steelers had a little trouble beating the Cardinals last week, and while it’s super entertaining to watch a QB nicknamed ‘Duck’ play in the NFL, his stats haven’t been very impressive overall. The Steelers defense is what is keeping them in games, but they still need the offense to win the game, and I like the odds that the Bills defense shuts down ‘Duck’ Hodges. If they can slow down MVP-Frontrunner Lamar Jackson, they can full-on stop Hodges. It’s just a matter of whether or not the offense will get anything going against the impressive Steelers defense. It’s win and in for the Bills this week, and I think they’ll use that extra motivation to get the win in a close battle in Primetime football.

Bills Win 24-21


Monday Night Game:

Colts vs Saints:

There was a time where I thought the Colts were still playoff contenders. That time has passed. After losing to the Dolphins and Buccaneers, I just don’t see the Colts making the playoffs, and I especially don’t see them getting the win this week against Drew Brees and the Saints. The Saints are a powerhouse in the NFL and there’s only two teams in the NFL I believe are capable of beating them, and one of those two is not the Colts. The Colts are going to lose big on Monday night, but if they can just get a better QB, they should be back to the playoffs in no time. 

Saints Win 28-17


Those are my week 15 predictions! Did I get anything wrong? Is your team going to win? Let me know in the comments. As always, be sure to enjoy some football this weekend.