Updated 2019 Playoff Predictions


Credit to: Sportingnews.com

The Playoff bracket for the NFL. It will be filled with teams in the coming week as the league prepares for the playoffs.

Carson Zorn, Writer

AFC North:

  1. Ravens: 14-2
  2. Steelers: 9-7
  3. Browns: 7-9
  4. Bengals: 3-13

The Ravens have looked unstoppable and are the one true powerhouse in the AFC. If you look at their schedule, they have a pretty clear path to winning out, with the only potential hiccup coming this week at Buffalo. Either way, they are definitely getting the first seed in the AFC. I think the Steelers finish 9-7 to keep their playoff hopes alive, but I’m not confident they’ll make it. This team could drop a game against the Cardinals or even the Jets without notice, basically putting their playoff hopes to rest, and I think someone else will slide into the sixth seed over them. The Browns are just a huge disappointment. They have so much talent on offense, yet they can’t figure out how to utilize it. They will finish with a losing record once again this season, and not even come close to the playoffs. The Bengals are a trainwreck, but they still play the Dolphins and the Browns in Cincinnati. I think they win those two games, and finish 3-13, which is enough for Joe Burrow.

AFC South:

  1. Texans: 11-5
  2. Titans: 9-7
  3. Colts: 7-9
  4. Jaguars: 7-9

The Texans are always a good bet to win this division because of DeShaun Watson and his receiving corps. They proved their talent with a win last week against the Patriots, and will win the division and secure a top-four seed. The Titans have been on fire since benching Marcus Mariota for Ryan Tannehill, and I think their hot streak will lead them to a 9-7 record, and allow them to beat out the Steelers for the tiebreaker for the sixth seed. The Colts started off promising, but now are in a downward spiral leading to missing the playoffs. Jacoby Brissett is just not a playoff-caliber QB, and it results in the Colts, unfortunately, not being a playoff-caliber team. The Jaguars season is basically over and they have no playoff hopes left. But I think playing for pride will lead them to a couple more wins, and they could definitely try to play spoiler for some teams, but overall, their season is in the tank.

AFC East:

  1. Patriots: 13-3
  2. Bills: 12-4
  3. Dolphins: 5-11
  4. Jets: 4-12

The Patriots seem to always win the East, and it looks like they will this year too. The only potential upset would be if the Bills beat the Ravens this week, in which case I see them winning out and snatching first place from the Patriots. The Patriots have been slightly declining, but they always pick it up come the playoffs. But, the week 16 game between the Bills and Patriots could end up being the battle for the division. Either way, one of them is securing a top-four seed, and the other is getting the fifth seed. As for the Jets and Dolphins, better luck next year.

AFC West:

  1. Chiefs: 11-5
  2. Raiders: 8-8
  3. Broncos: 6-10
  4. Chargers: 4-12

The Chiefs are not the same team they were last year, but they are still miles better than anyone else in their division, and will finish first on the back of Patrick Mahomes. The Raiders looked promising for a while, but after dropping the ball against the Jets, I don’t see them making a playoff push. The Broncos could have a future with Drew Lock, and I see them at least getting two more wins this season, but they will have to be better if they want to even get a glimpse of the playoffs next year. The Chargers are extremely disappointing and always manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, leading to loss after loss after loss. But, on the bright side, they should be able to draft a good QB this coming draft. 


NFC North:

  1. Packers: 12-4
  2. Vikings: 12-4
  3. Bears: 7-9
  4. Lions: 3-12-1

The Vikings and the Packers have both been playing great football this year, with a few minor exceptions. Both of them have an easy path to the playoffs, and they will both take it and end up in the playoffs. The Bears aren’t extremely impressive, but they still have some good wins. Their greatest playoff implication could be trying to play spoiler for the Vikings in week 17, but they are out of the playoff hunt. The Lions are just not good, and will continue to be that way until they improve their defense, and get a running game going. Until then, no playoffs for them.

NFC South:

  1. Saints: 13-3
  2. Buccaneers: 8-8
  3. Panthers: 5-11
  4. Falcons: 4-12

Just like almost every year, the Saints have won the NFC South, and they will end up as either the one or two seed. They have played efficient football all year, went 5-0 with a backup, and are looking like Super Bowl contenders. The same cannot be said for the rest of the NFC South, who have looked so bad that the Buccaneers will probably finish in second place. The Buccaneers offense is potent but too many errors always cost them games, so it might be awhile before we see their name in the playoff hunt. The Panthers are bad and just fired their coach, and the Falcons are bad and should fire their coach. At least the NFC South has the Saints.

NFC East:

  1. Eagles: 9-7
  2. Cowboys: 8-8
  3. Redskins: 4-12
  4. Giants: 2-14

This division is truly awful to the point where the Redskins still technically have the chance to win it. Whichever team makes it to the playoffs from this division is getting blown out in the first game. I think the Eagles will win the division because of the easy schedule coming up, but the week 16 game between them and the Cowboys could end up deciding who wins the division. The Cowboys look bad and not at all like a playoff team. The Redskins and Giants will continue to have top draft picks for the next couple years. This division is the definition of the word ‘Yikes’.

NFC West:

  1. Seahawks: 14-2
  2. 49ers: 13-3
  3. Rams: 8-8
  4. Cardinals: 3-12-1

This division is so complicated because there are two teams that could easily win it, but unlike the NFC East, it’s because both teams are great. The Seahawks are playing extremely awesome football and I see them finishing the season undefeated and winning the division at 14-2. It feels weird to say because of how great they’ve been playing, but the 49ers will end up in the Wild Card at 13-3, and probably destroy whoever they play. The Rams are not making the playoffs in a competitive NFC, and the Cardinals need a year to develop. Meaning this will be the Seahawks and 49ers division for years to come.


Playoff Picture:


  1. Ravens
  2. Patriots
  3. Texans
  4. Chiefs
  5. Bills
  6. Titans


  1. Seahawks
  2. Saints
  3. Packers
  4. Eagles
  5. 49ers
  6. Vikings