NFL Week Thirteen Predictions (2019)


Credit: Patrick Semansky/Associated Press

Redskins WR Terry McLaurin making a spectacular catch in Sunday’s game. The Redskins would go on to upset the Lions 19-16.

Carson Zorn, Writer

Week 12 brought a couple teams’ playoff aspirations to a grinding halt. This included: the Raiders, Colts and probably whatever slim hope the Jaguars still had. The Bengals got handed another loss, and the Bills got another win, all but cementing their wild card spot. Now, onto week 13 and some Thanksgiving football.


Last Week: 9-5

Total: 108-66


Week 12 Takeaways:

  • Whoever wins the AFC South is getting annihilated in the playoffs
  • The Browns beat the Dolphins, don’t overreact
  • The Lions are truly bad
  • The Jets could be a contender next year
  • The Giants won’t be good for the next five years
  • The Saints have some weakness on defense
  • Carson Wentz will never return to his MVP form
  • If the Buccaneers had a good QB they’d be contenders
  • The Bills are a sleeper to make it past the Wild Card round
  • The Steelers are in QB trouble
  • Ryan Tannehill could lead the Titans to the playoffs
  • The Patriots look like the most beatable one loss team
  • The Packers need to address that defense
  • The Rams are out of the playoff race


Thanksgiving Day Football:

Bears vs Lions:

Both of these teams are just not good. Right now, they both have below-average starting QBs, no running game, one stud WR, and a losing record. Only difference is, the Bears have some semblance of a sturdy defense. So, the Bears should win this one because of that defense, and because the Lions seem to love losing on Thanksgiving.

Bears Win 20-14


Bills vs Cowboys:

This could shake out to possibly be the best game on Thanksgiving Day. Both of these teams have strong defenses, so-so offenses, and an inability to beat teams over .500. It’s a short turnaround for both of these teams, and both of these teams really need this win. It’s been awhile since the Bills have played on Thanksgiving, and the Cowboys have somewhat gotten used to it. Although I think the Bills are starting a hot streak at the right time and basically have a playoff berth clinched, I think the Cowboys are going to win this one. One, they’re at home. But the bigger reason is that the Bills run defense has lacked this year, and I think Ezekiel Elliot will run all over them, leading to the Bills having to play catch-up through the air, and I don’t know if Josh Allen will be able to do that against the Cowboys defense. This is one that could truly go either way.

Cowboys Win 23-17


Saints vs Falcons:

The Falcons surprisingly beat the Saints two weeks ago, but that was a fluke, and the Saints will win this game relatively easily. The Saints defense has proven susceptible over the last couple weeks, and the Falcons could get some good offensive drives going, but the Saints are still the better team and will close out Thanksgiving Day with a win.

Saints Win 30-23


Sunday 1:00 Games:

Titans vs Colts:

The Titans look unstoppable right now, the Colts can be slowed pretty easily if teams force Jacoby Brissett to throw. Which is what the Titans will easily do. The Titans are a new team under QB Ryan Tannehill and they will be able to put up points, forcing Jacoby Brissett to throw, and that is the end of the Colts chances to win the game. 

Titans Win 28-17


49ers vs Ravens:

Both of these teams look absolutely unstoppable, but one must fall. I think the 49ers will fall for one big reason: Lamar Jackson is a mobile quarterback. If you look at the 49ers season, their defense has struggled mightily against mobile QBs. Their one loss is to Russell Wilson, who is one of the more famous mobile QBs. They’ve had close calls with the Cardinals both games. Why? Kyler Murray is a mobile QB. So, I think Lamar Jackson will run all over the 49ers defense and lead the Ravens to a win.

Ravens Win 30-28


Jets vs Bengals:

The Bengals made the surprising move to bench Ryan Finley and reinstate Andy Dalton as the starting QB. I don’t think anyone knows what the heck the Bengals are doing in Cincinnati. Either way, I don’t think the Bengals are going to win this game. The Jets aren’t great by any stretch of the imagination, but they’re a team with a pulse, and that’s enough to beat the Bengals this season. A three game win streak doesn’t hurt either.

Jets Win 33-21


Browns vs Steelers:

We saw what happened the last time these two teams played, but this time Myles Garrett won’t be there to hit anyone with a helmet. It’s unknown at this point whether or not Mason Rudolph will even be the Steelers starting QB, but either way, I think the Browns win this one. They currently have a more talented roster and more of a will to win, and Baker Mayfield is finally starting to play like last year.

Browns Win 20-14


Eagles vs Dolphins:

While the Eagles have looked especially uninspiring lately, it’s still the Dolphins and the Eagles will still win. Carson Wentz usually struggles to find open receivers, but he’ll have no struggle this week and will be able to move the ball at will down the field. Meanwhile, the Eagles defense will be able to easily stop the Dolphins offense.

Eagles Win 27-17


Redskins vs Panthers:

The Panthers probably aren’t making the playoffs, but their offense is still potent enough to guarantee them easy wins, and this will be one of those. The Redskins are not good, no matter what way you spin it, and Christian McCaffery is going to run all over their defense, resulting in a strong win by the Panthers.

Panthers Win 35-17


Packers vs Giants:

The Packers are coming off a rough loss to the 49ers in Primetime, but they get maybe the fifth best rebound game this week. The Giants have not been good in quite a while, even with the talents of Saquon Barkley and Daniel Jones. The Packers will get back in stride with a win this week, but I worry about what they’ll do in the playoffs.

Packers Win 30-24


Buccaneers vs Jaguars:

The Jaguars look like a completely different team with Nick Foles under center, in all the wrong ways. The offense looks lackluster, the points have decreased, but at least Leonard Fournette is still rolling. The Buccaneers offense is better, but QB Jameis Winston still commits way too many turnovers. This is a tough game to call, but not for a good reason. I’m going to pick the Buccaneers just because I like their offensive upside, especially with Mike Evans and Chris Godwin as the one-two punch at the receiver position. Even though Winston could lose the game for the Buccaneers at any point.

Buccaneers Win 35-31


Sunday 4:00 Games:

Rams vs Cardinals:

The Rams are so uninspiring and it’s really disappointing to see it coming from them after a Super Bowl appearance last year. The Cardinals haven’t looked great, but they still show some promise with Kyler Murray at QB, and I actually think they’ll win this one because the talent of the offense exceeds that of the Rams. It’s almost too late at this point for the Rams to turn their season around, and this loss could solidify that.

Cardinals Win 30-21


Raiders vs Chiefs:

The Raiders playoff aspirations were brought to a stop in a blowout loss to the Jets of all teams. I won’t get any easier for them this week as the Chiefs will steamroll their defense and get this win, possibly pushing the Raiders out of a playoff spot. The Raiders won’t go down without a fight, but they will go down.

Chiefs Win 33-24


Chargers vs Broncos:

The battle for the worst team in the AFC West. The Chargers are disappointing, and the Broncos are just straight up awful. The Chargers will win this game easily as the Broncos offense just can’t get anything going under Brandon Allen. It really will be a boring and uninspiring game that I can’t recommend watching. 

Chargers Win 24-14


Sunday Night Game:

Patriots vs Texans:

A week or two ago, I might’ve said the Texans would’ve won this game. But now, I just don’t know. The Patriots have looked uninspiring against teams with winning records, but they’re still the Patriots. So, I’ll say the Patriots take the win in what I hope is a close game. If the Texans somehow pull out the win, I will be pleasantly surprised. 

Patriots Win 20-13


Monday Night Game:

Vikings vs Seahawks:

Yes, I know what the 49ers record is. Yes I know the Seahawks have two losses. But I still think the Seahawks are the best team in the NFC and it will show when they win against the Vikings in Primetime. Yes, I think the Vikings are still good and will probably make the playoffs, but I like the Seahawks momentum too much, and they’re at home. That’s a recipe for success. 

Seahawks Win 28-24


Those are my week 13 predictions. What did I get wrong? Is your team going to win? Let me know by leaving a comment. Enjoy some family time this weekend, and as always, enjoy some football.