NFL Week Twelve Predictions (2019)


Credit to: Perry Knotts/NFL

Tom Brady is sacked during the Patriots vs Eagles game on Sunday.

Carson Zorn, Writer

Week 11 had a lot less upsets than week 10, but it still had some pretty fun games. The Vikings became the first team in the last five years to orchestrate a comeback when down 20+ points at the start of the second half (Excluding the playoffs I’m guessing, because who could forget 28-3?). The Falcons have all the sudden started playing good again for some odd reason, and Myles Garrett tried to deflate Mason Rudolph’s head. Interesting week. But, we move past week 11 and in to week 12.


Last Week: 12-2

Total: 99-61

Teams on Bye: Cardinals, Chargers, Chiefs, Vikings


Week 11 Takeaways:

  • Mason Rudolph isn’t the long-term answer for the Steelers
  • The Redskins need help at almost every position
  • Foles may have been the wrong choice for the Jaguars
  • Josh Allen could catch fire in time for the playoffs
  • The Cowboys defense has been slowly declining
  • The Ravens are the best team in the AFC
  • The Panthers would be nothing without Christian McCaffery
  • The Buccaneers need to move on from Jamies
  • The Vikings are good, but won’t get it done in the playoffs
  • The Cardinals have a future with Kyler Murray
  • The Patriots offense isn’t that great
  • The Bengals are on the path to Burrow
  • The Bears should try to get Cam Newton
  • Phillip Rivers is not the same anymore


Thursday Night Game:

Colts vs Texans:

The battle for the division. The Colts are coming off a win at the Jaguars and will be trying to extend their win streak to two, while the Texans will be hungry for a win after getting absolutely annihilated by the Ravens last week. This is going to be a great game, especially because of the playoff implications. The Texans have looked lackluster as of late, especially last week, but I think they’ll be more hungry for the win. Even though Jacoby Brissett has been playing well, DeShaun Watson is still the better QB out of the two, and the Texans have more offensive weapons. So the Texans will get the win in a close game on Thursday night. 

Texans Win 24-21


Sunday 1:00 Games:

Dolphins vs Browns:

Do the Dolphins even have a reason to tank now? Tua’s draft stock has plummeted after his injury (and I wish the best for him and his recovery). So, maybe the Dolphins start winning games, but who knows? Either way, I don’t see them getting the win against the Browns in Cleveland this week. The Browns had a crazy week with arguably their best defensive player getting suspended indefinitely, but they’re still better than the Dolphins, even down a Myles Garrett.

Browns Win 30-23


Lions vs Redskins:

The Lions actually put up some solid points last week even with Jeff Driskel as their QB. That was against the Cowboys stellar defense. They’re going to put up a lot of points against the Redskins non-existent defense. The Redskins offense is also really terrible so this just isn’t looking great for the Redskins. 

Lions Win 31-17


Raiders vs Jets:

The Raiders are looking like playoff contenders. The Jets…not so much. Even though the Jets are at home, the Raiders are just better on both sides of the ball, making this an easy win for them.

Raiders Win 24-14


Giants vs Bears:

Both of these teams are super uninspiring every time they step on the field. The Bears offense struggles and the Giants defense struggles. I like the Giants in this one because Bears QB Mitch Trubisky probably won’t be able to get the ball moving, even against the Giants defense. Whereas Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley will allow the Giants offense to put up enough points to win the game.

Giants Win 17-14


Panthers vs Saints:

The Panthers absolutely fell apart last week and it’s not going to get easier for them this week against the Saints. The Panthers offense runs through Christian McCaffery, which can equate to wins against easier teams, but when they hit the playoff contenders, like the Saints, they just can’t get the win. Which is what will happen this week in New Orleans.

Saints Win 28-10


Seahawks vs Eagles:

The Seahawks are really catching fire and the Eagles just can’t get anything going. Russell Wilson is in a tight race for the MVP award, and he will strengthen his case by exploiting the Eagles invisible secondary on Sunday, leading to a Seahawks win.

Seahawks Win 35-23


Buccaneers vs Falcons:

The Falcons are all the sudden winning games, at the weirdest time. The Buccaneers are super inconsistent, and Jameis Winston can’t stop throwing picks. So, the Falcons will capitalize on the Buccaneers’ turnovers and win the game, but this will be a very high scoring game.

Falcons Win 30-27


Broncos vs Bills:

The Bills had a statement win last week with their most offensively dominant game of the year. Granted, it was against the Dolphins, but QB Josh Allen put up four touchdowns. The Bills task gets harder this week against the Broncos, but it’s not an impossible win. The Broncos have actually proved to be not the easiest team to beat recently, but I think the Bills can still do it. Their defense stepped up last week, but it all rests on the offense to see if they can keep their hot streak going. I think they do and that they get the win.

Bills Win 20-17


Steelers vs Bengals:

The Steelers are going to win this game easily. There’s not much else to say, the Bengals are just so bad. Even though the Steelers are somewhat questionable, they’re still better than the Bengals.

Steelers Win 23-10


Sunday 4:00 Games:

Jaguars vs Titans:

The Jaguars haven’t beaten the Titans in Nashville since 2013, and that’s not going to end on Sunday. Jaguars QB Nick Foles is still shaking off the rust and the Titans are on a hot streak after beating the Chiefs in week 10 and that is a formula for the Titans to win at home on Sunday.

Titans Win 27-20


Cowboys vs Patriots:

This is the game where both of these teams will show their true colors. The Patriots showed some weakness last week against the Eagles, but the Cowboys showed way more weakness against the Jeff Driskel-lead Lions. So, the Patriots will win this game at home, and basically secure themselves a bye for the playoffs.

Patriots Win 24-19


Sunday Night Game:

Packers vs 49ers:

This is going to be an awesome game. The 49ers defense has shown some susceptibility to explosive offenses recently. What team has an explosive offense? The Green Bay Packers. The Packers will give the 49ers some trouble, but their defense still concerns me, making this game a coin flip. I’m going to go with the Packers because I think Aaron Rodgers will lead one of his signature game-winning drives within two minutes and secure the win for the Packers.

Packers Win 28-27


Monday Night Game:

Ravens vs Rams:

It feels weird to say it, but the Rams are just not good. The Ravens are amazing and QB Lamar Jackson is on a whole other level, so the Ravens will easily secure this win on Monday night.

Ravens Win 30-20


Those are my week 12 predictions. What did I get wrong? Is your team going to win? Leave a response in the comments! As always, enjoy some football this weekend.