OLSD looking to build new schools

McKenna Christy , Co-editor-in-chief

Olentangy’s Board of Education addressed the necessity of building two more elementary schools and one middle school at the beginning of the school year and have moved forward by voting to place the issue on the ballot for March 17, 2020. 

Back in August the proposition was briefly addressed to the public, and is a result from the current overcrowding of the elementary schools. At the November 5th meeting, the board members focused on the issue of past solutions not benefiting the district’s growing student population. 

 As graduates and their parents move out of the district and their homes, new families with younger children tend to move in. This cycle has brought along the desire for these elementary schools to be built as soon as 2021. The bonds are issued at $134,700,000 and would also be used for improving current schools,  their buildings and infrastructure. 

This bond is most relative to those residing in both Delaware and Franklin counties where the district expands through. The increase of taxes depends on a number of factors, and at the meeting the bond was described as a combined millage of 7.9. The board members described the lack of funding from the state to be “rock bottom,” which directly influences the millage itself since the district’s expansion will rely majorly on public funding. 

According to Investopedia “a millage rate is the tax rate used to calculate local property taxes,” and will affect everyone differently. 

The current state of the district’s continuous population growth and its future brings questions regarding how many schools the district can handle. However, only time will show just how far OLSD will expand.