NFL Week Eleven Predictions (2019)


Credit to: Mark Zaleski/Associated Press

Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill after scoring a touchdown. Hill would end the day with 157 receiving yards.

Carson Zorn, Writer

Week 10 was maybe the craziest week we’ve had so far this season. There were a lot of 1-7 teams upsetting playoff favorites, which was crazy. I didn’t get a winning record last week, but I’ll take what I got given how crazy the week was. But now, we’re on to week 11.

Week 10 Takeaways:


  • The Packers have to fix their defense to be a Super Bowl Contender

  • The Rams aren’t going to make the playoffs

  • The Giants are going to fire their HC

  • The Chiefs aren’t the team they were last year

  • The Chiefs defense will cost them a playoff game

  • The Bills still haven’t figured out the importance of the run game

  • A.J. Green will never be seen in a Bengals jersey again

  • The Raiders are legit Wild Card contenders

  • The Seahawks will win the NFC West

Teams on Bye: Giants, Packers, Seahawks, Titans


Last Week: 6-7

Total: 87-59


Thursday Night Game:

Steelers vs Browns:

Both of these teams pulled off a surprising win last week. The Steelers win was more impressive and they have been red hot since acquiring Mincah Fitzpatrick from the Dolphins, and will not slow down Thursday night. They will be able to take advantage of the Browns inability to do anything inside the ten yard and win the game. 

Steelers Win 23-20


Sunday 1:00 Games:

Jets vs Redskins:

I want to give this game to the Redskins, I really do, but I just can’t. Neither team has looked particularly impressive, but at least the Jets have some offensive weapons and a “good” defense. Sam Darnold might toss a couple picks, but the Redskins offense won’t be able to do anything with them. So, the Jets win one of the most boring games of the week.

Jets Win 24-14


Jaguars vs Colts:

Minshew Mania has come to an end in Jacksonville, and Nick Foles returns to action. It will be interesting to see how this Jaguars team performs with Foles back under center, but I think if Colts QB Jacoby Brissett is healthy, the Colts will win the game. I think the exact opposite if the Colts have to start Brian Hoyer at QB, because he just threw three picks against the Dolphins…Yea, those Dolphins. So it really depends on who is in at QB, which is why I’m making two different predictions for this game. I don’t plan to continue this trend, but there is a drastic difference in outcome based around one player, so I’m going to take two shots in the dark in an important AFC South matchup.

If Brissett plays, Colts Win 27-23

If Brissett sits, Jaguars Win 24-14


Bills vs Dolphins:

The Dolphins are on a hot streak of two wins, destroying their own tank.  The Bills just lost a game against the Browns that they really shouldn’t have. The Bills seem to not understand that QB Josh Allen is still developing, and having him throw the ball over 40 times in an easily winnable game is ridiculous. They need to start establishing the run in order to win games. Hopefully the Bills figure that out in this game or my prediction is going to be wrong. Yes, even though they’re undefeated in November, it’s still the Dolphins and the Bills defense is still the Bills defense. The Bills offense could struggle to get anything going early, but if they realize they have a generational talent in RB Devin Singletary and let him carry the ball at least 15 teams, they’ll win the game. So, hopefully they do, and keep their playoff hopes alive.

Bills Win 30-20


Cowboys vs Lions:

The Lions looked pretty rough without Matthew Stafford. Granted, they also looked rough with Stafford, but that’s beside the point. The Cowboys haven’t looked great, but they’re still better equipped to win games than the Lions, and win this game the Cowboys will. RB Ezekiel Elliot will wreak havoc on the Lions run defense and QB Dak Prescott will be able to get the ball moving against the Lions questionable secondary. This will be an easy win for the Cowboys.

Cowboys Win 31-17


Texans vs Ravens:

This game is going to be a lot of fun. An AFC shootout between my current favorite two teams to watch. Mostly it’s because of the stellar talent of both Texans QB DeShaun Watson and Ravens QB Lamar Jackson. They’re just both so fun to watch and so, this game will be awesome. As far as who will win, it’s tough to call. I think I like the Ravens slightly more, given that they’re at home and I think they have a slightly better defense, whereas the offenses are about equal. Definitely make sure to tune into this game if you can on Sunday.

Ravens Win 35-30


Falcons vs Panthers:

So the Falcons decided to finally show up last week, but it’s totally a fluke. The Panthers almost beat the Packers last week and are legit Wild Card contenders with Kyle Allen. Christian McCaffery is going to have a day on the ground, but honestly when does he not have an amazing rushing performance? He will help lead the Panthers to their sixth win on the season and the Falcons will fall back to being a bottom barrel NFL team.

Panthers Win 27-20


Saints vs Buccaneers:

The Buccaneers ended their losing streak last week, and the Saints lost their winning streak. Weird week for the NFL. However, the Saints will manage to get back on the right track and win this week. Not much else to say, the Saints are really good, and the Buccaneers really aren’t.

Saints Win 30-24


Broncos vs Vikings:

The Vikings might actually be legit this year, but they could be fooling us like last year. Either way, they’ll have no problem beating the Broncos this week. The Broncos have not been good since Payton Manning retired, and the Vikings are superior on both offense and defense. So, the Vikings will get an easy win this week.

Vikings Win 35-17


Sunday 4:00 Games:


Cardinals vs 49ers:

The 49ers were handed their first loss of the season on Monday night, but they sure as heck don’t go down without a fight. The Cardinals haven’t been awesome this year, but Kyler Murray has been quietly having a solid rookie campaign. But the 49ers are still a really good team, and they will win without a problem on Sunday at home.

49ers Win 27-23


Patriots vs Eagles:

If the Eagles were playing like they did two years ago, this game would be awesome, but they’re not, and this is going to be an easy win for the Patriots. Eagles QB Carson Wentz just doesn’t have any weapons, and he can’t and won’t get the offense going in this game. The Patriots defense is super strong and will stop almost every offensive attempt the Eagles have. Really sad to see that the Eagles Super Bowl hangover has lasted for two years.

Patriots Win 24-13


Bengals vs Raiders:

The Raiders are huge Wild Card contenders in my mind, and the Bengals are on their way to 0-16. This game won’t even be close. If you’re starting Raiders RB Josh Jacobs in fantasy this week, you’re going to be really happy.

Raiders Win 35-17


Sunday Night Game:

Bears vs Rams:

The battle between two of the most disappointing teams this season. The Rams are coming way down after a Super Bowl loss and the Bears are not the 13-3 team they were last year. I think I’m going to give this game to the Rams because I like their QB slightly more, as well as their overall offensive weapons, but this game is going to be rough. 

Rams Win 20-13


Monday Night Game:

Chiefs vs Chargers:

This could’ve been a battle for the division, but the Chargers just had to take a huge step back this year. The Chiefs defense is still extremely questionable but the offense will be enough to bail them out of this game. But, as of now, I think the Chiefs are about of Super Bowl contention.

Chiefs Win 28-21


Those are my week 11 predictions! What did I get wrong? Is your team going to win? Let me know in the comments. As always, enjoy some football this weekend.