NFL Week Nine Predictions (2019)


Gerald Herbert/Associated Press

Saints QB Drew Brees emerging from the smoke to play his first game since week two.

Carson Zorn, Writer

We are now halfway through the NFL regular season, and the playoff teams are pretty much set in stone. There were still some surprises last week, like Matt Moore actually keeping the Chiefs in the game against the Packers. But week nine is upon us and there will be some pretty good games. So here we go with the predictions:




  • The Chiefs are good, no matter who the QB is
  • The Packers defense is still bad
  • The Steelers are in trouble
  • The Vikings are not contenders yet
  • The Panthers need Cam Newton back
  • The Dolphins, Bengals and Redskins are officially the worst three teams
  • Cooper Kupp is the Rams entire offense
  • The Seahawks need to win more convincingly
  • The Saints are the best team in the NFC
  • The Patriots might go 16-0



Last Week: 13-2

Total: 75-46

Teams on Bye: Bengals, Falcons, Rams, Saints

Thursday Night Game:

49ers vs Cardinals:

If the 49ers defense wasn’t so good, I might say the Cardinals have a chance. But, the 49ers defense is playing so incredibly that the Cardinals chance of winning is slim to none. The 49ers offense isn’t incredibly inspiring, but as always, it’ll do enough to get the job done. I could see the 49ers being a repeat of the Bears last year, where the defense carries them to the playoffs, but then they lose their first game. But I digress, the 49ers are taking this one with ease.

49ers Win 24-14


Sunday London Game:

Texans vs Jaguars:

The Texans are the better team here, but the Jaguars tend to dominate in London, no matter who the opponent. Texans QB DeShaun Watson is truly on a whole other level, but I think the Jaguars defense will find a way to slow him. The Jaguars are the best team at establishing the run in the AFC, which always is able to keep the defense guessing. It’s going to be close, but I say the Jaguars take this one via a last second score.

Jaguars Win 27-24


Sunday 1:00 Games:

Bears vs Eagles:

I want to give this game to the Bears. I really do. But their offense is so atrocious that they won’t be able to take advantage of the Eagles terrible secondary. So the Eagles will take this game. They won’t put up a lot of points, but they’ll do just enough to outplay the Bears offense.

Eagles Win 21-17


Vikings vs Chiefs:

I’m going to make the assumption that Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes isn’t going to play in this game. Matt Moore actually did alright in relief of Mahomes last week against the Packers, but the defense just doesn’t have what it takes to win them games without Mahomes. So, the Vikings will win this game. 1:00 is when Vikings QB Kirk Cousins plays at his best, so the offense will be able to operate well, and anyone starting Vikings players in fantasy will be happy. Of course, there’s always a chance the Chiefs win it because of how much talent is on that roster, but the defense is too suspect to trust.

Vikings Win 28-23


Colts vs Steelers:

Both of these teams tend to play down to their competition. But the Colts have looked miles better than the Steelers this year, and they will come away with the win in Pittsburgh. Jacoby Brissett has done a great job in relief of Andrew Luck and the Colts are very much in the race for the division. The Steelers, not so much.

Colts Win 24-21


Jets vs Dolphins:

The battle between the two worst teams in the AFC East. Do the Dolphins ruin their tank by winning this game? I want to say yes, but they’re too far down on the path of the tank to back down now. The Jets will win, but this will be an ugly game that I don’t recommend anyone watch. 

Jets Win 20-18


Redskins vs Bills:

Last week was a little ugly for the Bills to put it nicely. But, this will be a nice bounceback week for the Bills and hopefully their defense returns to form. The Redskins have looked awful this year and there’s no way they win this game. Bills QB Josh Allen is still making mistakes rookies make, which is a bit concerning, but he’ll rebound in this one too, and get the Bills back on track for the playoffs.

Bills Win 24-13


Titans vs Panthers:

Welcome to the NFL Kyle Allen. The Panthers QB got a true taste of what a real NFL team was like last week. He’ll do better this week but the Panthers offense will continue to run through RB Christian McCaffery. The Titans defense is less strong than last year and McCaffery will gash them for over one hundred yards and at least a touchdown. Good luck Titans, there’s no stopping McCaffery.

Panthers Win 24-20


Sunday 4:00 Games:

Lions vs Raiders:

The Raiders are a lot better than last year, and the Lions continue to barely win games that they should win easily. So I’m going to give this game to the Raiders because I think they have more offensive talent, especially with star rookie RB Josh Jacobs leading the way. I also like that the Raiders are having their first home game in a while, so they’ll have a lot of motivation to win.

Raiders Win 26-21


Buccaneers vs Seahawks:

The Buccaneers could be a great team. They have a strong run stopping defense, amazing WRs and a decent secondary. Unfortunately for them, Jameis Winston is their starting QB. He turns the ball over so much that it always costs them games. Meanwhile, Russell Wilson is playing at an MVP level for the Seahawks and will secure them the win this week.

Seahawks Win 33-24


Packers vs Chargers:

Despite the fact that they won, the Chargers looked awful against the Bears. It won’t get any easier for them this week as they take on the Packers, who will hopefully have WR Davante Adams back. The Packers will steamroll the Chargers, and it won’t look pretty for Chargers fans.

Packers Win 35-23


Browns vs Broncos:

If Joe Flacco was starting, maybe the Broncos would have a chance in this game. But he’s hurt so the Browns will take it easily, even with the tough conditions at “Mile High” Stadium. The Browns have not looked inspiring, but at least they’ll get this one.

Browns Win 28-15


Sunday Night Game:

Patriots vs Ravens:

Lamar Jackson is about to get introduced to the Patriots defense, and he’s not going to like it. He will find some occasions to make big plays, but it won’t be enough to take down the Patriots. The Patriots offense will find ways to move the ball against the Ravens defense and win a close game.

Patriots Win 27-23


Monday Night Game:

Cowboys vs Giants:

Call me crazy, but I think the Giants win this one. I feel like the Cowboys might be a little sluggish coming out of the bye and the Giants, especially RB Saquon Barkley, can take advantage of that. The smart choice would be to take the Cowboys, but sometimes I just have to trust my gut and my gut is telling me: Giants. Besides, what fun is predicting if you don’t throw some outrageous upsets in there?

Giants Win 24-21


Those are my week nine predictions! Did I get anything wrong? Is your team going to win? Let me know what you think. As always, remember to enjoy some football this weekend.