NFL Week Eight Predictions (2019)


Adrian Kraus/Associated Press

Bills Safety Micah Hyde recovers an onside kick to seal the win against the Dolphins. Hyde returned this flying recovery for a touchdown.

Carson Zorn, Writer

Week seven brought a lot of close games…and a lot of blowouts. Of course, I finally pick the Lions to win, and they lose. Thanks a lot Matthew Stafford. I also am never picking the Chargers again, because they are just a mess. That said, here are my takeaways:

Week Seven Takeaways

  • The Chargers would be better off starting Tyrod Taylor at QB
  • Matthew Stafford is not a clutch QB
  • The Bengals should start Ryan Finley
  • The Ravens are legit
  • The Saints will be good no matter who is starting at QB
  • Mariota’s days in Tennessee are over
  • Daniel Jones is not the savior Giants fans were hoping for
  • The 49ers defense is elite
  • The Eagles will miss the playoffs
  • The Colts could win the division without Luck
  • Losing Patrick Mahomes will result in only Chiefs losses
  • Minshew has lost his magic
  • The Packers offense is the best in the NFC


Last Week: 9-5

Total: 62-44

Teams on Bye: Cowboys, Ravens


Thursday Night Game:

Redskins vs Vikings:

Kirk Cousins has picked himself right out of his slump and has started slinging the ball like a playoff QB. He faces off against his old Washington team this week in a clear revenge game. Even though he is missing his favorite target in WR Adam Thielen, Cousins and the Vikings will pull off an easy win. The Redskins are just not good, no matter who is starting at QB, so the Vikings will win this game no matter what.

Vikings Win 28-14


Sunday 1:00 Games:

Seahawks vs Falcons:

I had hope for the Falcons coming into the season. Yikes. They are no doubt one of the worst teams in the NFL. The Seahawks are coming off a tough loss to the Ravens at home, and will want to get back on track. The good news for the Seahawks is that the Falcons are the perfect team to destroy for a bounceback. This game will be even uglier if Falcons QB Matt Ryan can’t play, but it will be ugly either way. The Seahawks will beat the Falcons and stay in the intense fight for first place in the NFC West.

Seahawks Win 33-24


Chargers vs Bears:

I’m done picking the Chargers. They are the most disappointing team in the NFL this year. They went from playoff contenders last year, to worse than the Raiders this year. The Bears are not looking great either, and Mitch Trubiksy was just the wrong choice for the Bears when they drafted him over DeShaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes. However, the Bears at least have a solid defense. Let’s put it this way, neither of these teams will make it to the playoffs this year, so the only people watching this game will be Chargers and Bears fans. I’m sure you can guess who I’m picking based on my first sentence, so I’m not even going to say it here.

Bears Win 21-13


Giants vs Lions:

I try to give the Lions a win and they go and lose. This team is the definition of up and down and it will result in them missing the playoffs. Still, they will get a win this week, because it’s the Giants, and the Giants are not good. Losing RB Kerryon Johnson will seriously hurt the Lions offense and they will not be as productive as they have been in previous weeks. But the Giants defense is exploitable, and exploit it is what Matthew Stafford will do.

Lions Win 24-18


Jets vs Jaguars:

The Jets looked awful Monday night. Maybe it was the Patriots effect, or maybe it was just because they’re that bad. Sam Darnold literally said he was seeing ghosts. That’s not a good sign for a franchise QB. The Jaguars didn’t look particularly inspiring against the Bengals last week until the final five minutes of the game. But, both the Jaguars defense and offense are better than the Jets counterpart. So, the Jaguars should win this game with ease, and I see a huge day from Jaguars RB Leonard Fournette being a heavy contributing factor to the win.

Jaguars Win 28-17


Bengals vs Rams:

Congrats Bengals! You now get to lose a game in another country! London! This game is a nightmare for the Bengals. They have one of the worst offensive lines in football, and there’s a certain someone named Aaron Donald on the Rams, who will wreak havoc on Bengals QB Andy Dalton all game long. The Bengals running game wasn’t able to get going against the Jaguars, so it will be basically invisible in this game, and Andy Dalton will not have enough time to throw a pass more than five yards. This is going to be ugly, especially because it seems the Bengals have embraced the tank, meaning they won’t even be trying.

Rams Win 35-14


Buccaneers vs Titans:

This game is very interesting. The tide has changed in Tennessee, and it seems like Ryan Tannehill could be the temporary solution for the Titans as they transition away from Marcus Mariota. The Titans have a strong defense, but they haven’t looked it recently. The Buccaneers passing offense is pretty potent when Winston isn’t throwing five picks a game, and the Winston to Godwin connection is something special. Its a strong offense versus a strong defense, and it is not easy to decide who will come out on top. I’m going to reluctantly give this one to the Titans because I believe their defense will be able to stifle the Buccaneers offense just enough for them to win the game.

Titans Win 24-21


Eagles vs Bills:

The Eagles just got absolutely destroyed by the Cowboys, and it’s not going to get any easier for them this week. While Bills QB Josh Allen is still going through the growing pains of being an NFL QB, he will still be able to exploit the Eagles disastrous secondary, and could possibly have his first 300-yard game of the season. The Bills defense has proven to be extremely strong on all fronts, and the Eagles offense will have a hard time moving the ball against the Bills. Also, it’s in Buffalo, a very tough atmosphere to play in. There should be no way the Bills lose this game, and I’m going to stick with my gut that tells me they will win.

Bills Win 27-17


Broncos vs Colts:

The Colts have put up strong showings their last two games, defeating the Chiefs and Texans. The Broncos have not looked good and Joe Flacco should just retire at this point. The Colts will have no problem getting this victory as QB Jacoby Brissett will torch the Broncos depleted secondary and RB Marlon Mack will take advantage of the gaps in the linebacker crew. There’s not much else to say except don’t watch this game unless you’re a Colts fan.

Colts Win 33-17


Cardinals vs Saints:

It won’t matter if Teddy Bridgewater or Drew Brees is in at QB for the Saints, they will win this game. While the Cardinals are on a bit of a hot streak, it will come to a screeching halt in New Orleans as the Saints top-tier defense will shut down rookie QB Kyler Murray, but possibly not the whole offense. The Cardinals defense is also very weak, which will result in a lot of points scored for the Saints. The Saints should win this one pretty easy, but I don’t think they’ll cover the ten point spread, as I think the Cardinals will manage to somehow stay in this one, despite the strength of the Saints defense.

Saints Win 34-26


Sunday 4:00 Games:

Panthers vs 49ers:

This is where Panthers QB Kyle Allen will be handed his first loss of his starting career. The 49ers defense is just too good and will even be able to slow RB Christian McCaffery, the focal point of the Panthers offense. While the 49ers offense is not particularly inspiring, it will do enough to win them games with the strength of that defense. Not much else to say but good luck Panthers, and anyone with Christian McCaffery on their fantasy team.

49ers Win 17-10


Raiders vs Texans:

The Texans are coming off a tough loss to the Colts and will be looking to get back on track. Thankfully they get the Raiders and their easily defeatable defense. DeShaun Watson will ball out like Aaron Rodgers did last week, get the Texans the win, and keep them in the race for first place in the AFC South. The Raiders offense should be able to put up some solid points as well, but not enough. I can see this being very similar to the Packers vs Raiders game last week and that is why I think the Texans will win. 

Texans Win 38-21


Browns vs Patriots:

Cover your eyes Browns fans. This one is going to get ugly, fast. This game looked great on paper in the offseason but now it looks like the Patriots are going to annihilate the Browns on both sides of the ball. Browns QB Baker Mayfield has the most turnovers in the NFL and the Patriots defense will exploit that flaw and pick him off at least twice. The Patriots offense may be stifled slightly by the Browns defense, but not enough to prevent the Patriots from staying undefeated for another week.

Patriots Win 24-13


Sunday Night Game:

Packers vs Chiefs:

If Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes wasn’t hurt, this would be the game of the week. But, unfortunately Mahomes probably won’t play and Aaron Rodgers and the Packers offense will take care of business at Arrowhead stadium. It really stinks the Mahomes got injured because this would’ve been a great game. Chiefs QB Matt Moore will be lost on how to operate the Chiefs offense, leading to many offensive struggles while Aaron Rodgers destroys the defense. This game could get out of hand before halftime.

Packers Win 30-16


Monday Night Game:

Dolphins vs Steelers:

I could probably put no analysis and just answer with one word and everyone would agree. The Dolphins are on the right trajectory for 0-16 and the Steelers are still winning games no matter who is quarterbacking. So I’ll keep the analysis short: Steelers.

Steelers Win 29-13


Those are my week eight predictions! Did I get anything wrong? Is your team going to win? Let me know in the comments. I’m going to be releasing an updated playoff outlook after this week as well as a trade deadline recap, so make sure to look out for those. As always, remember to enjoy some football this weekend!