NFL Week Seven Predictions (2019)


Photo Credit: Cooper Neill/NFL

Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill making a catch in double coverage. The Chiefs would end up losing the game at home.

Carson Zorn, Writer

Wow! Week six brought a lot of entertaining games. Many teams had great performances and I again had a winning record with my predictions. Instead of typing my takeaways into a paragraph, I’m going to try something new.

Week Six Takeaways:

  • Patrick Mahomes can be slowed down
  • The 49ers are legit
  • The Rams overpaid Goff
  • The Lions deserved to win that game
  • Refereeing and video replay is ruining the sport 
  • The Panthers should stick with Kyle Allen, even when Newton gets back
  • The Dolphins have fully embraced the tank
  • The Bengals are really that bad
  • The Saints defense is legit
  • The Patriots are the best team in the NFL


Last Week: 8-6

Total: 53-39

Teams on Bye: Browns, Buccaneers, Panthers, Steelers


Thursday Night Game:

Chiefs vs Broncos:

The Chiefs dropped two straight at home against very beatable teams, and now they travel to “Mile High Mania.” While the Chiefs are a better team than the Broncos, it is hard to win in Denver because of the elevation. But, I’m going to give the Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes the benefit of the doubt and the win. They are the better team, but a lot will be revealed about the Chiefs within the next couple weeks.

Chiefs Win 24-17


Sunday 1:00 Games:

Raiders vs Packers:

Okay even though they won, the Packers still showed the weaknesses on their defense and showed that their offense will struggle without WR Davantae Adams. The Raiders have shown some offensive promise but not on the defensive side of the ball, and Packers QB Aaron Rodgers will exploit that. The Packers have really rebounded from last year and are definitely looking like division winners. 

Packers Win 35-27


Rams vs Falcons:

Both of these teams have looked really bad recently. The Falcons only have one win on the season and the Rams have lost three in a row. Matt Ryan has been playing miles above Goff thus far, but the Rams are still the better team, and they just got Jaelan Ramsey. This will be a hotly contested, high scoring game, and while I don’t have extreme confidence in either team, I think the Rams will be able to get it done. 

Rams Win 33-28


49ers vs Redskins:

The 49ers proved me wrong last week and put up a strong defensive performance. Their offense isn’t amazing but it’s enough to get the job done with the defense helping. The Redskins beat the Dolphins, congrats Redskins fans. The 49ers are going to destroy the Redskins this week and continue to set themselves apart from the rest of the NFC West. 

49ers Win 27-7


Texans vs Colts:

The Texans will win their division this year. It’s a tight competition, but the Texans have a more explosive offense. Both of these teams beat the Chiefs, which cannot be ignored, but the Texans beat them through the air, and the Colts beat them on the ground. The Texans will be able to stifle the Colts running game, thus stifling the Colts offense. So, the Texans will get it done in Indianapolis.

Texans Win 30-21


Vikings vs Lions:

Despite the fact that the refs totally took the win out of the Lions hands last week, the fact that the Lions gave up a thirteen point lead cannot be ignored. After halftime, Stafford was ineffective at moving the ball and the Lions offense couldn’t get anything but field goals. The Vikings put up a convincing win against the Eagles last week, but the Eagles secondary is terrible, so it makes sense why Kirk Cousins was able to torch them. He will not have as easy of a time this week against the Lions surprisingly stout defense. I don’t love either of these QBs but I think Stafford will do enough to get it done in Detroit.

Lions Win 24-21


Jaguars vs Bengals:

The Bengals are trending towards tanking, and the Jaguars are actually looking decent behind Gardner Minshew, but mostly because of RB Leonard Fournette. The Bengals run defense is second worst in the league, only better than the Dolphins. Leonard Fournette will gash them and keep the Jaguars in the lead almost all game long. Much of the Bengals offensive efficiency depends on the health of WR A.J. Green, but even if he is back this week, I don’t like the Bengals chances. The Jaguars will outperform the Bengals on both sides of the ball and get a win.

Jaguars Win 35-24


Cardinals vs Giants:

The battle of the rookie QBs. Murray vs Jones. This is probably the hardest game to pick this week because both of these teams have a really good shot at winning. I think the Cardinals are more talented on offense, but the Giants have a better defense. I guess it comes down to which QB will do better, and my gut is telling me that Cardinals QB Kyler Murray is just better overall, and I think they will win.

Cardinals Win 34-30


Dolphins vs Bills:

The Dolphins have a legit shot to go 0-16. The Bills have a legit shot to get to the playoffs. This game won’t even be close. The Bills defense is amazing and will find every way to stop the Dolphins offense. The Bills offense isn’t great, but this is a get right game for them, and they can put up a lot of points against the Dolphins terrible defense, and it’s in Buffalo. The Bills will win easily.

Bills Win 35-10


Sunday 4:00 Games:


Chargers vs Titans:

I actually had hope for the Chargers coming into the season. Oh how misplaced my hope was. Everytime I think they are going to win, they lose. They are by far the most disappointing team this season. But, the Titans just straight up stink and are now starting Ryan Tannehill at QB. Even though picking the Chargers has continually hurt my predictions, I still have to give this one to them because of how terrible the Titans are.

Chargers Win 20-13


Ravens vs Seahawks:

Both of these teams are pretty solid this year, both have very mobile QBs, both have good RBs, and both have questionable defenses. This will be a very offense heavy battle, with a lot of rushing yards. At the end of the day, the Seahawks are the better team with the better QB and will win the game at home.

Seahawks Win 28-24


Saints vs Bears:

This will be a defensive battle. Both of these defenses are elite, so it comes down to which offense is better, and it should be pretty obvious. The Saints have the better QB, RB and WRs. This could be very similar to the Saints vs Jaguars game last week where only one touchdown is scored. But if there is only one, it will be the Saints.

Saints Win 13-10


Sunday Night Game:


Eagles vs Cowboys:

Whoever wins this game wins the division. Neither of these teams have been particularly inspiring, but at least the Eagles didn’t lose to the Jets. Part of me wants to give the game to the Cowboys because it’s in Dallas, the Cowboys have the better defense and receiving corps and running back, but my gut is telling me the Eagles for some reason. It probably has something to do with the Cowboys loss last week, and that dampened my opinion of them, so Eagles it is in a hotly contested battle for the division. 

Eagles Win 28-26


Monday Night Game:


Patriots vs Jets:

Yes, I know the Jets are coming off a huge upset win, but don’t forget, they’re the Jets, and the team they’re playing is the undefeated Patriots. This will be hard to watch for Jets fans after any hope they had is silenced by the Patriots. The Patriots defense will stop the Jets offense often, and their offense will exploit the holes in the Jets defense. This game will be over by halftime.

Patriots Win 30-17


 Those are my week seven predictions! Did I get anything wrong? Is your team going to win? Let me know in the comments. As always, enjoy some football this weekend.