NFL Hot Take: Why the Browns Should Trade Odell Beckham Jr.


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Odell Beckham Jr. The Browns are reportedly listening to trade offers for the star WR.

Carson Zorn, Writer

   One catch. He made one catch and the league went crazy. A one-handed, leaping catch. Of course, I’m talking a supposed “superstar” Wide Receiver (WR) Odell Beckham Jr. But really think about it, what else did he do besides make that catch for the Giants? He fought a kicking net for about three weeks, he was frequently injured, and he was a constant diva and complained about his team and Eli Manning. Of course, the Giants eventually got tired of him and shipped him off to the Cleveland Browns over the Summer. Naturally, many Cleveland fans were excited because they thought they were receiving a star at WR. But he hasn’t really been producing star WR numbers. It could be contributed to tough defenses or QB Baker Mayfield not playing so great. But I don’t think so, I think it’s Head Coach Freddie Kitchens not being able to translate the talent on the offense onto the field in actual games. 

   Look at the Browns offense, they have an up-and-coming QB in Baker Mayfield, a stud RB in Nick Chubb, and two fantastic WRs in Beckham and Jarvis Landry, and they still are waiting on RB Kareem Hunt! There is so much talent on the offense that there’s not enough room for everyone to prosper. But, the biggest reason Beckham needs to go is that Landry is good enough as is. If you look at the stats on the season Beckham has 29 receptions for 436 yards and one touchdown. Landry has 25 receptions for 439 yards and no touchdowns. Landry has four less receptions but more yards. Is my point starting to make sense? There’s enough targets to go around, but not as many receptions. Also, the Browns offense has not been efficient to this point in the season. Mayfield barely has any time to throw. Why? His O-Line. If the Browns trade OBJ they will definitely get good draft capital for him, and could draft some O-Linemen and maybe add some depth at defense with the picks they get. Besides, the Browns are just not winning this year, so this could become yet another team Beckham’s talent could be wasted on.

  I know it’s slightly controversial, but I think these are the steps the Browns need to take to ensure a better future for the team. Yes, it involves losing the famous Odell Beckham Jr., but it could mean long term protection for their franchise QB.