NFL Week Five Predictions (2019)


Courtesy of: Adrian Kraus/Associated Press

Bills WR John Brown makes a one handed catch against the Patriots. The Bills would later lose because of a last second interception.

Carson Zorn, Writer

Week four had one huge surprise. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the playoff-contender Los Angeles Rams 55-40. What?! Week four was the first time I had a losing record in my predictions. There were only fifteen games last week so that is why my record will not add up to sixteen. So, hopefully I can put last week behind me and move on to a better week of predictions. Here are my Week Five predictions. 



Last Week: 7-8

Season Total: 36-27

Teams on Bye: Lions, Dolphins


Thursday Night Game:

Rams vs Seahawks:

What I’m about to predict is surprisingly not at all influenced by the outcome of the Rams game last week, this prediction would’ve been made regardless. The Seahawks will win this game. First off, both of these teams are incredibly talented, so no discredit to either of them. But the Seahawks have home field advantage and a more experienced QB at the helm of their team. The Seahawks vs. Rams games are always really entertaining and this one will be no different. It will thankfully be another good Thursday night game, but the Seahawks will win. 

Seahawks Win 29-27


Sunday 1:00 Games:


Jets vs Eagles:

Until Jets QB Sam Darnold gets back, the Jets don’t have a chance to win a game. Even if Sam Darnold is back this week, the Jets don’t have a chance to beat the Eagles. Eagles QB Carson Wentz has started rolling and he will take advantage of the Jets below-average defense and especially the secondary. I’m going to assume that Darnold is out this week and the Jets have to roll with backup QB Luke Falk, meaning this game will be even more of a blowout than if Darnold was starting.

Eagles Win 24-10


Jaguars vs Panthers:

Great defenses vs sub-par offenses. That will be the story of this game.  It’s a tough game to pick because both defenses are good, but the Panthers defense has stepped up more recently. I think what it comes down to is that the Panthers have RB Christian McCaffery, and the Jaguars do not. McCaffery has been known to put the entire Panthers offense on his back, and he will do it again here, leading me to believe the Panthers will win in a low-scoring affair. 

Panthers Win 17-14


Vikings vs Giants:

The Giants are a much more intriguing team with Daniel Jones as the starting QB. They are now 2-0 since he has taken over. However, the Vikings defense will slow his fast start, and ultimately end the Giants winning streak. While Vikings QB Kirk Cousins is uninspiring, he will once again be bailed out by RB Dalvin Cook and the Vikings top five defense. The Giants won’t go down without a fight, but they will still go down in a tough matchup.

Vikings Win 31-21


Falcons vs Texans:

The Falcons have not been a good team so far. In every game they’ve failed to establish the run (which I’m sure makes anyone who owns Devonta Freeman in fantasy mad) or ever have a strong defensive hold. The Texans have looked really lackluster on offense these past couple weeks but their defense has always held strong. It’s really hard to predict how either of these two teams will do week-to-week, but I think the Texans defense holds strong this week and gives them a solid win that re-instills Texans’ fans playoff hopes.

Texans Win 24-13


Buccaneers vs Saints:

Okay so the Buccaneers dropping 55 points on the Rams supposedly elite defense last week came out of nowhere. The Buccaneers are the type of team to beat a Super Bowl contending team one week, and then lose to a tanking team the next. The Saints looked uninspiring against the Cowboys last Sunday, but some of that could be contributed to the fact that the Cowboys defense really is that good. Either way the Buccaneers have shown more offensive promise than the Saints under backup QB Teddy Bridgewater. So, (upset alert) I’m going to give this game to the Buccaneers in what should be a shootout of a game. 

Buccaneers Win 31-28


Bills vs Titans:

The Bills almost beat the Patriots last week. Keyword? Almost. But the fact that the Bills defense limited Tom Brady to 150 passing yards cannot be ignored. The Bills are a legit Wild Card contender and unless they start losing every game, I don’t see that changing. The big question this week is whether or not Bills QB Josh Allen will start. Allen went down last week with a possible concussion after a cheap shot from Patriots defender Jonathon Jones. Honestly, I don’t think the Bills need Allen to beat the Titans and they should hold him out through this week and the bye week and bring him back healthy in week seven. It will be a defensive battle in this game and it probably won’t be very entertaining to most fans. But, the Bills defense is strong enough to get the team a win.

Bills Win 13-10


Cardinals vs Bengals:

Both of these teams should just start tanking. The Cardinals need O-Line help, the Bengals need a new QB, because Dalton is just not the future. I know the Bengals have Ryan Finley, but I think they need a more talented QB. No better place to get one than the top ten in next years draft. All that aside, I think the Bengals bounce back after an embarrassing Monday Night Football and beat the Cardinals in Cincinnati. The Cardinals offense is still trying to find its footing and the Bengals offense is more experienced. Bengals RB Joe Mixon will be the deciding factor in this game. If he goes off, the Bengals offense will operate well. If he doesn’t, the Bengals will have to turn to Dalton and his one receiver he can throw to. I don’t see the Bengals winning too many games from here on out, but I think they can at least get this one.

Bengals Win 35-27


Patriots vs Redskins:

The Redskins defense is about to get picked apart piece by piece by a stellar Patriots offense. The Redskins offense is about to be stifled by the Patriots extraordinary defense. Basically, this game will not be close whatsoever and Redskins fans should cover their eyes because it will not be pretty. There’s not much else to say but don’t watch this game if you’re looking for a nailbiter.

Patriots Win 38-14


Ravens vs Steelers:

The Steelers won last week because they were playing the Bengals, no question. Only time will tell if it was a fluke or not. This could be the game to show it though. The Ravens are coming off a tough loss to the Browns and will be looking to rebound, and rebound they will. Granted, their defense is nowhere near as strong as it was last year, but the offense will do enough to fend a Steelers victory off. Ravens QB Lamar Jackson will have another great game while Steelers QB Mason Rudolph will continue to struggle to find his footing. I think the Ravens get back on track and reclaim first in the AFC North.

Ravens Win 26-21


Bears vs Raiders:

How did the Bears offense manage to look better under a backup QB? This is a legit question. Somehow Chase Daniels controlled the Bears offense better than Mitch Trubisky had to this point in the season. While the Raiders have an explosive offense, it will be heavily silenced by the Bears elite defense. The Bears’ defense is enough to win this game and do that it will. Neither team will put up a lot of points but the Bears will put up just enough to win the game.

Bears Win 22-15


Sunday 4:00 Games:


Broncos vs Chargers:

Neither of these teams have looked particularly exciting thus far. The Chargers are a decent 2-2, and the Broncos are a miserable 0-4. The wild card this week is that the Chargers get star RB Melvin Gordon back, and I think that will be enough to push the Chargers towards a win. The Broncos will continue to be a subpar team until they realize Flacco isn’t the answer. The Chargers should win by at least a touchdown, and continue to make a Wild Card push.

Chargers Win 29-17


Packers vs Cowboys:

The Cowboys finally faced a real team last week, and we all saw what happened. This game is slightly unpredictable because it’s unclear how the Packers offense will perform without star WR Davantae Adams. I think the Packers are still a more complete team than the Cowboys, but their run defense is horrendous and Cowboys RB Ezekiel Elliot will carve them up. This leaves a lot of question marks as to who will win but I’m going to give the slight edge to the Cowboys because of homefield advantage. 

Cowboys Win 33-24


Sunday Night Game:


Colts vs Chiefs:

The Colts have surprisingly outperformed expectations without Andrew Luck, but QB Jacoby Brissett will not get the job done against the explosive Chiefs offense. Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes will light up the Colts defense all game long and the Chiefs will emerge victorious. The Colts will still put up a solid amount of points against a succetable Chiefs defense, but it will be nowhere near enough to douse the fire that is the Chiefs. 

Chiefs Win 38-24


Monday Night Game:


Browns vs 49ers:

Both of these teams have performed in the exact opposite way I thought they were going to. I thought the Browns would catch fire and stay hot, but it’s been more of a slow burn. I didn’t think the 49ers would do much, but they’re the only undefeated team remaining in the NFC. 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo has really stepped up this year and proved himself. I think the 49ers get the win in Primetime and fend off a Browns team that will only get stronger as the year progresses. 

49ers Win 27-21


Those are my week five picks. What did I get wrong? Let me know in the comments! Think your team will win? Let me know that too. As always, enjoy some Football this weekend.