HOMECOMING PART ONE-Powell experiences rapid population growth


Powell, Ohio


Catherine Christy, Co-editor-in-chief

Powell, Ohio has grown by around 11,000 people in nearly 20 years. The rapid increase of population has affected the whole community and local schools are no exception.

Since its opening in 2003, Liberty has grown immensely with now over 2,100 students. In the past five years, Liberty’s student population has grown by 21% and its teacher population has grown by 16%.

As a result of the large population in Powell, OLHS has been faced with overcrowding for years. In an effort to relieve district wide crowding, OLSD built Berlin HS which opened in 2018. Following the opening of Berlin, district lines were redrawn and many students were uprooted from one school to another. 

This placed many Powell residents at OHS, dividing the town between two main high schools. While some received inter-district transfers, the rest simply moved to a new school. 

For years, students have remarked that OLHS lacks a strong school community. The large student population makes it difficult for everyone to know all of their peers, but nonetheless, a large amount of students feel that the student body at OLHS should be doing more to be unified. 

With homecoming approaching, the critiques on school spirit have not gone unnoticed, and in an attempt to heighten student expectations, OLHS abandoned the classic homecoming pep-rally and has replaced it with a school bonfire. The bonfire is scheduled to take place Wednesday evening from 7-9PM, it’s unknown how many students will be in attendance.