NFL Week Two Predictions (2019)


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Ravens QB Lamar Jackson shredded the Dolphins defense last week for 324 passing yards and five passing touchdowns. He takes on the Cardinals this week. Photo Credit: USA Today Sports

Carson Zorn, Writer

Well, week one was interesting to say the least, many games were very entertaining, especially Texans vs Saints. Even though I only got three games wrong from my predictions last week, I was still surprised by many things that happened, like the Browns self-imploding, the Bengals only losing by one point, Chargers and Colts going into overtime, and another week one tie between the Lions and Cardinals. But week one is in the past, now we move on to week two.

 (I will also be keeping track of my season long record all season and it will update with every game.)


Last Week: 13-3

Total Record: 13-3


Week Two Predictions:

Thursday Night Game:

Buccaneers vs Panthers:

The Panthers actually held their own against a talented Rams squad, but most of it was on the back of RB Christian McCaffery, who accounted for 60% of the team’s total offensive yards. The good news for Panthers fans is that McCaffery could single-handedly win the game for them this week against the Buccaneers. The Buccaneers and QB Jameis Winston fell apart last week against the 49ers. Winston threw three interceptions, two of which were taken back for a touchdown, last week against a sub-par 49ers defense. Some of the Buccaneers offensive struggles could be contributed to star WR Mike Evans going on and off the field with a sickness, but even when he was on the field the offense looked bad. It might be because they just needed to shake off the rust from week one and get adjusted to their new coach, or it could be because Jameis Winston shouldn’t be a starting QB in the NFL. Either way, the Panthers should get an easy win Thursday night because of their vastly superior offense and defense.

Panthers Win 35-20


Sunday 1:00 Games:

Cardinals vs Ravens

The Cardinals proved they wouldn’t be the laughing stock of the NFL last week after mounting a huge comeback against the Lions. But, they still weren’t able to finish the game and tied. QB Kyler Murray had a great second half and the Cardinals offense really started moving. The defense is still not that special but it did enough to shut the Lions offense down when they needed to. The only bad news for the Cardinals is, the Ravens are better than them on both sides of the ball. Last week the Ravens showed no mercy and beat the Dolphins 59-10. QB Lamar Jackson silenced all the haters who called him a “running back” by throwing for over 300 yards and five touchdowns. The defense also dominated and held the Dolphins to only ten points. Granted, it was the Dolphins, but it was an impressive showing nonetheless. I think Ravens QB Lamar Jackson will be able to easily throw and run all over the Cardinals defense, and the Ravens can easily win with just the offense. Kyler Murray and the Cardinals WILL fight back but the Ravens defense will do enough to stop them on most drives, so the Ravens get a win for the second week in a row.

Ravens Win 31-20


Chargers vs Lions:

Neither of these teams played a great game last week. Both teams were in neck and neck games that went into overtime. The difference? The Chargers managed to pull out a win in overtime, the Lions tied. That said, the Chargers have shown they are a more talented team than the Lions on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball. While the defense could still use some work, it’ll still be enough to keep the Lions to minimal points and win the game.

Chargers Win 28-17


Colts vs Titans:

Both of these teams proved a lot last week. The Colts displayed themselves as a solid team even without QB Andrew Luck, and the Titans showed just how great their defense is by slowing a supposedly “unstoppable” Browns offense. This will be a very good game. I think there will be a lot of points scored and that the game will come down to whoever has the ball last. I’m going to give the game to the Titans because of two words: homefield advantage. While, an 0-2 start is not great for the Colts, I think they will start to win games after this week.

Titans Win 35-33


49ers vs Bengals

Out of these two teams, last week only one came away with a win, and that was the 49ers (granted it was an ugly win). But, even though the 49ers were the team that won, I think the Bengals looked like a better team. They lost by only one point to a team that many, including myself, consider to be a playoff team, the Seahawks. In the first game under new Head Coach Zac Taylor QB Andy Dalton broke his single-game passing yards record. This season shows a lot of promise for the Bengals. The 49ers struggled quite a bit last week against the equally-struggling Buccaneers and I don’t have a lot of faith in them to just suddenly “come alive” this week. So the Bengals get their first win of the season at home.

Bengals Win 28-17


Jaguars vs Texans:

The Jaguars had the worst possible thing happen to them last week. Their starting QB, Nick Foles, that they spent a ton of money on in the offseason went down with an injury that will keep him out until at least week ten. Rookie QB Gardner Minshew did his best in relief of Foles but he won’t do enough to beat the Texans this week. The Texans had a strong showing against the Saints last week, even though they lost, they proved they are possibly the second best team in the AFC. So, the Texans bounce back after a tough loss with an easy win.

Texans Win 31-14


Vikings vs Packers:

This is going to be a fantastic game. Both of these teams showed major improvements from last year. The Packers offense seems to still have some growing pains that they need to shake off and this isn’t the ideal matchup to do so. The Vikings defense is elite and they can definitely cause some disruptions with the Packers budding offense. But, the Packers defense showed what they could do last week and they will also cause problems with the Vikings new run-heavy scheme. I think it comes down to homefield advantage once again and the Packers take the win, starting the season off 2-0.

Packers Win 21-17


Cowboys vs Redskins:

Both of these teams still have a lot to prove. Sure, Dallas won, but it was against the Giants, who have slim talent on both sides of the ball. The Redskins choked a huge lead against the Eagles and self-imploded after halftime. If there’s any game that could truly go either way, its this one (well this one and one other that I’ll get to a little later). On one hand, I believe the Cowboys are the more talented team here. On the other hand, the Redskins are always unpredictable and they could be looking to prove themselves after last week. This was the second toughest choice I had to make this week, but in the end I’m going to go with talent over chance and take the Cowboys to win a close game.

Cowboys Win 35-33


Seahawks vs Steelers:

Neither of these teams had a particularly impressive showing last week, but at least the Seahawks looked like they knew what they were doing. The Steelers looked absolutely lost on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball. I think the Steelers still need a week or two to find their footing, and despite what Steelers fans say, they are just not the same team as last year. So I have the Seahawks taking a win on the road.

Seahawks Win 24-10


Bills vs Giants:

The Bills eked out a close game against the Jets last week but I don’t think they’ll have as much trouble this week. The Giants are just not a good team and if they are going to win a game this year it will be off the back of RB Saquon Barkley. The Bills are slightly uneven as their defense is miles better than their offense, but I can see both get the job done against the Giants this week, and the Bills will get an easy road win.

Bills Win 35-20


Patriots vs Dolphins:

This was by far the EASIEST prediction for this week. The Patriots played like the best team in the NFL last Sunday, even without Antonio Brown and Kyle Van Noy. The Dolphins played like the worst team in the NFL last Sunday and basically confirmed my suspicion that they will be tanking to get the first overall pick in the draft next year. The Patriots will absolutely destroy the Dolphins this week, even though the Dolphins occasionally show up the Patriots in Miami. 

Patriots Win 51-7


Sunday 4:00 Games:


Chiefs vs Raiders:

This will be a very offense heavy game. Neither teams’ defenses are particularly inspiring but both offenses had solid outings last week. However, the Chiefs have Patrick Mahomes and that is enough for me to give them the win. The Raiders will definitely put up a fight, as I feel they are eager to prove themselves after everything that happened with Antonio Brown (if you don’t know what’s happened, give it a Google search), but it just won’t be enough to stop the Chiefs unstoppable offense.  

Chiefs Win 42-28


Saints vs Rams

The rematch every NFL fan has been waiting for. Every fan knows what went down between the Saints and Rams in the NFC Championship game (again, if you don’t Google it) and the Saints are looking for revenge. The Saints showed us last week that they can win close games, and the Rams showed they can hold a lead. I think it’ll come down to who wants it more, and I think the Saints want it slightly more for the revenge factor.

Saints Win 35-31


Bears vs Broncos:

Neither of these teams looked very inspiring last week, both losing very easily winnable games last week. The Bears offense showed it will struggle as long as Mitch Trubisky is the Quarterback, and the Broncos offense will always be slightly below average. One huge factor is how hard it is for teams to win in Denver, with the elevation and other factors. So, even though they have the far superior defense, I’m going to hand the loss to the Bears in this one.

Broncos Win 20-10


Sunday Night Game:

Eagles vs Falcons:

The Eagles worried me a little bit last week early on, but then pulled off a huge comeback and restored my faith in them. The Falcons…not so much. The Falcons defense crumbled against the Vikings offense and the offense had an inability to put up points against the Vikings defense. Granted, the Eagles defense isn’t as good as the Viking defense and the Falcons offense should be able to operate and put some points up on the board. But, I’m going to give the game to the Eagles because of how explosive their offense can truly be.

Eagles Win 31-24


Browns vs Jets:

THIS was the hardest game to predict this week. The Jets blew a sixteen point lead last week. The Browns lost by 30 points to the Titans. It’s not hard because its not a debate of which offense will do better, it’s the debate of who will play badly more often? There is an argument that the Jets should lose because Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield made his debut against them last year and won the game. Then, there’s the argument that the Browns should lose because their offense self-imploded last week against the TITANS. I’m going to give it to the Jets for two reasons:

  1. The Browns still need to figure out how to make their offense mesh
  2. The Jets have homefield advantage

Jets Win 22-20


Those are my week two predictions, we’ll see how I do next Thursday. Enjoy some football this weekend!