What Happens Behind The Scenes of A Choir Concert

Bella Hazlett, Staff Writer

The OLHS choirs prepare a lot for their concerts. There was a concert on May 10. 2019.

The pop concert was a fun concert with opportunities for choreography. There are two songs that the women’s choir did choreography for. Those songs are “I Say A Little Prayer” from My Best Friend’s Wedding and “Singin’ in the Rain” from the movie of the same name. We used umbrellas for “Singin’ in the Rain.” It’s a combined choir song. “I Say A Little Prayer” is a women’s choir song.

There were also songs that were power ballads. One such song is “This is Me” from The Greatest Showman. It’s very meaningful and it can help when people are judged for being who they are.

The other power ballad that the women’s choir is doing is “The Climb” from the Hannah Montana movie. It’s about never giving up – no matter how hard life is.

The last song the women’s choir did is “Pure Imagination” from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. You can visualize pleasant things in your mind.

We also prepared a lot for the concert in March, which had a mental health theme. I loved all the songs, but I don’t remember some of them.

We practice the songs every day. We don’t usually have time to practice all the songs that we are working on, but they are all songs I like. When we learn a new set of songs I have a favorite, but not this time. I love all the songs the same!

It’s not just the women’s choir that sings. The men’s choir also had some songs I liked. Some examples are “Whistle Maggie, Whistle” and “Heat Miser, Snow Miser.” Those two songs in particular were absolutely hilarious.

Chorale and Choraliers also sang great songs that I liked. During the mental health concert, Choraliers sang “Please Stay,” which was a sad song due to the lyrics and story behind it. They sang many other songs as well. Some of the songs I can remember are “Child of My Heart,” “I Sing,” “Hope,” and “I Love You/What a Wonderful World.”

Folding programs is also important because they need to be distributed to the audience. Mrs. d’Amato’s class does that. Sometimes I like to read the program to see what songs the choirs are singing. I’m not great at folding, but I can put the programs together.

There are also some opportunities for solos. People audition for solos and the names of the soloists are included in the program. Sometimes they have extra practice they have to do.

We usually wear our choir uniforms for formal concerts. For the mental health concert, we could wear a color that represented a mental health issue. My choir wore green, which represented substance abuse. For the spring concert, we can wear jeans and our choir T-shirts. A choir girl had a great idea. For one of the songs, we could wear a shirt that had a word on it to represent who we were. That was for “This is Me.”

Sometimes we have rehearsals in the theater. On those days, we usually do a run-through on all of our songs. We’re usually pretty good when it comes to memorization at this time. We already know some of the songs when we get the music, but most times we don’t know the songs and we have to learn the solfege and words. Some songs are in foreign languages and we have to learn the language of the song. There’s a translation for foreign language songs included in the program.

There is a lot of preparation that goes into these concerts. What’s important is that choirs have fun singing while preparing for choir concerts!