11 study tips and tricks to help you succeed at midterms

 (AP Photo/Antonio Calanni)


(AP Photo/Antonio Calanni)

Kate Sullenberger, Staff Writer

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Everyone dreads this time of year. ‘Tis the season for drinking hot cocoa and listening to Christmas music without a care in the world, but instead, students are slaving away over piles of papers. Remembering everything and finding the time to study can be a hassle, so here are 11 study tips and tricks for how to succeed on midterms.

      1. First, take a deep breath. It’s easy to get caught up in all the chaos that midterms provoke but taking a second to calm down and breathe can end up helping you more than stressful cramming.

2. Set goals for yourself and make a calendar to hold yourself accountable to get things done! You won’t be able to ever finish something if you don’t set goals and work hard to achieve them.

      3. Next, organize your work. Go through your folders or binders from the first semester and pick out the most important things. Pull aside all of your tests, quizzes and pages of notes and paper clip them all together. This will become your study guide and answer key and guarantee your success.

      4. If you want to, recycle all the unneeded papers. That way you have a small packet of needed material and don’t get overwhelmed!

      5. DO NOT TRY TO CRAM IT INTO ONE NIGHT!! I CANNOT EXPLAIN HOW MUCH THIS WILL NOT WORK!!                                                                                                                                                         girl-school-study-tired-favim-com-345529

      6. When you sit down to study, put your phone in another room. Not just the other side of the room – a completely different area of your house. Even if you think you won’t look at it, it will be a distraction that turns studying for one hour into three hours for the same material.

      7. Give yourself breaks in your work to keep your mind sharp and stress down. After you finish studying a certain unit or subject, take a 15 or 20 minute-break to give your brain and body a chance to refresh before you move onto the next task.

      8. At the beginning of your studying, look through the learning targets your teacher said would be included and try to write out the answers to each of them. Actually write them out; by just saying them in your head, you can’t go back and correct your mistakes. After you write down the answers, without looking at your notes, go back through using your resources (tip 2) and fill in all the questions you left blank. After that, go back through and correct/write out the correct answers to the questions you missed! Then, next time you go back to study, repeat this process and see your progress!

      9. After you have studied all the material for the first time, compile a list of questions you couldn’t answer or any other general questions and go talk to your teacher! Hopefully they will be willing to schedule a time or just talk through them in class. Trust me, they want you to do well.

     10. Figure out a rewards system for getting your work done. It could be candy, ten minutes of time to play games, or even go out to eat with a friend. These little rewards will motivate you to get your work done!

      11. If you work best studying with others, I suggest going to a library, local coffee shop or somewhere like Panera with one or two friends from your classes. Sit down, focus and help each other get your work done. When I do this, we give each other our phones and vow not to give them back till we finish our work. It helps to have someone else to motivate you to focus and work hard!

Make flashcards or use Quizlet for an easy on the go study material. We tend to take our phones everywhere; instead of using your down time to play Bitlife or mindlessly scroll through Twitter, pull open your Quizlet app and get some work done!


The most important thing to remember when going into midterms is to keep your stress levels down. Freaking out won’t land you a good grade because you will be too busy stressing to actually get work done. Get good sleep and eat right. Those will help your body get in the right space to study. You got this!!

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