Holiday Concert Experiences


Mrs. Knowlton

Bella Hazlett, Staff Writer

The OLHS choirs held their holiday concert on Dec. 9, 2018. There was only one foreign language song, which my mother was probably super happy about. The choirs sang a lot of Christmas songs! However, some songs stood out because they weren’t Christmas songs.

The first song was an African processional called “Jambo rafiki yangu.” It means “Welcome, my friend” in African.

The second song was “Keep Your Lamps.” Chorale did an amazing job! I thought the way they moved to the beat was very fitting to the song.

The next song Chorale sang was “Sure on this Shining Night.” The lyrics had a great message as they were about a mother looking at her baby for the first time. Chorale did a superb job, as usual.

“The Promise of Light” was the third song Chorale sang. This song was what inspired the theme of light for the concert as a whole.  Chorale did a great job conveying the message through this song.

“True Light” was the last song Chorale sang. The beautiful lyrics were about letting your light shine. Chorale did a wonderful job as usual.

“Jeannette Isabella” was our women’s choir song. I messed up on the French, but nobody could tell! I think our choir did a good job!

“Gesu Bambino” was the second song my choir sang. We did a great job on our vowels. I liked switching from English to Latin.

“Mele Kalikimaka” was the last song the women’s choir sang. It was a Hawaiian song and we even got to do a Hawaiian dance as well. I thought it was fun to do the dance while I sang.

“Snow Globe” was an a cappella song that Sounds of Liberty (SoL) sang. Members had solos in the songs that they did really well.

The next a cappella song was “White Christmas.” The singers nailed their solo parts. I liked everything about it, and SoL did a perfect job.

SoL and Liberty Bells sang the “Christmas/Kwanzaa/Solstice/Chanukah/Diwali/Boxing Day Song”. I thought it was a cool medley reflecting all of the different holidays.

Liberty Bells sang “Winter Things” and “Mistletoe”. The solos were again a feature item. The blending of their voices was beautiful.

“A Jubilant Gloria” was one of the men’s chorus songs. I thought it was a cool song, and the blending of voices brought it to another level.

“Good King Wenceslas” was the next song. I thought the lyrics were interesting, and the boys did an awesome job, as usual!

“Heat Miser, Snow Miser” was an unexpected song that made a lot of people laugh. The facial expressions and the acting gave the song a comedic effect, and the boys did a superb job.

“Candlelight” was also funny due to its humorous lyrics. This was the song that all the boys sang. They sounded awesome together and the song was a parody of the popular song “Dynamite”!

“There is Faint Music” was a song that Choraliers sang. They did a fantastic job.

“Lux Aeterna” is a foreign language song. Even though I couldn’t understand the lyrics, Choraliers still did a great job.

“Sleigh Ride” was a great song. I already knew it and Choraliers did a terrific job like they usually do.

“Go Tell it on the Mountain” was another interesting song due to the great blending of voices.

“Ocho Kandalikas” was a hilarious song all of the women sang together. After the solo parts, we all whipped out our kazoos. Everyone started laughing at that part, even me. I think we all did a wonderful job!

“Shine” was my favorite song from the concert. It was the last song and all the choirs sang it! I did laugh after the first refrain; I was so excited about the song.

“Carol of the Bells” was the song that Varsity Chorale and alumni sang. They all did a great job.

“Sing Me to Heaven” was the last song of the concert. Varsity Chorale and alumni did amazing at this song, as usual.

“My two favorite moments were when the boys sang “Heat Miser, Snow Miser” and when all of you sang “Shine” together as one big choir,” Mrs. Knowlton, an audience member and teacher, says.

Harshita Ray ’20 talked about her experience with the concert.

“I really liked “Shine”. It was a really good song,” she says. “I wasn’t completely happy with the selection of songs. It could have been better. I liked “Keep Your Lamps” because I liked the way we moved. The concert could have been better overall.”

Jinsi Shah ’20, a student also in the choir, talked about her experience as well.

“The concert was great overall. I like “Mele Kalikimaka”,” Shah says. “My favorite moment was when we danced. I was very happy with the selection of songs.”