New Whit’s Store Makes Powell Its New Home

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Whit's Store

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Sai Rayala, Editor-in-Chief

Although Christmas is approaching fast, frozen custard seems to still be in season. A new Whit’s store recently opened in Powell.

Whit’s Frozen Custard is a family chain owned by Chuck Whitman and Lisa Whitman. It opened its first store on March 3, 2002 in Granville, Ohio. Since then, the store has expanded to 47 stores across eight states in the country. Now, Powell has become its latest location.

“The Whitmans always wanted to put a store in Powell,” Steve Inskeep, the owner of the Powell Whit’s store, says.  “However, the right size and rent was a factor as well. The rent was pretty high in Powell.”

When the landlord had a smaller space available with a decent rent, Whit’s jumped on the opportunity.

Despite the weather, the public has received the new store warmly. Inskeep says that the response from the public has been good, and it has gotten many hits on social media.

“We’re holding our own against more established stores like the Delaware location,” Steve Inskeep says. “We really think once spring hits and people are out roaming about and craving ice cream when its hot, that’s when it’ll do really well.”