Daily Obsessions: Autocorrect

Davis MacKenzie and Jacob Myers

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Believe me. I love my iPhone, but there is one thing that has haunted Apple users from the day the iPhone was created: autocorrect. We all love when we misspell a word accidentally and our phones correct it for us. Even the times when we completely butcher the spelling of a word, Apple’s system somehow interprets our random letters into a coherent word. If I can spell “grllo” and my phone is able to able to change that nonsense into a nice “hello,” that’s pretty sweet. But we all know the issues with autocorrect. We’ll say a word that’s slightly off from the one that is intended. Our phone will autocorrect it, and we’ll end up with a sentence with a blatantly obvious error. “Hey, when was it supposed to rain this much?” turns into “Hey, when was it supposed to rajiv this much?” or something of that sense and you have to follow it up with a little explanation text and then you’re sending two texts in a row and it all just looks messy. The funniest example of an automatic autocorrect is the infamous “On My Way!” text. “Omw” an easy shortcut to make a simple point, is changed to a phrase with an exclamation point that makes the sender seem joyous for no reason. It’s not necessarily always a bad thing, but it just is unnecessary.