Venom Review

Venom Review

Jacob Myers, Staff Writer

Going into Venom based on the reviews, I was highly skeptical of what I was about to see. Venom is such a loved character in the Marvel comics and his interpretation in Spider Man 3 was less than mediocre. Seeing Tom Hardy take on the role made me very happy originally, as he can easily portray a rough reporter going through some tough times. He just has that vibe. Overall, the movie was good (much better than the reviews say) but definitely fell short on some aspects.


The Pros

  • Eddie and Venom.

By far the best part of the movie is the relationship between Eddie Brock and the “parasite” inside of him. Venom’s relentless want for food (flesh) provides hilarious banter for the two to continue with all the way until the end. The understanding of each other provides a solid reason for Venom to switch motives towards the end. Also, the bromance between the two gives an emotional side to a story that without, would lack any sort of relationship between the characters. (Think about it: there’s Dora and Eddie, Eddie and his girlfriend, and the poor woman and Eddie – that’s it.)

  • Comedy

The movie actually does a pretty good job with doing comedy throughout without going full Deadpool and making a joke at any given moment. The other thing I appreciated was that during the climax of the film, there was no lame attempt at a cheap joke or any sort of joke that leads to Carlton Drake’s death.

  • The Horror

The Isaac scene (by far the most scary part of the whole movie) gives the movie that horor touch that we all wanted. They may have deleted a majority of the horror scenes to keep the PG-13 rating, but the Isaac scene is so disturbing yet fascinating that it intrigued me (and I’m not a horror fan) to the max. The scene is really the only time when Carlton Drake really seems like a villain throughout, and Riz Ahmed sells the creepiness and mystery around his character very well. He stares ominously on as Isaac is distorted and devoured by the symbiote, and that scene makes up (mostly) for the lack of horror. This was the best individual scene of the movie.


The Cons

  • Useless Characters

The movie doesn’t have the biggest cast list of all time, but got very respected actors to play the parts. Yet, they made all the actors (except for Tom Hardy, obviously) look like they didn’t want to be there. Besides that Isaac scene previously mentioned, Riz Ahmed doesn’t sell a hidden-with-evil type villain. He just kind of acts like a guy who has a goal, wants to do it and will stand and watch as other people do it for him. Technically he’s not the main villain, as Riot is the one that Venom (and Eddie) fight in the end and Drake is just the body being used, so that doesn’t help. Anne Weying (if you even remembered her name) is Eddie’s ex-fiancee and serves the purpose of being the cliche ex-lover that gives motivation for the main hero. Fun. And last but certainly least, Jenny Slate (who plays everyone’s least favorite character in Parks and Rec, Mona-Lisa Saperstein) provides the other cliche: the non-love inspiration for the hero who gets his journey started and then ends up dying yadda yadda blah blah. Her character dies the way she should, by a CGI blob as Drake (the God of staring at people when they’re dying) stares at her while she dies.

  • That Post Credit Scene

Woody Harrelson is a great actor. Even in Solo: A Star Wars Story playing a meh character, he still was decent. But just chucking a red curly wig on his head and having him say “There’s gonna be carnage” isn’t enough to satisfy. It just seemed like a hit-or-miss moment, and it was a definite miss. He could have said literally anything else, like “There’s a snake in my boot” and there would have been less eye rolls. Think of this: Eddie enters the area and you hear a voice go, “Hello Eddie” and the light slowly gains until you see a dark outline of the character with the blood writing visible on the wall that was in the original. That right there would be amazing. You don’t have to see the wig or Woody Harrelson at all, just the writing and the outline. Chills.

  • The Climax

Not the fight, that I didn’t mind. As much as I don’t like giant CGI fights at the end of movies where you can barely tell what’s happening that wasn’t the issue. What I hated was how it was set up. Specifically, Carlton Drake’s death. His death was set up by a joke earlier. Venom said something along the lines of “We don’t die… except fire” earlier as a comedic joke. I just hated the fact that this silly little joke turned out to be the reason that Carlton Drake dies. It’s so lazy and dumb that it is on a similar parallel to (insert any movie with a joke leading to the climax here [probably Dumb and Dumber]). It’s just mind boggling that Sony would think that a joke would be a good reason for the villain’s death. It’s just lazy.


Overall Grades

Main Fights – 6/10

Eddie and Venom – 9.5/10

Everyone Else – 2/10

No Spider-Man Cameo? – Heck No! 0/10

Stan Lee Cameo? – Heck Yes! 10/10

Comedy – 8/10


Overall Score – 7/10