NFL Week 11 Predictions


Chief Jamaal Charles charges down the field in the last meeting between the Rams and Chiefs, 2014.

Jacob Myers, Sports Writer

Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks (8:20 Thursday, FOX)


The Thursday night game this week pits the NFC North versus the West. The Seahawks (4-5) sit at second in the division by a long way behind the 9-1 Rams, and the Packers sit at 4-4-1, and third in their division behind the Bears and the Vikings. Both of these teams need a crucial win to propel themselves into the NFC wild card race. They are both hovering on the bubble of the playoffs, and a win could get each team even further into the picture. In my opinion, the Seahawks need this win much more, because they currently sit below a .500 record, and a win could get them to .500. The Seahawks will not win their division, and even though the Packers have a fighting chance to compete, so the Seahawks need to make the wild card. The key stat going into this game is the teams’ records at home and away respectively. The Seahawks are 1-2 at home and the Packers are 0-4 on the road. The Packers haven’t won a game on the road this year, and at the home of the 12th man, I don’t see them winning a game.


Final: 34-21 Seahawks. Russell Wilson will toss multiple deep balls to Tyler Lockett, and the defense will step up when needed against Aaron Rodgers. Although the Seahawks are riding a two-game losing streak, they’ll find their stride at home.


Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens (1:00 Sunday, CBS)


Just like the previous game, both of these teams seem like they will not win their division and are playing for wild card spots. The Steelers are on a massive roll and the stuttering Bengals and Ravens seem far behind what the Steelers are producing. The Bengals are coming off a blowout loss against the red-hot Saints 51-14. To add on to that, they lost two weeks ago to the Chiefs 45-10. Added on, the Bengals have lost three of their last four, and have fired their defensive coordinator. And to every Bengals fan’s worst fears, Marvin Lewis took over the responsibilities on defense. The Bengals’ problems seem to be growing more by the week, with AJ Green out, the team tanking, and so much more. The Ravens also have been on the decline, starting 3-1 and losing four of their last five. To put it into perspective, the Ravens haven’t won since October 14th. Joe Flacco, once Super Bowl champion, is playing pretty good, but his touchdown to interception ratio is two to one. He’s listed as questionable for the game on Sunday, which may start a transition from Flacco to Lamar Jackson, a rookie out of Louisville and a former Heisman winner. This should be a sluggish game, but still interesting to watch.


Final: 17-9 Ravens. It’s hard to predict whether this game will be high or low scoring, with the Bengals defense and the Ravens offense. I’ll go low. Not that the defense will have a good day, but the Ravens will have a slow day. Yet, Cincy will somehow play worse and lose in a very depressing and slow game.


Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears (8:20 Sunday, NBC)


Be honest, you didn’t think the Bears would be 6-3 and leading the division going into week 11

at the start of the season. Well, crazily, that’s how it is, and this week they have a chance to take a two and a half game lead against the second-best team in the division, the Vikings. Mitchell Trubisky (who I thought would be an instant bust, and I am happy to eat my words) has played great this season, slinging over 2300 yards at 19 touchdowns. And as much as the offense has improved this year, when talking about the Bears, you have to mention the defense. Khalil Mack was the biggest acquisition of this year for any team, and the Bears ended up bagging him. For two first-rounders and two-second rounders plus losing $141 million in cap space, most players aren’t worth it. But Mack is on a whole new level. He elevates a team and their defense to an elite level no matter who is out on the field. The Vikings are playing a little worse than last year, but are still putting up great numbers. With new addition Kirk Cousins throwing to Stefon Diggs and easy all-pro first team receiver Adam Thielen, they have potential for explosive plays all the time. Yet, the Bears seem to have the upper hand. Their offense has been clicking at all points, and on a three game win streak. Plus, in their only three losses, the Bears have only lost by 11 points (1 to Packers, 3 to Dolphins, and 7 to Patriots). Expect either a close game or a blowout by the Bears, nothing else.


Final: 28-13 Bears. I’m taking the blowout route over the close-game route. Khalil Mack will play dominant against the run, allowing no big plays. Tarik Cohen and Jordan Howard will both have big games and help the team as best as they can.


Kansas City Chiefs at Los Angeles Rams (8:15 Monday, ESPN)


For many people, this is their Super Bowl prediction. For right now, though, this may be the game of the season. No, it is the game of the season. Two power houses from the AFC and the NFC clashing for the best record in the league (with the Saints). The Rams host, and are 5-0 at home, contrasted to the Chiefs, whose only loss came on the road (4-1, lost at the Patriots by 3 [40-43]). This game will truly come down to whether the Rams defense or the Chiefs defense steps up more. Both of the offenses are red-hot and can play lethally every play without you even noticing. So, the defenses need to be big. I’ve covered both of these teams many times, so I don’t need to explain them any more. Ultimately, the Rams defense is more stacked than the Chiefs, so I will give them the edge. The game has the highest over/under in NFL history, so expect a huge, amazing game.


Final: 42-38 Rams. Neither defense will be able to slow down the opposing offense, but Todd Gurley and Jared Goff will show up as they have all year. Expect an amazing game, I surely can’t wait.