“Halloween” Movie Review

Davis MacKenzie, Staff Writer

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October is such a great month for many reasons. It’s not too hot or too cold, the leaves on the trees start to change color and probably the big event of the month, Halloween. Halloween is great for multiple reasons. One you get a huge amount of free candy, you get to dress up as whatever you want. It can be as weird and random as you want because that’s what makes it so much fun.

Another thing that is fun about Halloween is all of the scary movies out there about ghost, crazy mask wearing murderers, creepy dolls and all sorts of creepy monsters. One of these crazy mask-wearing murderers is one of the faces of the holiday: Michael Myers.

Michael Myers is the famous slasher of the famous “Halloween” movies. That may sound a little weird but that is because the name of the movie series is called “Halloween”, and this October they made a new “Halloween” movie. Out of all the movies that fall under the same title, I would say that this one is the true sequel to the 1978 original. It takes place in the same town of Haddonfield, Illinois 40 years after the original night of Myers trying to kill Laurie Strode (played by the fantastic Jamie Lee Curtis who is also in the new one as well). The new movie is about Myers going around on Halloween night doing what he does best which is murder. But word gets out that Myers is in town. Laurie Strode hears about this and is glad because the past 40 years she has been preparing for the time when Myers returns to the town of Haddonfield.

Now changing gears, I would rate this movie an 8/10. I really enjoyed it for many reasons. It makes you feel like you’re on the edge of your seat because you know something scary is about to happen, but you didn’t know what. Furthermore, there are many easter eggs put in there that are callbacks to the original, such as when one of the main characters is sitting in class looks out the window and sees someone,and then looks away and looks back and the person is gone. Things like that, if you know what I am talking about for the people out there that are fans of the original. The movie stuck to its roots, but at the same time, it has a modern feel to it.. Also, there is some unexpected things that happen which was pretty good because I’m pretty sure no one saw it coming and it was good to have something happen that no one would think of.

Another thing that was cool to see was Jamie Lee Curtis’s character was a B.A. and she wanted to take down Myers. She trained and prepared for every situation involving Myers, and who doesn’t like a B.A. character in a movie. Another thing that was good was that there was some good humor in it. Yet, there wasn’t a ton which I liked because when I see a scary movie, I want it to be scary and all dark. However, it is nice when there is a scene that makes you laugh because then you forget you were just about to pee your pants.

Overall it was an enjoyable movie and is a great movie to watch for Halloween, especially if you want to watch something scary. It is also very good for being a “Halloween” movie so if you have seen the original, you should definitely go out and watch it because I think most would like it. If you haven’t seen any “Halloween” movie, then you should check out the original just to get a feel for what the movie will be like. The older one is definitely going to be cheesier than the newer one, but it still is a classic. This one will soon become classic as well in the next couple of years.